Make on The Holiday - Uruha, Reita, Ruki - part 1[english sub]

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And this time our guests are
The GazettE!
Well it's been a long time since the last time we met
Today we have here 2 new GazettE members and Ruki
Please, present yourselves.
Hi, I am Ruki, the vocalist
That's scary!
Next one is..
I'm Uruha, the guitarrist
And the following is..
I'm Reita, the bassist
Aren't you cold?
Very much!
Didn't you watch the Weather?
Yes, I thought
it's dangerous
I guess it is!
yes, dangerous
And you do the same
Probably, you did it because it's the costume
You came directly with it..
but for this time it's not very practical, right?
In this case, just because of the sleeves, it wouldn't hurt
you are starting to have goose bumps
I'm fine for now
For now, you're okay..
but after you'll have problems
Now...The GazettE!
yes, the new single "Guren" will be released on February 13th
yes, take it on the February 13th
it may be that the costumes have impact
It's a bit scary like..
There is no reason, but I like it
This is a stroller?
A stroller.
A stroller..
A stroller eh..
Seeing this, what do you think?
You feel like "GUAHH", right?
What is the meaning of "Guren"?
it stains vocal music..
not using the color of a red aura
it has the meaning of a "red picture" rather then the red color
the color of the skin of the person
We gave this as well
We can say that "Guren" is an image
Probaly, it's the characteristic form
It's a florest burning..
no, beyond that there are many other meanings
I misunderstood it?
The problem with this image..
Oh, then do not say the image
Oh, so it's very hard describing "Guren"?
I guess so!
What relationship is there between "Guren" and the song? are a lot of meanings
we can say that it is hell
Oh! It's complicated
So .. Guren is not a good thing?
no, no.
With this we can say that"Guren" is hot
which is a bit different
The one that is "Guren", is the catch copy?
"Catch Copy"
A song that takes on the shoulders the pain of our days
Ruki-san! Ruki-san!
Don't laugh!
He said it in a monotone way
What he said was a bit "cold"
Yes, it was
A song that takes on the shoulders the pain of our days..
this time much has happened, like trying to complete it in real time
I was in a hurry to finish the writing
it was painful..
Was it Ruki-san who has written the text?
but really see the words..
do you feel them and then you think?
sometimes I give new meaning to the words, others I invent new meanings
oh! like a challenge..
What is you plan, when the deadline is comming?
I have a plan..
What is probably the stong point of this single?
The strong point?
The atmosphere of the melody
Is this what you want for people to feel?
Since the point of view of the world is..
very strong
Well, everone was very meticulous in their work
I would like everyone to listen.
Well, the sound is strained right in the begining
I want everyone to listen.
You'll be better off with something to warm the body..
Aren't you better something to warm you up?
I'm okay
It's my strenght of will!
it's your strenght of will eh?
But you're asking questions that are not centered
I'm cold just by looking at it..
I'm wearing about 4 layers of clothes
and it doesn't works! I'm still cold!
And look at him..
Oh, well...not much time left
Stay for a while
Did you discovered something new while recording?
New discoveries?
but I only have stories about the guitar
okay, please tell them
Each time we used different equipment
and this time I discovered a lot of things
It's been fun all the time!!
What kind of equipment was it?
Well, kind of like an amplifier
I don't have many
And other equipments, I don't know how to use them
All this produces a sharper sound something general
Then, diferent amplifiers make different sounds?
yes, very different
The amplifier you used this time...the signal..
becomes larger or does something else?
Well, it's a simple song..
It's a song quite simple eh?
I guess so..
You're saying that using that amplifier
the sound changes completly?
yes, but it's not just the amplifier
The guitar also made a different sound
Aren't you tempted in buying a amplifier?
Well, I had it already at that time
Ah, really!
I'm not very good when it comes to this and
I don't understand a lot of it
I think it's time to pass to questions and answers
Events that have marked you during a live
"Surprising News About The GazettE tour"
surprising news..
"Going to the Louvre"
yes, we went.
Our first time.
Did someone asked about your outfits?
Eeh..We were dressed in a casual way
Ah, I see! You were with casual clothes..
Wearing your fabulous outfits at Louvre wouldn't it be a mistake?
No, no it wasn't!
I was very excited that day
but these two were very noisy..
Noo, well, basically there was this very famous picture
Mona Lisa
It was the original painting!
however, there was this exhibit from Egypt
He laughed all the time!
I was like... "Let's go!"
Do you understand?
Wait.. I do not understand.
Well, anyway, I understand and that's enough!
It's amazing..
Sudenly, my interest had shifted to these things!
Can you do stuff that fast?
Anything that goes back thousands of years ago..
will be blocked or something, eh
from this we can see their civilization
because you are listening to their stories?
These two point to the popularity while talking..
But we sleep...
it's because we work too
and we were very excited.
I doubt it.
but when you saw the Mona Lisa
Were you all "UAAHHH!" or something like that?
I knew it already, then
But it's small!
It's a very small painting
How big?
it also what attracts many people from other countries
I took a picture with my cellphone
you can print it as a postcard.
Well! What comes after?
"A extravagant fall!"
Did you said "koketa"?
This type "koketaaa"
So, it was your dialect..
So, who fell?
it was me...I fell
I have the highest probabilty of falling
perhaps because it is easy for me to stumble
Where? On stage?
While I was on stage doing a live..
I was spining and I fell
I was fine at the first time, but..
I stumbled from the rear to the front
He arrived at my feet rolling!
With his face facing up
I did not expect to see his eyes!
I was still on the ground and I didn't look in Uruha's eyes
and I was laughing.
will the public be allowed to see it?
It will be released
now, probably, the fall will be seen again!!
You'll have to start wearing protection in case you fall again
Yes, it's different
And popular, I tell you!
The nose is important.
Number 1!