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welcome to the September 10th edition of This Week@ CA. Your source
for weekly update on what's going on at Columbia Association. This week we're at lake
Elkhorn, the largest of Columbia's three man-made lakes and part of the nearly
thirty five hundred acres of open space maintained by Columbia Association.
now for this week's updates beginning with this Saturday in the annual columbia
BikeAbout. The BikeAbout is September fifteenth and will start between nine
thirty and 10:30am. bringing riders to notable sites around town, a
free self-paced thirteen mile bike ride along pathways and streets
discover some of Columbia's history including the restored Woodlawn Slave
quarters and other sites. Visit bike for more
Relax and enjoy Yoga in Symphony Woods! CA is offering outdoor Yoga classes
in Symphony Woods on Sunday, September 16, 23 and 30 beginning at
10 a.m.
The price is $10 per person, per class and it is open to the public.
While you must bring your own Yoga mat and personal props, you do not need to have
any prior Yoga experience.
Sign-in begins at 9:30am. For more information, please contact Vicki Burns
at 410-730-6744.
The Columbia Art Center's first fall exhibit, From South America to the Caribbean:
Contemporary Latin American Art, is now open! Check out some of the artwork that
arrived last week. A free reception will be held on Friday, September 15
from 3 to 5 p.m.
Take in some great art at the Columbia Art Center,
located in the Long Reach Village Center
The Bod Pod is back! Join us and Be fit-Test, LLC at Columbia Gym on Saturday, September
15 from 8am-noon to get your Bod Pod metabolic and body
composition testing done
For more information, please visits
or contact
pre-registration is required
As I mentioned earlier, we are coming to you this week from Lake Elkhorn.
This is the last of Columbia's three lakes to be dredged. Let's take a look at how this project began.

James Rouse founded Columbia in 1967
Rouse had a great deal of respect for the land and wanted the residents of
Columbia to be able to enjoy all the open space that Columbia has to offer
Columbia Association maintains more than three thousand six hundred acres of
open space including more than 93 miles of pathways, 34 miles
of stream valleys, 41 ponds, and three lakes.
There are three man-made lakes in Columbia. Lake Elkhorn, Lake Kittamaquandi, and Wilde Lake.
Throughout the years, large amounts of sediment have accumulated in these lakes.
Columbia Association is dredging these lakes to remove the sediment.
Dennis Mattey, director of construction at CA, and Diana Kelly, contract administrator,
tell us more about this project

Dredging is a process basically, where we take a vacuum
and move the sediment out of the lake and into a de-watering plant
and the sediment is dried by mechanical means.
You now have actual aquatic habitat were before
you could see wildlife walk across the lake.
now there's
fish swimming in the lake, and there's wildlife floating in the lake, where before
that just wasn't possible.
It began many years ago, actually in 2006, when there was a need
identified back when the lake was filling it,
that the environment for the wildlife would be coming unsatisfactory.
Once that accumulates to the extent that effects the aquatic habitat, then we seek permits
from the state, from the army corps, and from the county
to be able to dredge the lakes.
Through that process, there is also a long intensive public hearing process
by which people are informed of what's going to happen to the lakes,
how long its going to take, and exactly the method that we are going to use.
We opted to do hydraulic dredging. Which is very low noise.
And then we have all of the de-watering equipment remotely
from the dredge, which you can see if
is away from the residents, by the highway
so there's no disruptions to the neighborhood. The sediment is removed by a
giant vacuum cleaner
that moves that material to a de-watering plant
where the moisture is taken out, and then the sediment is hauled away. the senate his homework
David Driver, East Coast Operations Manager
for JND Thomas Company describes to us what is taking place here at Lake Elkhorn.
What we're doing, in the beginning here at Lake Elkhorn
is we're dredging the fore-bay area or Area 1
and the dredge is right about in here.
This is basically a silt trap for the main lake.
You got creeks coming in here, here, here
and also here
and this will trap some of the silt.
The main lake area then we will be moving to next are Area 7
which is by your main piece
and then doing Area 4 and Area 3.

Columbia Association is embarking on developing a 10-year large lake and pond sediment management plan.
The goal of this plan is to monitor
the sediment accumulations
and develop a short term and long term plan
to remove and manage these sediments
so we never get to the point where we are doing these huge dredging
projects, multimillion dollar project. We will take little chunks out
at a time
The amounts of sediment removal from all three lakes are different.
Wilde Lake was less because it was a smaller lake. And we just finished that job.
We removed fifteen thousand cubic yards of lake. Lake Kittamaquandi
is in between Wilde Lake and Lake Elkhorn, it was about 30,000 cubic yards.
So the numbers are different depending on the size of the lake.
The benefits of doing maintenance dredging and removing the accumulating sediment include
restoring the original depth - or close to the original depth of the lake.
Which then, returned it to a more normal temperature which allows the fish to
thrive and to reproduce in this lake. It reduces the amount of
submerged aquatic vegetation which you see around the lake and algae problems
we expect this to be completed by December 2012.
For more information about dredging
Here's what's up next week:
The documentary film "Urbanized" is being screened at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 18, at
the East Columbia 50+ Center.
The film looks at issues and strategies behind urban design. With the coming
redevelopment in downtown Columbia, this is a topic ripe for discussion, which is
fitting, as a discussion will be held immediately after the screening.
For more information, go to

That wraps up this week's edition of This Week @ CA.
From Lake Elkhorn in Owen Brown, this is David Greisman for Columbia Association.
Have a great week, Columbia!