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Highlights of the news today Monday the 18th of June
Union behind UAF is losing members fast, it wants to invade schools!
Social Workers to seize baby of wife of serving soldier when it is born
Both plaques for Warrington IRA bombs stolen and found!
Greece heading for more chaos Muslim Brotherhood not so apparent winner
in Egypt Obama drifting towards war with Iran
Thought for the Day ñ is there hope for the family unit?
Finally ñ a Kebab made from 7 cows breaks the record
UK NEWS The Unite Union is losing members so fast;
it has drawn up plans to recruit schoolchildren. Reports are circulating that Unite are voting
on a motion at their next conference to ëstrategically map where and when schools could be potential
targets for trade union educational programsí and to ëensure that dedicated trained Unite
personnel are able to approach schools in order to gain and maximise accessí.
This the union that backs the Labour Party with workers union fees whether they vote
Labour or not. The Unite Union is behind Unite Against Facism and now they want to spread
their filth even deeper into our schools.
Social workers from Durham County Council want to seize the baby as soon as it is born
because of their concerns about the motherís links to the English Defence League.
Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she would pose a ìrisk of significant harmî
to the baby. Social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views and
want it put up for adoption immediately. Mrs McLeod, who is 35 weeks pregnant, is a
former leading member of the EDL, in which she was notorious as ìEnglish Angelî. The
25-year-old has a string of convictions for violence, including butting and biting a police
officer after an EDL march in 2010 and she has been banned from owning dogs after setting
a pit bull on a former partner. However, her cause has been taken up by Lib
Dem MP John Hemming who, despite his apparent ëloathingí for the EDL, raised it in the
Commons. He contrasts her treatment with that of the extremist Islamic cleric Abu Qatada,
who was allowed to remain with his children when he was briefly remanded on bail earlier
this year as the Government tries to deport him. A W@8 reporter commented ìAs they say
today it is the ëracistsí tomorrow it could be the liberals. She is the wife of a serving
soldier and I think it is disgusting when we leave children with known abusersî
Warrington police have caught the man who stole a plaque commemorating the fallen in
an IRA attack in Warrington town centre on March 20th 1993. Tim Parry 12 and Jonathan
Ball 3, were killed when two bombs were detonated and 54 people were injured. The man, a Lithuanian,
named as Spartakas Grachauskas aged 26 has been jailed for 18 months at the expense of
the British tax payer instead of being deported. However there was a second plaque and this
has also been stolen recently. Currently the Police have 3 unnamed young men who confessed
to the theft and the plaque has been recovered.
Greece teetering on ëthe brink of chaosí as their elections ended in stalemate. Early
indications suggested the centre right New Democracy Party which wants to keep the Euro
had a slight lead over the far Left anti EU and austerity Syriza Party.
The right wing Golden Dawn Party, although being ignored by the media is gaining ground.
They want Greece to return to the drachma. A W@8 reporter commented ìIt would seem that
history is repeating itself in Europe. The conservatives have failed, the socialists
always fail financially and then we have the rise of the right wing which is inevitable.
It would seem right for Greece to leave the Eurozone, revert back to the Drachma and sort
themselves out. The blackmail money from the IMF will not go far or last long. The Euro
has proved it is not fit for purpose for most countries.î The G20 will meet and organise
an IMF bailout for Greece today.
Muslim Brotherhood not so apparent winner in Egypt
The Muslim Brotherhood is claiming victory in Egyptís Presidential elections today.
At the same time the Egyptian military has imposed an interim constitution giving the
military far reaching power and stripping the President of most authority.
Most interestingly, the military retained the power to veto any declaration of war.
The Egyptian military fear the Muslim Brotherhood with its close links to Saudi Arabia more
than it fears the Egyptian people.
Obama drifting toward war with Iran The Atlantic, a news magazine, reports ìThe
most under covered story in Washington is how President Obama, under the influence of
election-year politics, is letting America drift toward war with Iran.î
Obama has decided that a negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear programme would reduce
his chance of re-election. He will not reduce sanctions as part of the
negotiating process, even in exchange for Iranian concession that would move the world
further from war.
Thought for the Day ñ Is there hope for the family unit in the UK?
Well I have my doubts! Since the end of the last World War there has been an insidious
attack from all our governments on the family unit. Now I am not saying that certain things
did not need sorting but we have now a very well established Marxist system in place for
ëpunishingí people who do not conform to the idealised cultural norm.
Now I do not mean the Aryan ideal, we are miles away from that in fact the pendulum
has swung to the exact opposite of that impossible dream deliberately, any reference to ëperfectioní
is treated the same way that the village idiots were treated in the good bad old days.
There is a massive and mainly anti white social engineering programme in place now. All the
Social Services and the Health Services have it, plus the Judiciary is well ëtooled upí.
Spouting epithets like ëunfit parentingí and even ëabuseí they can and do take babies
away from their biological parents at a whim. This might seem very odd when in fact the
last few cases of horrific child abuse within the family or extended family have been ëinvestigatedí
at the last minute, if at all! Most of the hand slapping has occured well after the event
and death of the child.
We have the case of Toni McLeod, who is I believe an ex English Defence League lady,
(obviously not barmy enough not to think of her country) who is the wife of a serving
soldier, who when her baby is born it will be taken ëinto careí ñ a misnomer in itself!
Why? Because she is deemed a ëracistí and might influence her child in like manner.
Absolute rubbish, by the time the little darling has gone to state school, he or she will be
spouting thoughts from a little red book and engaged or whatever to a Somali, she or he
might even have pleased the establishment immensly by converting to Islam!
Now on the other hand we have what I think it equally disturbing case of the mother in
the States who parades her 6 year old daughter in front of God knows who in the name of ëbeauty
pageantsí. She is a mini Page 3 model bless her, with more make up than a tranny and who
is obviously sexualised in a very unhealthy way. Beauty pageants are coming over here
for babies and although I have nothing against beauty pageants I do feel they can open the
door with children so young being ëavailableí or being seen to be. Whose abuse is worse?
That of the mother who is ex EDL and needs help not having her children taken away or
the mother who deliberately provides pictures of her toddler dolled up like a lady of the
night, in fact a peados smorgasbord in the public eye?
It is clear the government are using their given powers to punish or alter the course
of family life. The media constantly attacks the 50ís and 60ís ñ well I grew up in those
times and believe me they were not perfect but they were a lot better than the yoof have
now. Education for a start was ëeducationí not a social forerunner for a multi cultural
society. You had Grammar Schools for children whose parents cared about education but could
not afford the Public and Private school systems. Village schools were considered amongst the
best. The inner city ëcouncil schoolsí were leaps and bounds ahead from the comprehensive
crap our children are privy to nowadays. In the great rounding up all establishements
of further education are ëuniversitiesí and this includes Art colleges, which is just
ridiculous. Art Colleges should remain Art colleges, Universities should remain just
a few prime unis as before and Polytechnics, which turned out many brilliant engineers
should have remained just that. But of course to adopt ëunií status they also had the
blackmail of extra funding mainly to encompass the extra bods they would take on. Without
going on for hours, the education system in the old days was leagues ahead of what we
have now. I am not saying it was easier for children or parents, it wasnít - my Mother
worked long and hard to keep me in private school and for that I will always be grateful,
especially when I know of many parents when my children were young, who have large houses,
several cars, holidays coming out of the wazoo and still let their children take advantage
of the state system, when they could easily pay fees and leave those places for those
less advantaged, which is what they are for arenít they?
Back to the family, as a society we women, are now encouraged to give birth to challenged
children, abort the healthy ones, even not get married at all but have a career until
you are too old to have children, at which stage you just go out and find some guy to
ëgiveí you a baby whilst not telling him ñ it is all just too bizarre for words. We
have young girls suing social services for NOT removing them from the family home. Admittedly
on reading the conditions of that home were a bit odd but probably no more usual in that
area of Birmingham 30 years ago than is acknowledged. Her mother was a bit odd plus all the men
but it is a story that runs through all countries and all times. A feckless and promiscuious
mother with a series of even odder guys, it will help Ms Elliottís case that she is apparently
half a Paki, her words not mine ñ but suing? Most of the people involved will be either
dead or retired.
We have an Ofsted chief, Sir Michael Wilshaw, who states that childen from an anti learning
culture should be taken and put into boarding schools. Read Dothboys Hall for that one unless
we the Taxpayer will be paying for the really expensive public boarding schools for these
remnants as we do for Somali immigrants to have homes on Millionaires row.
Why donít we take all children from ëdisadvantaged homesí and put them in huge ophanages to
rot, like they do in Russia and China? Well you have to ëdisadvantageí the parents first
donít you? What do you think is happening in the UK today, the poor are getting poorer,
the immigrants are getting richer and scum like cream rises to the top. There are going
to be a lot more ëdisadvantagedí parents about, these people need help, not vilefication.
Parents or step parents who abuse their charges for years need hanging. Parents who are poor
and ignorant but not cruel need all the help society can give. Children in the care system
do not grow, they remain stunted and anti social. All children even ones from so called
good homes resent their parents and grumble, that is what kids do even when those children
are middle aged, they still grumble and I know because I did and my children do. The
thought of the government taking children away from their natural parents undermines
all the democratic processes we like to think of as normal in Britain.
We now have crimes against children in this country that were not here during the 50ís
and I am not talking murderers or peadophiles here, they will always be with us I am afraid.
We have Muslim grooming, we have child gangs, we have Eastern European child slavers, we
have female circumcision, we have child labour ñ we even have a 10 year old child beaten
with a steel ladle for not reading enough verses of the Koran by a heavily pregnant
Muslim woman, Asia Parveen. This child was in the kitchen of Parveen, she was not her
child what was she? A slave is probably nearer the truth. Parveen has been jailed for 9 months
for causing over 57 injuries and she needed a translater through the trial! Now will her
children be taken away? She is now divorced so who is looking after them, will Child Services
investigate that one?
The answer is NO. It is the Brits who come under such investigations, we of the feckless,
drunken, oversexed, stupid and greedy genes that warrant the nowadays usual steps of child
removal. It is our children in schools who are open to sexualisation into the ways of
homosexuals and worse. Now I am not homophobic, but to open that particular door to children
of 6 is wicked, but as the Jesuits used to say, give me the first 5 years of a childís
life and I give you the man. Schools are even being approached to imitate a sort of Hitler
youth in the anti facist Unite union which smacks of thoughts of chairman Mao ñ and
what can parents do against that? We have at least two generations of under educated,
over sexualised, diversity ridden Marxist robots who think the world owes them a living,
even more so when they pass with dubious ease into one of the many flourishing third rate
universities that now abound.
We will even have ëvoluntaryí euthanasia for all the wrinklies who have worked all
their lives for a decent end to theirs and supported various children and grandchildren.
They are to be killed off because the popular view is to encapsulate it ì white Brits are
an ageing population, and we have allowed so much immigration that we cannot expect
young immigrants to keep our oldies alive and well, when they have vast families and
relations of their own, who we must as a nation accommodateî There easy speak innit?
So all in all, these parents who are lacking in social skills and parenting skills, should
be given ëcare in the communityí or similar, they should not be deprived of a family life
surely? What about their Human Rights? How can we as a Party help these people? It needs
further investigation and quickly.
And Finally, A one-tonne donar kebab made from seven cows has been crowned the largest
on the planet by Guinness World Record officials in Turkey.
Officials confirmed that the gigantic meat mountain, weighing a whopping 1,198kg and
measuring 2.5m, was a new world record on Tuesday.
It took ten cooks to create the gut buster, which had to be held in place by a crane while
it was officially measured. The previous record was set in Australia in
2004, the Turkish one weighing almost double the size of it.
Working from a special set of scaffolding, the collection of cooks later cut the meat
feast up into pieces for spectators at Ankara Shopping Fest in Genclik Park, Ankara. The
modern version of the doner kebab was invented by Mahmut Aygun in 1971, who first came up
with the idea of putting the meat inside a pitta bread.
A W@8 reporter commentedí I am going to make an offside remark, I just hope that that is
all there is in this kebab.............but then it is in Turkey so no fears for the local
young girls out thereí
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.