yxo interviews Markeloff @ IEM 6 GC Kiev

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 24, 2012

- Hi, Yegor!
- Hi, man.
- My congratulations.
- Thank you.
- It was a very convincing victory. I hoped for your victory,
but I couldn’t even imagine it would be like this.
At first I was a bit scared because of the 1st map.
- But everything turned to be great.
- It was the defense. You beat with 16-3 score,
so everything was OK. As far as I understand
starix is great in leading the team.
- He really succeeds in it.
- Edward told it was the
debut for starix as a captain.
- Yeah, it couldn’t be any other way.
- Has anything changed?
- There are some changes on the defense points
on dust2 and on inferno. Two players switched the places.
Tactically starix added few new rounds but we basically
played with tested strategies. Our playstyle was based around
exchanges situations and starix took correct decisions in key rounds,
i.e. on yesterday’s defense in the game vs fnatic and in today’s final.
- So the difference was obvious, wasn’t it?
- Yeah, as well as in attacking. Of course Zeus assisted him
from time to time, i.e., when we beat SK on inferno. Once Zeus
understood that SK were preparing: a roadblock on A.
He suggested us to go on B. We followed him and
found only one player there.
- Yeah, I see Zeus and starix complete each other.
Both of them rocked today. Well, with your help, of course.
Tell me please about SK. I think they didn’t expect such a game.
- No, they definitely didn’t.
- I talked to starix over the phone yesterday.
He told me about the maps you were going to play.
What was the 3rd map?
- dust2.
- dust2? He said it would be mirage. You were ready
to play there maps. Are they common and well-practiced for you?
- Yes, they are, except for mirage. We practiced
mirage as well, but SK were also confident on this map,
judging by their performance. They however removed mirage.
- Did they?
- Oh, no, they removed the forge map.
- Removed forge?
- Yeah, it’s weird. Everybody knows we don’t play on forge at all.
- Did you remove nuke?
- Yes.
- So you were not going to play it…
- No way. We thought SK would choose mirage,
but they removed forge.
- What can you say about M5 and fnatic?
- To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect M5 could
show such a great performance, especially after their
defeat vs SK in semi-finals. Although the beginning of
the game was very good. Judging by their yesterday’s
performance I must say their aiming is on top level. They
actually are good in non-standard tactics. No one can anticipate
their further steps. They are awesome. If they proceed this way,
they will definitely succeed.
- And what about fnatic? Was their performance worse
than usually or it’s just their true level? Both you
and M5 overcame them easily.
- It’s difficult to say. A team can show good performance
on one tournament and show weakness on the other one.
I can’t judge them. Their minimum
level is in top-4 or top-5 of the world.
They can win the world championship
any moment likewise any other team,
if some of their players rock. This time a few of them didn’t rock,
and that’s all. Gux was the one stable player.
The most stable player of the tournament.
- Your performance was extremely strong.
I’m very glad for you.
It’s a fantastic beginning of the year.
Thank you very much. Respect to all your fans.
Thanks for the interview.
- Good-bye!