A Beautiful Mind (9/11) Movie CLIP - The Baby's Bath (2001) HD

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There's a storm coming.
I'm just going to grab the laundry, okay?
I'll draw his bath.
It's okay.
[Siren Wailing In Distance] [Radio Static]
[Muffled Voices]
[Muffled Voices Continue] [Thunder Rumbling]
[Faint Radio Sounds]
[Muffled Radio Voice]
[Radio Static, Broken Voices]
[Thunder Rumbles]
I've almost got it! Charles, you just watch the baby.
[Baby Crying] I've got one more to close!
- No! - [John] I'll be right there.
- Oh, God. - [Crying]
I need a towel.
Charles was watching him. He was okay.
There is no one here.
- Charles was watching him. - There is no one here!
He's been injected with a cloaking serum.
I can see him because of a chemical...
that was released into my bloodstream...
when my implant dissolved.
I couldn't tell you, it was for your own protection!