Troubleshooting Why Your Oven Won't Heat |

Uploaded by partselect on 14.09.2011

>>Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. Today we are going to try to diagnose why
the oven isn’t heating properly. The most common component to look at when your oven isn’t heating properly is the bake
element. The bake element is found on the bottom of your oven. The broil element is
on top and much less likely to fail. If you see or have seen sparking, turn off
the power to your oven immediately either by unplugging it, or turning off the breaker.
Your element is most likely damaged.” If you see pitting, burn marks, or discoloured
terminals the element has been damaged and needs to be replaced.”
If your bake element and terminals show no visible problems take a look at your oven
sensor. A bad oven sensor will typically not show any visible problems but the temperature
in your oven will not be accurate. You may test your oven sensor by comparing
the ambient temperature in the oven with the temperature indicated by the oven sensor following
the manufacturer’s instructions. You may find the instructions for your oven in your
owner’s manual. If you don’t have a manual search for your model number online.
The only other way to check your oven sensor with certainty is to remove your oven sensor
and check the resistance with a multimeter. Find a chart from your manufacturer that lists
what resistance value you should see at specific temperatures. Using a multimeter.
If your gas oven isn’t heating you may want to check for signs of a defective oven igniter.
A properly working oven igniter will typically glow for 30-40 seconds until the burner lights.
Look for damage to the glow bar such as a small crack, almost invisible.
To verify that the igniter is at fault you may use a mutlimeter to test the resistence.
Oven igniters are very fragile so please use caution when replacing it.
If there is no visible damage to the igniter verify that you have the proper line voltage
before changing the igniter. Now that you can identify what the problem
could be and what, if any, parts you need to repair or replace, go to
There you can order your parts and find more information about your specific repair.