Dear Brother (Oniisama e) - Full Episode 5 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Dear Brother...
A golden bowl, on the right hand
A silver bowl, on the left
Never equal without the other
Those two bowls in each of us;
Those two invisible bowls.
The golden bowl, filled with happiness
Shines with a warm radiance
The overflowing love I've felt since I met you
Couldn't possibly be held in the golden bowl
A golden rapture,
A silver sadness
Let us lay down everything that has passed
So that only you may be held, So that only love may be held,
Let us empty those twin bowls.
Tomoko, it's a call from Nanako.
Tell her I'm in bed already.
What are you talking about? It's only 8:30 pm now.
Then tell her I'm not home yet.
Why? Did you fight?
I just don't want to answer her call!
Oh well...
There's no use waiting for Nanako.
She said she can't go home with you.
A Sorority Member is involved with a lot of other societies.
Don't you understand? She's not a normal student anymore.
Any complaints?
Did you get to talk with Ms. Tomoko?
No, she's not home yet.
Is that so?
It can't be true...
Good night.
Ah, Nanako
About that person...
Was it Mr. Henmi? The one who sent you the package.
How do you know each other?
Oh please, Mom, don't misunderstand. It's nothing like that.
He was a part-time teacher when I was in the cram school.
He sent me a gift for my high-school entrance.
Really? How nice. Did you give a proper thanks?
Yes. But keep it a secret from dad.
I don't want to make him worry.
You're right.
At least she makes some pretense to being feminine, I'll give her that.
It's not surprising Misonoo's good at cooking.
- Huh? Why? - Because she's female?
Oh my, didn't you know?
A long time ago her mother used to work at a bar near Joto University
as a hostess.
Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
Dear Brother,
The more I try to deny it, the more I doubt.
But I don't even have the courage to ask dad and mom directly.
Really, dad having a child...
Mom, with a married man who even had a child...
Episode 5 Thorns of Doubt
Oh no! If I miss the next train I'm gonna be so late.
Yes? She left 30 minutes earlier than usual?
Tomoko is definitely avoiding me...
Is it because I got in to the Sorority?
But Tomoko's not like that.
If I talk to her, she'll understand.
We're always together, after all...
We've been best friends since elementary school.
Hey, is it true?
- It's true! - I don't believe you!
Then what's the club activity task?
For the time being, baking cakes and cookies...
Wow. Should I try that, too?
- How's that story from before? - It's hilarious!
Tomoko, I need to talk to you...
Sorry, I've got an appointment.
Please, just a moment. It won't take so long.
Whatever, here comes someone who suits you more than me.
Hey, Tomoko!
Let's hurry, we've got to prepare for the joining ceremony.
We freshmen have to be there before everyone,
or else, the seniors are going to give us an earful.
How wonderful!
Whatever happens, Sorority comes first. You understand, right?
Lady Saint-Just
I'm fed up with this!
You're still taking this stuff... Why can't you listen to me?
Actually, Teacher Orihara...
There's still a packet left.
Nice expression.
Whenever I look into your eyes, I'm happy that I'm alive.
What are you doing?
Go to the Sorority House, Ms. Misonoo and Ms. Shinobu.
Shall we go together?
There are a lot of things you might want to help with.
Lady Saint-Just
She obeys Lady Miya like a tame lamb...
When are you going to take off that bracelet?
You can put those flowers over here.
Oh, that table, a little bit to the corner.
Use the white vase... It should be well-visible.
Yes, right. Near the tapestry.
Ms. Asaka, please come here for a moment.
Could you hold that corner for a moment?
Why is she so...
Oh, Ms. Shinobu... that should go to the table on the right.
- The spiky frog - It fell!
Please treat me with this.
Ms. Komabayashi, we need disinfectant.
The spiky frog!
Please let go of the spiky frog!
Nanako, really...
I'm not mistaken.
Lady Miya, definitely...
Yes, it was intentional...She dropped the spiky frog deliberately.
What for?
I knew it...
A man's smell...
Did Lady Miya do that?
Why are you being so hard on yourself?
How much will you have to be hurt to be satisfied?
Then, as for our new members,
please pledge yourselves one by one
and receive your roses from Lady Fukiko.
Ms. Shinobu Mariko.
As an honorable member of the Sorority,
do you swear to obey the rules of this society,
maintain dignity and devotion,
and endeavor for the prosperity of this society?
Congratulations, Ms. Mariko.
Your smile is always refreshing like the sunlight in May.
Please keep that smile, all the time.
Thank you so much.
Ms. Misonoo Nanako.
Do you swear to obey the rules of this society,
maintain dignity and devotion...
When you extend your love to others,
It is your gentleness that made it possible.
Who might it be?
I'm sorry to visit so suddenly...
You were acting so strangely today, Nanako!
Back there, you treated Lady Saint-Just without thinking, right?
You didn't realize?
Lady Miya was glaring at you fiercely.
It gave me goosebumps.
That was so reckless. You can't draw attention to yourself!
We can't defy Lady Miya.
She could summon the seniors to vote for your expulsion whenever she wants.
Above all, her father is one of the directors of the school.
Are you listening to me? Nanako...
Dear Brother,
I can't tell anyone
what Lady Miya did.
Lady Miya's demeanor towards Lady Saint-Just...
It was just a glance of another's heart...
But that small glance was deep and dreadful for me beyond imagination...
I suppose you can't possibly forgive us.
At first, I hated you.
I hated you for snatching my father away.
I couldn't forgive my father, who loved you more than my mother.
Even after mother passed away, until I became an adult,
father sent me money every month, without exception.
I know how much
a college professor's salary is.
You can't possibly afford to do it just with a sense of duty.
Growing up, little by little,
I came to understand such things, in my own way.
To forgive or not to forgive,
to hate or not to hate,
Those things, to me, they don't bear significance anymore.
Nanako is cute.
When you're not blood-related, normally you don't see a random girl as a little sister.
Honestly, I was shocked when I found out at first.
P...please be my brother!
Huh? What's your name...?
Misonoo Nanako.
Could it be you're the daughter of Joto University Professor Misonoo?
I thought if I accepted her request,
My identity would be known to you both.
However, I wanted to help her in any way as a brother,
and I accepted her request with nothing, nothing but that feeling.
I have just a single request.
She doesn't know about your existence in the Misonoo family.
If she finds out, she's going to suffer more than necessary
and she'll blame us.
Only that, please don't tell Nanako...
Not even worth discussion.
To Nanako, I am
just one of her friends to whom she opened her mind during adolescence.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
Nanako, it's dangerous. Don't do that.
Just half a year ago, you were patting my head
pitched balls with me and giving me Tom Sawyer.
You, with those hands, used to cleaning your pipe right before my eyes...
Father, you're not mine anymore...
I shouldn't have come.
Right, Father? Father...
I know. That call. It's you, isn't it?
I won't answer. Who's going to answer?
It's my revenge on you for hurting me today.
When you extend your love to others,
It is your gentleness that made it possible.
Thank you.
But love also bears hatred, anger, and doubt simultaneously.
Do not be afraid of being hurt.
Because if people hurt you...
You may also hurt them.
Nanako? What happened?
I'm fine. It's nothing.
I...I just had a nightmare.
Is that so? I see, if you can't go back to sleep you can come to my study.
I'm still awake.
Thank you, Dad.
In the end,
It was raining until dawn.
I dreamt an awesome dream last Sunday
But when it saw you,
Surprised, the dream just flew away
I would never lose
So just for you
I have rushed and tried so hard
This feeling of love, staying in my heart
bewildered by the mischievous fairies' game
dances to and fro, always capricious