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(SINGING) Fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame and a
face and a name to remember.

See, I'm really getting the hang of it.
Oh, my goodness.
The season finale of Smash was the best thing in TV history.
My goodness.
The episode was crazy, but this whole show altogether was
The scene opens up, and there is no time left to wait.
Someone needs to go on as Marilyn tonight.
And it will be--
Karen Cartwright, the little understudy from Iowa, who at
the beginning of the season was just overlooked.
Who would've thought that she'd be the star of the show?
The other producers have major doubts about Karen.
But Derek says that when he looks at
Karen, he sees Marilyn.
And nothing's going to stop him from
making that a reality.
However, the show is very incomplete.
Karen still has a lot to learn.
They still have to get the costume changes to fit her.
Tom and Julia still need to finish the last song.
But everybody is working diligently to
make the show a success.
Everybody except Ivy, who's letting her jealousy get the
best of her.
In and attempt to perhaps sabotage Karen, Ivy leaves the
engagement ring that Dev left in her apartment the night of
the affair on Karen's mirror for her to see, in hopes of
causing her to have a mental breakdown.
And it almost works, if it wasn't for
Derek's tender words.
See, I like Derek.
You think he's a bad guy.
But he just knows what he wants and knows how to get it.
And he's not afraid to knock a few people down to get there.
See, I don't know about you guys, but when I watch a show,
I like to be like, oh, I'm this character.
Oh, I'm this character.
And at the beginning, I thought I was more like Karen.
Because, you know, I'm a star.
I'm a star.
But I can tell that I'm more like Derek now.
Because when Karen had a mental breakdown and ran away
from the stage during the crucial rehearsal
time, I went insane.
I was like, Karen, Karen, come back.
What are you doing?
How can you just run away from this?
This is the moment of a lifetime.
Dev is done.
Forget about him.
And then they had Ivy dressed up as Marylin
ready to replace her.
And then just-- oh my god.
I almost had a heart attack.
But I'm glad Karen decided to go through with it.
It's showtime.
The curtain rises, and we see Karen--
I mean, we see Marilyn--
in a number of montages that they have been working on
throughout the show.
And she is nailing every single one of them.
It all boils down to the new song that hasn't been
rehearsed before.
And Karen echoes the words, don't forget me.
And she triumphantly sings her heart out on the stage.
The crowd goes wild.
Looks like it's time for Broadway.
You can easily tell that Bombshell was a huge success.
But who knows what Season Two will have in store for Karen,
for Ivy, and for the rest of the cast members?
I guess we'll just have to wait to find out.
With that being said, this has been Luan Legacy.
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