Chainsaw Threat - Scarface (2/8) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

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Hey! Antonio!
i Mifa! Watchwhat happens toyourfriend.
You don't want this to happen toyou, gimme the money.
[ Muffled Screams ]
## [ Radio Continues ]
Come on, come on.
# Got to have you eveyday##
[ Chain Saw Rewing ]
Now the leg, huh?
Ya me voy. Ya es hora, man.
Let's do it, man. Come on.
Okay. No te apures. Okay?
We are gonna be all right.
[TV Continues Blaring ]
0__y, ''Caracicatriz.''
You can die too. It makes no difference to me.
Okay, Chi Chi. Sobra allí.
Sí, man.
Last chance, p_nd_jo.l
Fuckyou! [ Spits ]
[ TV Blaring ]
[ Chain Saw Revving ]
; AhOra tú!
j Vete!
- [ Groans ] - You okay?
Yeah, man. l t went in and out.