Truck Decals ( Design Vinyl Lettering for Your Truck Online!

Uploaded by SignChef on 03.05.2011

Our SignMagic Online Design Tool isn’t just for signs anymore – You can now use it to
accurately design & price the lettering you want to display on your pickup truck.
But there’s a trick to using SignMagic for truck decals. Once you know this simple “trick”
it’ll save you a lot of time and frustration.
The very first step to design & price your truck decals is to measure the key areas where
you want your advertising message to appear. For example, on this particular truck, a 16”
x 24” box fits comfortably on the door. And along the bed of the truck, I have a 6”
x 8’ area for text. These smaller areas measure 8” x 12”. And don’t forget the
most important spot of all when you’re sitting in traffic – the tailgate.
For safety, the drivers behind you have to keep an eye out for your brake lights. So
their eyes will be automatically drawn to your advertising message. The size of this
particular tailgate will comfortably fit a 17” x 4’ box.
So where do you start?
Let’s start with the doors in SignMagic. Our door size measured 16” x 24” so first,
we’ll select the product we want from this drop down list – if you want a printed Decal
that basically looks like a big bumper sticker, you could select Decal. However, I’m going
to click on “Vinyl Letters”. Since there’s no background, your letters and graphics will
look as if they have been professionally painted right on your truck.
The great thing about vinyl letters though is that you can remove them later. That way,
when you eventually sell your truck, you’ll preserve the resell value. Once you click
on Vinyl Letters, select the closest size to your measurements.
Now that you have selected the size, this box in SignMagic represents the 16” x 24”
area you have to work with. Since there’s some extra space on the truck doors outside
of this area, you can actually fill this entire rectangle with anything you want – text,
graphics, logos and even a full-color photo.
In other videos, I’ll show you exactly how to create a design like this, step by step.
Once you have your first design ideas put together, you can SAVE your design & instantly
see your pricing options. For example, if you need lettering for only one door, just
choose a quantity of 1. If you want both truck doors lettered, choose a quantity of 2. Or
if you have two trucks you want to get lettered, you can select a quantity of four. The more
sets you buy at once, the more you’ll save.
The Standard 3 Year rated vinyl is the lowest in price. If you plan on keeping your truck
more than 3 years, we recommend the Premium 5-7 Year Rated Vinyl. And this third option
is for reflective vinyl. When the headlights shine on reflective vinyl at night, the vinyl
lights up!
When you’re ready to continue, select the pricing option you prefer and Add to Cart.
You can always change your selection later if you want to.
To continue designing, just click on this button that says Continue Designing. You can
make additional changes to your existing design and SAVE it under a different name to compare
different designs – or you can start a brand new design to letter other areas of your truck.