Amazing Secret (Never Get Sick Again!) Health Ritual Revealed....

Uploaded by fitlifetv on 12.11.2010

Drew Canole: Real quick, I wanted to shoot this video for you. What can I truly give
you to make an impact on you and the people around you on this holiday season? And the
thing that I am going to give to you right now is health. Kay, when you have health,
you don’t think about it, when you don’t have health, it’s the worst thing in the
world and that’s what you want the most. So, how to stay healthy around the holiday
season? One, recognize that it all starts in the mind. An analogy that I like to use
is this cup. If we have clean thoughts constantly going in this cup there’s no chance for
it to get dirty. Kay and when the cup’s dirty your body becomes sick, so dirty thoughts,
lack, limitation, I’m not good enough, this isn’t gonna work for me, those are all dirt.
Now, clean thoughts on the other hand, I love you, my life is amazing, grateful for what
it is, and how do you do that? Well, basically what I’ve done in the past consciously is
I made a decision to go out into any environment and have this mantra playing, I love you,
I love you, I love you over and over in my head, as soon as you do that enough, that
gets pushed in your subconscious mind, once your subconscious mind picks that up, it plays
it continuously which is powerful. I didn’t even have to think about it and it’s in
my mind consciously going down on every cell of my body recognizing that I am love and
connected to the divine source. Powerful stuff, that’ll keep you from never getting sick
in it of its self. Now, if you are getting sick for some reason, you want some physical
tips to keep healthy. Number one, your body operates on an alkaline and acidic system
so, you want alkalinity. Number one you’re gonna want a probiotic, some green that you
take two or three times a day. I recommend Green Vibrance, incorporate this in your diet
before you go to bed, when you get up, keep it in your system and it will keep you healthy.
Number two, blue-green algae, huge, this stuff right here I take five, ten pills a day. I
also have some liquid stuff that I actually drink as well, that’ll help you. Good multi-vitamin
for the holiday, necessary, get one centered around men’s, if you’re a man and if you’re
a woman get one for you specific as well. Make sure it has a lot of vitamin B, B complex,
things that are gonna keep you healthy for your immunity and lastly, crushed Himalayan
Sea Salts, it can keep all of the bacteria and the negative stuff out of your system
and it’s going to keep you healthy and I wanna refrain and say that it is all mind,
you know, sickness definitely starts in the mind. If you can’t beat it there and for
some reason it kinda gets past you and you start to feel it during this holiday season
which a lot of people are prone to because their diets are so shifty, they’re stressing
out about what gifts to get their family or are they gonna like travelling and everything
that comes with the holidays, sometimes things just happen so, protect yourself and more
importantly protect the people around you that you love. If you’re gonna be truly
impactful in this world you really don’t have time to get sick and when you see that
you step outside of yourself for a second, your headache, your sickness, your cold will
just vanish. It’ll go away immediately because you recognize your higher purpose is to be
a blesser and that’s kind of my secret for never getting sick. So I hope that helps,
FitLife.Tv, we’ll see you soon.