'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Teaser Trailer HD

Uploaded by filmisnow on 20.03.2012

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Harvey Weinstein has in mind a project of the biopic on Paul Pott.
For the cast he's undecided between Adele or Kathy Perry,
the pop singers of the moment, to play Pott's wife.
For who did not watch Britain's Got Talent 2007, Paul Pott was a cell phone salesman,
then an opera fan and an àmateur singer, but the tour de force on the British show permitted him to win
a BGT prize which launched his singing career.
Nor Adele or Kathy Perry have been very interested in cinema till now,
so probably Weinstein wants them so he can bring to the movie accessible and fresh songs, and not their acting talent.
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