Routing Pipe with AutoCAD Plant 3D (Part 3)

Uploaded by Autodesk on 21.07.2009

In this episode, we're going to take a look at some editing functions.
First I'm going to copy and then paste a section of the discharge from this first pump to the
second one. I'm using AutoCAD copy commands so I select,
I press copy, I pick a base point, and then a second point, and there we go.
I've copied the discharge setup. But of course this elbow up here is not quite
right, so I'll delete it, extend the pipe so it meets
the header, and it will put a tee in for me just like that.
Next is this pipe I want to be exactly at 10 feet; the bottom of the pipe I want at
exactly 10 feet. I click the elevation grip and for the bottom
of the pipe I type in 10 feet. It will move my pipe up, keeping everything
connected. Toward the other end of my pipe, I can take
a look at what happens if I move a segment horizontally.
Notice again, using the move grip, everything stays connected.
If I just wanted to move a single segment of pipe, I would use the move command, select
the item I wish to move, and again, use my AutoCAD to move it.
Notice at the break points, I get little disconnect drip markers.
I'm going to reconnect my elbows by erasing that moved section and putting a new one in.
If you don't want things to stay together when you grip move, you can disconnect them.
Here I'll select the bolt and gasket on this check valve and erase them.
That disconnects the valve from the flange below as shown by this disconnect drip.
And now I'm going to move this section of pipe, along the header, expecting it to disconnect
there where I have it unbolted. To get it back to the starting point, I'm
going to do a couple of undos. Just like AutoCAD, you can undo any of your operations.
Now I'm going to change the size of this discharge line.
I'm going to do that by selecting the items, and then in the Properties palette, change
6 inches to 4 inches, And just like that, it changes the size of
my pipe and all my fittings, keeps everything connected just like they were before.
It even removes a reducer and inserts a reducer as needed.
Finally, I'm going to erase this gate valve. Notice that when I erase it, it takes the
mating flange with it. I'll undo that, if I really wanted just the
valve gone and leave the flange, I could do a CTRL select to just select the valve for
erasing. And again, undo, to get back to my starting
condition. These are just a couple of quick ideas of
how you can edit the pipe, see how the grips will keep everything connected as you move
things around. How you can change size or just as easily
change spec and how the system will react appropriately.
We hope you'll stay tuned for more episodes as you continue to edit piping, produce orthos,
produce isos, and show you how to use AutoCAD Plant 3D and
complete other common Plant 3D project tasks.