205 Thomas+Florian 2010.06.08 (ENG SUB)(2010 Part 2)

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(Many thanks to Kisara for the transcripts)
Have you worked all night?
I have slept four hours but yes.
Always those corrupt files.
I have quite a complicated case this time.
Something like that Fremont case?
Other kinds.
You've been only thinking of your work for weeks.
That's starting to get on my nerves.
I know it's not easy.
Says you. It's blowing up. I don't feel like I have a man anymore.
Of course you have a man.
Oh yeah? What's the point if we only come across each other between two doors?
It's like we're not a couple, just roommates.
But there were always times when I was overwhelmed. This is not new then.
Yeah, well that's difficult.
What? No. No. Stop.
Is it so difficult to be supportive?
Difficult? It is downright enough. I feel like secondary. No.
So are you happier with me?
No. How do you think you are when you're never with me?
Oh, don't exaggerate either.
I'm exaggerating now? So can you tell me when was the last time we made love?
I do not recall.
Me neither.
That's a very very very very very long time ago.
No, no, do not touch me. Stop.
I want to take a shower, Justice of Sh*t.
There you go. Thank you again, Ma'am.
I received two invitations for the opening of a bar. Are you interested?
Oh that's nice, but do not ask me.
Well ever since you left Rudy you've been down. This is not a solution.
Yes I know, but I don't want to do anything. It doesn't matter, it will pass.
Yeah, it's turning into depression.
No, my dear, you should be going out. Call a girlfriend and go have fun.
Say, why don't you go there?
Because Florian works too much and that I do not want to go there all alone.
Yes, but he does not work all night anyway.
Well yes. The apartment has been transformed into an office of examining magistrate. It is glamorous. You do not even think it's not .
It is still better than spending an evening one-to-one with his television.
I'm not sure, television may be less extreme.
Well then, what do you choose? Keep being saddened or go have fun?
What is it? A gay club?
Ah yes. You can say it is gay, yes.
But at least you will not be bored to death.
Seems good. Well, like this. It may indeed be nice, yes.
Thomas did not exaggerate. You do work hard.
Yes, I've been entrusted with sensitive cases. One after another.
I tell you a little secret. I am delighted that you are overwhelmed.
Excuse me?
Thomas gave me invitations for this event because you are not available.
Ah, may I know where I was invited?
Well, the opening of a gay club. Moreover, it is DJ The Signal of the Signal.
Well, I did not know that I was invited. Thomas did not tell me.
Oh, well, perhaps because he knows that this kind of night is not your type.
Why? I too like to party.
Yeah, but there are all kinds of parties. He must have thought that this one was more my generation.
How do you think?
Well, if it is for a magistrate to have a dinner with a little companion, are you?
No. Well, I do not work tonight.
Wow! It's Christmas.
I thought about our small discussion this morning and you were right. We are entitled to a little private life.
Glad I've convinced you.
So tonight I'll drop my files and go for a crazy night.
But where did you find these?
Estelle returned them to me.
You went to claim them? Were you mad?
I had to say that I needed to save my relationship and she understood immediately. So you are going. Get ready.
Yeah, but I do not really want to go there tonight.
Oh, come on Thomas. I know you like this kind of crazy evenings.
Yeah, I liked. But I now would rather spend a night quietly at home, with my love.
It's hard to believe.
Why would I lie to you?
Because you believe that I can't have fun in a night of this kind.
Well , it is true that no one can say you are the king of party animals.
Good, tonight change roles. It's me to make you happy.
Yes , I decided tonight I want to stay at home. So if you really want to make me happy, please forget the invitations.
You sure?
Well for once you succeeded in relieving yourself, I want a little benefit from it.
Uh, you are taking advantage of me.
And you look really good in this ...
I can just call Estelle and tell her she is going out....