Interview with Puppey @ Star Series DOTA 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 29, 2012

Hi, everybody.
We have an interview with Na`Vi DOTA team Captain,
Clement Ivanov. Say hello, Puppey.
I wanna talk with you about the game
you played two days ago vs Moscow 5.
The first question is
do you think M5 pick was half-baked in the first game?
Yes. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t pick Balanar,
and they would be able do it themselves.
But we broke their strategy a little.
So their pick wasn’t that good.
Why in the second game Dendi was supporting
and XBOCT was playing Mid.
Maybe it would be better for Dendi
to play Mid instead of XBOCT?
No, there were no such choices.
The idea was that Tidehunter would go to counter Brood at the bottom,
while we knew that Broodmother was going.
so she put the web there.
and we went down there with Dendi. Dendi was solo.
I was just standing in the forest to harass Tidehunter.
Eventually, Dendi was playing solo.
But they thought over their line very well,
so we had to go another way.
In the first or second game, when you had Balanar…
In the first.
You sent him to easy line. It was in the first game.
Why did you sent him to easy line?
You knew that it would be 2 heroes on solo lane, e.g. double.
As far as I remember it, Balanar was against solo Queen of Pain.
I expected so.
But they sent double there, Riki with Crystal Maiden
It was a bad idea to put Balanar there,
as he wouldn’t get any exp and wouldn’t take any creeps.
We needed him to get full exp and full gear.
so we put him on easy line, and decided to put somebody else
on mid lane to stand it in a decent way.
Windrunner performed great there.
What do you think about the M5 second game picks?
As I understand, they had a plan to play using Bone Fletcher.
Apparently they didn’t manage to do it.
They had their own strategy, they had an excellent pick.
Let’s say in that game we had 3 or 4 heroes they cannot play with.
They can't play in the forest with such heroes as Rasta
while we can do it wish such heroes as maybe Morphling or Earthshaker
Well, Bloodangel can, he is great EarthShaker,
but in that situation they failed.
We have a slightly different pick,
and we performed it better as a team while they did not.
Don’t you think CLG was something afraid of you in that last match?
Yep, they probably did. But in the second game
they thought over their default pick and did it good.
Yet, when it came to team fights we just won.
So, the problem such teams have is their fear of opponent.
And if they don’t have any,
it is more difficult for you to play against them.
If a team feels everything is ok for them,
they play better. It is this way.
I have a question about The International II.
Asians will be preparing for the event and
as I know European community don’t play with Asian.
That’s why they have their own style.
Do you think it’s an advantage or disadvantage that
you’ll play against the teams you don’t know?
I think it doesn’t mean anything for us
that they have some kind of their own style.
Because they have to play this game for a long time
till they understand why we’re picking certain heroes.
I’d say that Chinese beat Europeans in first DOTA
because they play it more. They understand why they pick Panda first,
but we don’t understand. And they have their own style.
They know more, and we don’t know.
And now there is vice versa. Now we know and they don’t.
To say the truth they won’t just have enough time to excel the game.
If they play now, they will.
But if they play in two months, they’ll lose their game as before.
Another question. A couple days ago the Pandaren Brewmaster was added
how will it influence on the current balance in DOTA,
considering existing heroes?
Panda, panda, panda…
From what I played and saw Panda will be the most imbalanced hero together with Lycan
And I think it will be either very first pick or the first ban.
So Panda will be picked or banned.
Thank you very much. Good luck in Grand Final.
Who would you like to play with: Swedes or M5?
Well, I‘d like to finish with Pajjkat
But Bloodangel shows good game.
Ok. Thanks very much. Bye-bye.
Bye everyone.