2011 McDonald's 'Vows' TVC

Uploaded by TomasNW on 21.08.2011

I Matthew,
*Take you Monica,*
*To serve,*
*And to feed.*
Here you go. Have a nice day.
*For richer,*
*For fresher,*
*For earlier,*
*For later.*
*In the cities,*
*And in the bush.*
*To mop,*

*And to polish.*
*Till Dad us do part;*
*This is my solem vow.*
For our 40th anniversary of being in Australia,
We're renewing our commitment to your enjoyment.
*We know we're not always perfect, and there's always room to improve."
If we slip up, let us know.
We'll make it right for you;
That's our promise.