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SHEENA: Cirque celebrates Michael Jackson, West Side
Story celebrates an anniversary, and Glee
celebrates 300 musical performances.
This is Just Dance for November 3, 2011.
Hey guys, it's me, Sheena.
And I am proud to say I survived Halloween in downtown
New York City this weekend.
But I must give mad props to the dance world because the
most popular costumes I saw were black swans, and LMFAO.
There were swans, robot heads, and fros running around
Have you been watching X-Factor?
Live tapings just started last week and I have to say some of
those performances are pretty off the hook.
Loving our judges, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Nicole
Scherzinger, and LA Reid.
Also Brian Friedman joining the group as a choreographer
and creative director of the show.
We've seen some really cool choreography from some Sonya
Tayeh, Tucker Barkley, Miguel Zarate, and Bobby Newberry.
Let's check in with Kevin now from The Skorpion Show on his
thoughts about X-Factor.
KEVIN: Hey, everybody.
Thank you for inviting me back to the show.
I'm here to talk about X-Factor USA.
The first front runner who I'm going to
select is Melanie Amaro.
She was not one of the original
top four in her group.
She went on the live shows last week, and she killed it.
Astro, he has a chance to win.
He really has a chance to win, because he's giving something
different than singing.
But I'm not voting for him, but it seems that the people
enjoy him, especially when he goes out.
The dancing on the show makes it better than American Idol
because you have real performances.
And sometimes the singers actually do choreography too.
So that brings a whole different element to the show.
And it makes it even better.
That is my opinion.
And I will talk to you guys later.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
SHEENA: Jessie and her toy boys are at it again.
She just released her steamy new music video entitled Let's
Get Naughty.
And she is not joking around when she is saying that.
Let's just say, what happens in the underground pop scene
stays underground.
You're going to see awesome choreography from our own FYI
host, Bobby Newberry.
And you might, if you look hard enough, catch him dancing
in the video.
Jessie likes to push the envelope with her lyrics, and
I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more on her debut album,
which is set to drop sometime early next year.
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Glee, who just hit
the mark for 300 musical performances.
There have been so many awesome songs and dances
throughout the past three seasons of Glee, we want to
know from you below what have been your favorites?
And what did you think of Damian McGinty's debut on the
show as Rory Flanagan?
Personally, I just melted at the sound of his voice.
Also returning next week are the Warblers with a new member
named Sebastian, who supposedly has his sights set
on Blaine, so watch out Kurt.
We are also set to see and hear a lot more from McKinley
High's production of West Side Story, including numbers like
America and Tonight, plus many more, so get ready gleeks.
Speaking of West Side Story, the iconic film is celebrating
its 50th anniversary.
And here at Just Dance we are celebrating by holding a
countdown until the November 15 Blu-ray DVD release.
Click here to watch an entire HD version of the prologue.
The MTV Europe Music Awards will be happening this Sunday,
November 6.
If you haven't voted already, hurry up and get
over there and vote.
It closes tomorrow November 4.
Also, it's just been announced that David Guetta and Justin
Bieber will be performing, along with Gaga and LMFAO.
There's going to be a lot of hot choreography and dancing
on this show.
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D is coming out
this weekend.
And the more I keep watching this trailer, the more pumped
I'm getting about seeing it.
Especially, to see Neil Patrick Harris reprising his
cameo role in the movie.
Just Dance had the chance to check in with choreographer of
the movie, Courtney Miller.
I mean, there are few surprises in there.
And as far as dance is concerned in the movie,
there's pretty much just one main scene.
There is another scene that has movement, not necessarily
choreographed dance, and that scene is where Neil Patrick
Harris meets Jesus Christ in heaven.
In the main dance sequence, Harold and Kumar, they're
resting in an alley, and a backstage manager comes out
and says, hey, you guys, the cigarette break is over.
She pulls them onto the stage.
And when they look, it's Neil Patrick Harris, who's on the
stage with these huge, beautiful trees.
And it's just filled with them trying to fit in, so they can
get access to Neil Patrick Harris to ask for
one of those trees.
This scene is kind of like the Rockettes meets Britney
Spears, with a little bit of comedy in there.
The comedy of Harold and Kumar, that's where you have
to worry about, OK, how is this all
going to work and mesh?
The actors who played Harold and Kumar, Kal Penn and John
Cho, they learned all of the dance sequences for this
particular scene.
Go check out A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, out November
4 in a theater near you.
SHEENA: Cirque de Soleil just hit the United States with its
Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour.

And I can't say enough about how awesome this
show is going to be.
There are so many choreographers.
There's too many to even name.
It's going to be amazing.
Let me know below what numbers you are most excited to see.
If you were too busy passing out candy to catch Dancing
With The Stars this week, check in with Kingsley and
Galen Hooks for the complete update this week on our
episode of FYI.
MTV recently honored the artists, fans, and innovators
of our digital music culture with their
second O Music Awards.
I personally loved Robin's performance.
She was tearing it up on that stage.
This is kind of interesting.
They broke the Guinness world record for
longest dance team marathon.
I wasn't invited, but it's cool.
Some winners were Adam Lambert, Bjork, Britney
Spears, and Spotify, but for a full list of winners and to
watch the entire show.
You can check it out at omusicawards.com.
All right guys, there you have it.
I'm not going to lie, I really need a cup of hot
chocolate right now.
It's cold out here.
Anyway, like us, favorite us, subscribe to DanceOn.
I'll see you next week, every Thursday
bringing you the news.
Peace out.