"Combini" World - "Onigiri" (onighiri)

Uploaded by Hachiko1789 on 20.06.2012

This is an other product from "combini".
I really wanted to show you this one because it's the famous Onighiri!
That is the rice ball with different fillings or just natural flavor (white with salt).
Of course there are several types of onighiri in every combini
and every combini brand has different onighiri. So the taste could be a bit different.
Anyway, this one is "Ebi Mayo" (ebi=prawn), so onighiri with prawn and mayonnaise.
How to open the triangular onighiri with nori?
Yes, 'cause there are different shapes (round or cylindrical shape).
The way to open this one is..
Well, it is written over here
I mean..maybe you can't see it..
Anyway..here there's number #1, so pull the tab from here.
As you can see.
Pull away all the first part.
Then we have #2 and #3.
So pull away first #2 and then #3.
So, I'm pulling away the 2# part..
I'm taking it closed in this way
and I pull away also the last part.
And now it's ready. I just fix a bit the nori, close it and..
You can't see the filling yet..wait a second!^^
Here it is!
Prawn and mayonnaise..
Actually, my favorite is the one with tuna and mayonnaise!
But also this one is good.
I'm also eating often the natural one, because I really like it.
There is an other one with soy sauce and fried. Also that one is really good!
There is one with "natto", but I've never eaten it 'cause I didn't try to eat natto yet!^^
So, you can have fun trying any onighiri that you find at the combini
'cause they are so good, cheap and healthy..so try them!
Bye!! :)