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In this place so unreal
I wait for dawn to come
Farther and farther, like the sky I saw that day
What a joke this hope is
I acted as if I had forgotten
Farther and farther, like the dream I saw that day
I just want to know the meaning of it
Within this scattered time
Along with the breath of ours
And of this pain that never goes away
Even though the roaring of the sea muffles the voices
Darkness engulfs everything ahead
The light that passes through our fragile hearts
Won't go away
We only relied on our compass
We believed you
While we stand here
We're searching for the unseen future
Even the Yamato herself may not be able to win a battle against it.
To sink that ship,
you might even need to use every ship in the whole combined fleet.
Have you forgotten about our other opponent?
I'm talking about the American Force.
The Other Staff Headquarters
You want me to send the Hatsukaze and the Yukikaze...
...to escort the Mirai to Yokosuka?
That's impossible!
Watch yourself, Ugaki!
Commander-in-Chief Yamamoto has arranged...
...for the Mirai to go to Yokosuka.
They are very important guests of the Combined Fleet.
For a number of reasons, we have to make sure the Mirai...
...makes it to Yokosuka in one piece.
You and I both know that the ship can take care of itself.
Right now, we should be discussing how the Combined Fleet...
...is going to defeat the US Marines at Guadalcanal!
The fate of Japan is in our hands, and yet you're sending our ships...
...out on such trivial tasks?!
Takayanagi, the Mirai is not just an ordinary ship.
The Imperial Navy that we serve...
...has chosen the waters of Solomon Islands to fight against the Americans!
To send our destroyers off for other tasks right before this battle...
...is just totally unthinkable!
Then are you going to take the fall...
...if something happens to the Mirai on the way?!
If she's really capable of taking on the entire Combined Fleet alone,
what are we worried about?!
If she is not to go without an escort, then I have an idea.
We could send one of the 7th Fleet's submarines...
...that's currently preparing for the next offensive,
to keep a good eye on her.
You're saying we send a submarine?!
The high speed I-type should work nicely.
With its sonar, it would be able to track the Mirai easily.
If you are still worried,
I'll personally take command of this operation.
- Lieutenant Taki. - Sir.
May I... have a word with you?
Thank you very much for agreeing to my suggestion earlier on.
Well, it was the best course of action available to us.
Wouldn't you like to travel onboard the Mirai as well?
Lieutenant Tsuda is on board right now.
Yes, now that you mention it, I would like to see that ship up close.
In that case, why don't you...
...sail to Yokosuka on the Mirai instead of the sub?
But that ship has made clear that she will not allow herself...
...to come under the Imperial Navy's command.
It wouldn't be appropriate for a staff officer like me to be onboard.
I see.
That ship doesn't just possess immense firepower.
It also contains a detailed history of the next 60 years.
Gaining access to that knowledge could give the Imperial Navy...
enough power to turn the tide of this war.
You are protecting a different Japan from the one we left.
It's a huge responsibility, Taki.
I understand.
That reminds me, I heard Kusaka's still alive,
and he has left Truk and headed for Japan.
Weren't you in the same year as Kusaka in the Academy,
and promoted to Lieutenant with him?
You're concerned about him?
No, it's just that he's also an Imperial Navy Officer.
His suggestions have given me a couple of headaches to deal with.
When you get back to base,
please pass this message to Minister Shimada and Bureau Chief Oka for me.
Without Japan, there cannot be a Navy.
Yes, sir.
Admiral, in my opinion...
Without the Navy, there can be no Japan.
Ready to depart!
All ahead, half!
Admiral Yamamoto, I thank you for your hospitality.
I'm Taki. Permission to board?
Granted. I'm Shimamoto, Captain of the I-21.
What's the deal with that Mirai anyway?
Just pretend that you don't see it.
It's a ship of the Japanese Navy with a slightly different design.
That's all.
All ahead! Half!
Maintain 600 meter distance behind the Mirai.
So it's goodbye to the coral reefs and papayas.
I-Type Sub, 30 degrees to port. 600 meters!
6 days before we reach Yokosuka.
Inform the crew to be alert.
The top priority is preventing the enemy from attacking Japan,
so securing our gains is our top priority.
In the west, we have Burma.
We have enough military power there...
...to defend the colonies of Singapore, Malaya and Sumatra.
The raw materials in those colonies are vital...
...to support all of our troops and ships.
The central area of the Philippines, Saipan, Tinian and Guam
must be held as a buffer to prevent American airstrikes.
It is asking a lot of our armed forces,
but we must hold on to our conquests to continue fighting.
The answer lies in the North.
Northern Manchuria.
About 150 kilometres northwest of Harbin.
And 120 kilometres southwest of Chichiha.
Don't tell me?!
In 1959... 17 years from now,
A place called Da Qing with massive crude oil reserves will be found.
Crude supply that will provide 10 times more than what Japan requires.
The entire course of the war could be changed!
No, it's not just the war. The path of Japan and this world will...
Have you told anyone else about this?
No. Only you, Mr. Ishiwara.
With this discovery, we will have...
...the same level of strategic resources as the Americans.
We won't even have to refine the oil.
The news of the discovery...
will be enough to stop any US attacks on Japan.
Mr. Kusaka,
have you ever been to the Staff Headquarters at Ichigaya?
The strategy room is in the basement. Without any windows.
Alright, we still have plenty of time.
Shall we draw up some detailed plans?
That sounds like a great idea.
Not only military strength is important,
a strong economy is also needed to ensure Japan's stability.
If we can secure control over an oil field with a billion barrels of oil,
we will attract the attention of international investors.
America, Soviet Union, and also China.
They'll chomp at the bit to get access to some of that oil,
and their governments will protect the stakes of the private companies.
These commercial deals will ensure the safety of the country.
You mean, for Japan?
Ultimately, that would be the desired result.
But before that, we have many obstacles in our path to get past.
Just like the Meiji Restoration.
You mean, we need to get everyone on the same page?
Sacchou Alliance eventually toppled the Tokugawa Bakufu.
Getting the Army and the Navy to work together is going to be hard.
If we can accomplish that,
losing some of our colonies and territories...
...won't be a problem.
[Fight for Interests, Not for Righteousness]
Fight for interests, not for righteousness.
It's the antithesis of the current philosophy.
When will the Mirai be arriving at Yokosuka?
And after it arrives, who will take control over it?
The military factions will be falling over themselves to get their hands on it.
The Mirai has no intention of coming under the command of any faction.
The maximum range of their weapons is 270 miles.
The Army Headquarters at Ichigaya,
and the Naval Headquarters in Kasumigaseki will be within range.
Once the Mirai enters Japanese waters,
it'll be able to hit most of Japan at the push of a button.
Mr. Kusaka, will the Mirai's crew do the right thing?
You old sea dog, what the hell are you doing here?
I thought you were stuck doing sub patrols out of Pearl Harbor?
After I got back in July,
I pulled a communications post in the middle of nowhere.
And then headquarters called me down here all of a sudden.
Well, that's better than what happened to me!
I got the call to come back in right in the middle of my shore leave.
Just my luck.
Your bad luck is rubbing off on my cards. I'm out.
Me too.
I had two more days of leave left to use on catching up with my wife.
Then they called me back all of a sudden to be stationed on the Wasp.
I don't care what they say, but that ship has a butt bigger than my wife's!
That's really too bad, Hutton.
So tell me, Chris. Why are you here?
- To make a report. - A report? On what?
Two months ago, just after Midway,
my sub spotted a Japanese vessel in the area.
It was a cruiser I've not seen before.
All its lights were out and it wasn't moving an inch.
I got to about 3700 yards off its port side, and fired a 6 torpedoes spread.
That's the ideal firing position.
The first two should've done the trick, but the ship dodged them all.
30 seconds after starting up the engines, she was already at 30 knots.
And then they fired back something that was completely new to me.
It was like a flying torpedo with a homing system coming right at us.
And then it self-destructed just 100 yards before nailing us.
Looks like my luck's picking up again.
We're not gonna be up against the Combined Fleet anymore,
my squadron's getting bored.
I think my next target, may just be your mystery ship.
This is all the money I've won from you today.
Alright then. I'm all in, too.
A pair of Kings.
A pair of Aces.
Bridge, CIC here.
A small fleet detected to the south.
No attempt at communication from them.
Today's August 20th. According to history,
a report on the US Mobile Fleet is received,
and Admiral Kondo will then lead the 2nd Fleet...
...to Guadalcanal for an attack against them.
The second Battle of the Solomons may have begun.
Has Admiral Yamamoto decided to cut his losses,
give up on Guadalcanal, and fall back instead?
This is proof of it.
History isn't set in stone, we have the power to change things.
What do you think of that, XO?
You mean the submarine?
No. I'm talking about the Officer in the conning tower.
He never goes inside but just keeps staring at us.
You're right.
Are you saying that the sub?
That is not an escort ship.
We're being watched.
Wasp to 6th squadron. You are cleared for landing!
Look at that huge butt.
All planes, this is the squadron leader!
Treat that ship like your wife and land on her gently.
I heard a lot of bad rumors about Lieutenant Hutton.
He likes to gamble and get into fights.
People are calling him the Rogue of the Sky.
That doesn't matter.
He's seen action against the Germans in the Atlantic and on the Med.
And yet he hasn't lost a single plane or pilot from his squadron.
That's the summary of this mission.
If there are no further questions, you're dismissed.
Lieutenant Grey.
Isn't all this like going after rabbits with a machine gun?
It's overkill.
What are you implying, Lieutenant Hutton?
We're going after just one measly Japanese Cruiser.
Yet we're sending out a fleet of...
11 heavy and light cruisers along with this carrier?
It's a misallocation of valuable military resources!
That is none of your concern.
Last night at the club in Townsville, I bumped into an old buddy of mine.
Captain of the Guardfish, from the 20th submarine fleet.
Lieutenant Chris Evans.
He's a poker buddy of mine, and we go way back...
And we had a very long talk.
What is our real mission here?
This is real war, not some damn exercise!
How will I answer to my men...
...if I don't have all of the information?!
Very well.
Other than Lieutenant Hutton, all of you are to leave the room!
These are pictures of Guadalcanal,
sent in by Major General Vandegrift of the 1st Marine Division.
On the night after the landing,
the marines were attacked by a mysterious enemy.
A mysterious enemy, huh?
Just prior to the attack,
they received a radio warning message that was completely untraceable.
Then this thing landed in their supply depot.
The warning message called it... the Arrow of Sagittarius.
An arrow that always hits its target. Must be a new weapons system.
But we don't have a clue as to who launched that thing.
It isn't one of ours, so it's probably Japanese.
Our intelligence boys are working to analyze it,
but haven't really come up with anything yet.
The one thing that we do know for sure,
is that this new weapons system has absolute accuracy.
The message stated they would be attacking the Marine's supply depot,
and they hit the target dead center.
That's all the information that we've received from headquarters.
So our mission is to act as a bait to try to find this ship,
and find out what it is capable of?
If the Japanese have developed this weapons systems,
then we will have to change our overall war strategy.
Are you satisfied now?
More than satisfied. You'd better...
...not tell the other squadron leaders.
I'm surprised that you came to see me wearing that snappy uniform.
Yes, if I were in street clothes, I would've been questioned.
Especially since the Kenpeitai are keeping a close eye on you.
I just know that Lieutenant Kusaka is here...
So, where is Lieutenant Kusaka?
Lieutenant Tsuda, I heard you spent time aboard the Mirai as well.
How was it?
Don't want to talk about it? Sworn to secrecy or something?
I shall repeat my question.
Where is Lieutenant Kusaka?
He's a very busy man! He left right after he got here.
Where to?
I can tell you, but on one condition.
There's someone I'd like to see.
The man who used to be the Navy Minister and Prime Minister,
who is now on reserve duty like me.
Admiral Yonai Mitsumasa?!
I don't think Admiral Yonai would agree to see you.
He's a former Naval officer, who hates the Army.
He was strongly against the war with America,
yet the Army forced him from power.
I know you were also against the war, and became sidelined as a result.
Your involvement in the Manchurian Incident that kick-started hostilities...
...is something that the Admiral cannot accept.
Kusaka learned about the outcome of this war from the Mirai,
and the development of Japan for the next 60 years into the future.
I'm sure you can understand what an impact that had on him.
I heard that you were reluctant to read about it while on the Mirai.
For a simple soldier like you,
it's only natural to have such hesitations.
But that man has seen it.
You cannot feign ignorance once you know the truth.
Do you know how much pain and anguish he is going through...
watching his beloved country hurtle towards an inevitable destruction?!
I can... understand that.
You can't change the outcome after just one meeting...
...with a military reservist like me.
However, I believe that we must take action,
not for the silly Army or Navy factions,
but for the whole of Japan.
For the two of us here, we have the power to make a difference!
If everything goes smoothly, we'll arrive in Yokosuka in three days.
But then again, do you think the American Patrols might spot us first?
Maybe a submarine, or a scout plane or something?
Mr. Katagiri,
why take pictures when we can't be certain we can go back to our time?
That's not true! To the people of this era, this ship is like a time-machine!
If my pictures get widely published, I just might get a Pulitzer Prize!
Nothing is going to shut you up.
What's gonna happen if the US Navy spots this ship?
I think we'd spot them before they see us. Don't worry.
The American radars in this time are toys compared to our Aegis system.
Before they get near us, we would have spotted them
and avoided contact.
And with our passive sonar system,
we'd hear any submarines when they are miles away.
What about scout planes?
We'd see them on radar and should be able to steer clear.
But they'll still see us if they happen to fly past our ship.
If that happens,
we'll just have to take them out before they can make a report.
With our Anti-Air Missiles.
Radar contact. Target, one aircraft.
Bearing 80 degrees.
Distance 250 miles.
It will intercept our course in 60 minutes!
Passing through the distant time
Just peacefully
Without losing your way, you walked towards me
How many times have I grasped tightly those small hands of yours?
Not being able to do anything
I kept on praying
Sorrow or agony isn't enough
That's why now as if I wanted to make up... I'm looking at you
We have no idea who the target is right now.
I don't want a repeat of what happened at Ogasawara.
With resolve and ability, anyone can push events in the desired direction.
If we want to be absolutely sure,
we should take out the carrier before they can see us!
Unlike you, our mission is not conquest and war.
Our mission is to defend the Japanese People!
An excellent ship and a brave commander.
An excellent ship and a brave commander. Next Episode: Submarine I-21
However, that will be the downfall of the Mirai... Next Episode: Submarine I-21
This story is purely fiction. The names of the characters and organizations that appear, have no connection with actual people and organizations.