Training - Invade London

Uploaded by wheezywaiter on 27.07.2012

How to make soluble coffee. Mmm. So solued.
That is not a soluble spoon. Wheezy Waiter
Waiting for the train to go by. Hey beardlovers. It feels good to pretend
to have just arrived in London just now even though I've been here for a few days.
Man, or woman, traveling's so weird. Your sleep schedule gets way off and in addition
I can't sleep on planes at all so when I first arrive somewhere everything just feels like
a weird dream. Gah! Monster.
I guess I was dreaming. I'm glad I'm awake now. Waah! Monster.
Ah, this is one of those dreams where I'm not wearing pants. Ow. Augh! I guess I'm not
wearing pants in real life. Awesome! I've heard that it's supposed to be the wettest
year ever in London but I think what they meant to say is that it's the wettest day
ever on my face. So, to summarize my journey so far, flashback.
On our way to London, we met up with New York in Dan Brown. I mean, Dan Brown in New York.
Then I did a live show with Team Super Jackal Hawk Tiger Explosion member Beth Hoyt from
MyDamnChannel where we threw Jonas Brothers dolls into a whale filled with shaving cream.
Yeah, no further explanation needed. Then we arrived in London.
We took a tour of the new YouTube Creators space that just launched. They have editing
suites, a main stage area, a NASA-like control room.
A green screen room. Also a blue screen room. An outer space room. A prehistoric room. A
giant hamburger room. A groom room. The Room room. Gold dubloon room. And a room coming
soon. But the best thing was the frickin' space-age
coffee maker. Just press a button and the coffee is done instantly. I love it when the
coffee's done! Oh god! I just noticed the big button on the
right. Censor it! Quick! Phew. I hope that didn't cause lasting psychological trauma
for you. Then Chyna and I went to the London Bridge
for some sightseeing. The London Bridge. It's beautiful. Beautiful
view. Hey, I wonder if we can cross over here. Let's go check it out.
Nope, can't cross there. Thanks, Pedestrian Clone.
I've also been looking for my whale while I've been here. No luck so far. I've been
using the sleep method. That's when you go to sleep and you dream about finding the whale.
Or whatever you happen to dream about. I think tomorrow I'll try the search method.
Where you're actually searching for a whale. While in London I've noticed how ridiculously
convenient the train system is. We've been taking it everywhere.
I've been riding the train so much it's like nothing. It's like drinking water.
Speaking of, I have to go to the bathroom and that train should be arriving right about
now. Please mind the gap between the train and
the platform. Wheezy Waiter
So if you've spotted the whale, please let me know. Take a picture. Draw a picture. Put
it on my Facebook page. On my Google Plus page. Just think about it real hard and send
it to me telepathically. Or don't let me know and be a jerk.
Also, as promised, there has been an overhaul of the Wheezy Wardrobe. There's a new design.
A beardy design with words and stuff. It looks awesome! You can click there to go to the
Wheezy store. And now here's the rest of Team Super Jackal
Hawk Tiger Explosion. It's time for Team Super Jackal Hawk Tiger