Another Theo van Gogh by Muslims _ Say NO this time

Uploaded by MrMagedramy on 18.08.2012

Here it's the thing that we should blame
Here's the Book of God
This is the real catasrophe that struck us
Since we brought the Book of God up,I actually don't remember what today marks in the month
of Ramadan
They say (followers): You promised us that you'd tear up the Koran on the 27th night
of Ramadan
As if tearing up the Koran is a big deal or heroic feat
Why do you guys consider it a big issue?!
It's supposed that it's treated like nothing and not worthy of our attention
The reason I recorded the video before. those motherfuckers; Al huwainy's bitch & all of
these scums who are with him thought that they could get to me
I just wanted to prove to them that they're nobody
Actually, I totally forgot about that matter and people here lately made a big deal out
of it
They demanded that I keep my promise and tear the Koran up
I really don't know what's the date today in Ramadan and I don't wanna know
The whole matter of tearing up the Koran should be taken for granted
What's with all the buzz about tearing up the Koran?!
What the fuck is the Koran?
They (Angry Muslims) said that I tore the Koran up
I will tear it up a millon times
Here it's the fucking Koran
In the trash
Why you making a big deal out of tearing up the Koran?!!
Here you go
Who cares about tearing it up?
So we're making a big deal of it
we're done now? Everybody is happy now?
They say that I backed off & chickened out
Me scared?!! Fuck You
Who the fuck dare to shake a hair strand in my head?
Anyway, stop blaming Hamas, Gaza or shit
This motherfucker book that's lying on the floor on which I'm stepping now
is the source of all evil
it's the real catastrophe and
It should not be news to anyone
It's the one which hatched Shukri Mustafa, Abbud al-Zumar, and the Blind Sheikh
What's new?!! What you were expecting?
Till we get rid of this filth
We would be hostages for this vicious cycle forever
we wouldn't have peace of mind
Till we get rid of it