Blender 2.5 Basic tutorial, The Mug

Uploaded by chchvideo on 05.05.2010

In This viewfinder video tutorial where going to cover the basics of blender by modelling a coffee mug.
For a more in-depth version of this tutorial see issue 4 off the new Zealand viewfinder magazine
Stat by changing to orthographic view with key pad 5
then side view with keypad 3
press x to Delete the default cube
Left Click in centre of the screen to position the 3d cursor
Press shift A and then Add a circle
Change the number of vertices down to 20
Because your looking at the circle from its side all you'll see is a line
to look change to top view with Keypad 7
press Tab to change to edit mode
then keypad 3 to return to side view.
Roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in then drag the screen down with the centre mouse button
Press A then A again
Press E to extrude move the mouse up,
Press Z to lock to the z axis
Press Ctrl r then roll the mouse wheel up 4 clicks
Press A to Deselect all
Hit B for Box select and select the bottom vertices
Hit E to Extrude, then Esc then tilt the object forward using the center mouse button.
Hit Alt M and choose "at centre" from the popup.
Press A to deselect all
Box select the top vertices
Hit E then Z and move the mouse up a little
Press S to scale up a small about
Then hit E then Z and extrude the same amount again
Hit E then esc
Then tilt the cup forward with the center mouse button
Hit S then .9
Change back to side view with Keypad 3
Hit E then Z and drag down to almost the bottom of the mug.
Then hit E Esc then alt M and choose at center
Press these buttons to limit selection to visible and change to face select mode.
Hold shift and click on these 2 faces
Change to front view keypad1
Hit E to extrude and type .3
Then extrude again this time .2
Tip the view up and select this face,
Extrude and pull it down about half way
Hit X and choose faces from the pop up
Then select this face also and delete it
This will make the handle more seamless
Change back to front view and vertex selection and turn off the limit selection
Hit A then A again
Then box select the bottom of the extrude part of the handle
Drag this section down till it sits on top of the vertices below
Box select these 8 vertices.
Click on remove doubles then change the merge limit to around .07
Hit a to select all and click on recalculate under normals on the tool shelf.
Tab back into object mode
Click on the spanner and then on add modifier,
Choose subdivision surface from the menu and change view to 2
Then click on smooth under shading on the tool shelf
Tab back into edit mode and turn on the selection limiter
add a ring cut in the section just under the lip and drag it up into the lip, this will make the lip mode defined,
add another ring cut in the bottom section then drag it down almost to the bottom
add one more inside and drag it down into the bottom
Turn off the selection limiter again this will save a mistake later
The mug is done,
Lets add colour
Click on this button then click on the white box in the defuse section, choose a nice colour,
Then increase the hardness up to around 500 in the specular section
It best to save before the next stage press Ctrl S or choose save from the menu
enter a name and click on "save blend file"
Hit F12 to render your mug,
It's a little small click on the camera icon and increase the resolution to around 60%
Scroll down and deselect shadows also,
Hit f12 again
It's looking nicer but needs more light.
Zoom out and select one of the lamps,
Hit Shift D to copy it and place it there Shift D and place another one there
Change back to side view , you might have to drag them up a little also
Hit F12 again,
Much better.
Lets animate it
Press I and choose rotation from the popup
Click on frame 25 then hit R, Z, 90 this will rotate the cup 90 degrees
Hit I and choose rotation from the popup again
Do the same for frames 50, 75 and 100
Hit play and your mug will now rotate through 360 degrees once.
To make this repeat change to the animation layout at the top of the screen
Under the f-curve editor. Click the down arrow next action and pick The Z axes.
While in the graph window hit Ctrl Shift M and choose cycles from the popup
If you zoom out the graph you'll now see zigzags,
Hit shift T and choose linear for the popup, this will smooth out the rotation,
Change back to the default view,
As a finishing touch lets make the handle look more realistic
Tab into edit mode Switch to side view keypad 3
Box select this section and drag it up
Hit A Then Box select this section and drag it down,
Round off the corners by Box selecting then grabbing the vertices and moving them in.
Add a loop cut here and pull the section out a wee bit.
And were done.
Lets render our animation
Click on the camera and scroll the bar down
Change the file type to quicktime and give the file a location and name
Scroll back up change the Resolution to 100%
Then hit animation
This will render you animation frame by frame, this will take quite some time,
And here are the results.
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