The Church VS The Synagogue

Uploaded by zionget on 01.03.2012

The “mystery” of the Orthodox Church suggests that Her essence is “hidden”—I speak
as a former Jew—from the eyes of the earthly-minded Jewish observer. For although the Synagogue
is exalted by Jewry, nevertheless it is bereft of its sacramental Old Testament priesthood,
never to return again. This is in spite of Jewry’s plans to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem
where the Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque now stands. [Clip: “There’s news coming out of Israel,
there’s a rumor that construction is going to begin on the third holy temple in Jerusalem
on March 16th. The fact is, construction can begin on the holy temple right now. This has
been the goal of the Temple Institute for twenty three years now and the record of our
accomplishments speak for itself.”] This is a worthless, not to mention, dangerous
endeavor, for the genealogies of the Levitical priesthood were destroyed by Herod prior to
70 AD. Thus, NO Jew can prove he’s a “Kohan,” that is, a priest, a descendant of the tribe
of Levi. In contrast, the Orthodox Church possesses the apostolic priesthood derived
from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Who, as predicted by the prophet David, was a “priest
after the order of Melchizedek,” which supersedes the now defunct Levitical priesthood. “You’re
house is left unto you desolate!” declared the Lord Jesus Christ to the Jewish rulers
upon their rejecting Him as the Jewish Messiah. And this desolation continues to the present
day and hour. For no prophet, no priest, no seer who can look into the future has appeared
in the Synagogue for over 2000 years. Not so, the Orthodox Church, which has always
produced clairvoyant prophets and elders, most recently, Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain,
and many others, who are still living today. Now the Jews make much ado over Moses Maimonides
of the 12th Century, the most revered of all the Jewish Rabbis. But a close scrutiny of
his writings reveals a crass bigot of the Jewish Supremacist mold. Calling for the extermination
of “infidels,” specifically the “pupils of Jesus,” in his Maimonides Code, and that
blacks are only “one level higher than monkeys” in his Guide To The Perplexed, Hebrew version,
testifies to his bigotry and his Jewish condescension. But the Orthodox Church, made up of all nations,
showing respect for ethnic differences, defines Herself as “catholic,” that is, “universal.”
The Synagogue, however, is racially exclusive – a closed system. For believe me…for
I grew up as a Jew…Gentile converts are looked upon as second class citizens. They
simply don’t have the right blood. Perhaps Sammy Davis Jr, who converted to Judaism when
I was a child, is an exception due to his “star” status. But behind closed doors
I heard the Bnai Brith leaders of my Synagogue mock him, calling him a converted “Schwartza.”
He just wasn’t one of us. He didn’t have the right blood. But right or wrong blood,
all that the Synagogue has to offer is a bunch of busy-body rules and regulations that can’t
change the inner man. And that’s what the Orthodox Church is all about. Through the
Church’s mysteries: Baptism, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Mystery of Confession,
and most of all, Partaking of the Divinity of Christ through Holy Communion, the worshipper
experiences an “inner transformation.” And that, my friends, whether you’re Jewish,
Muslim, or even Christian, is what TRUE religion is really all about!