Photo Crafts : Photo Flower Pot:L Ribbon on the Bottom

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

Ok. Now we're going to start accessorizing our pot. We have our moss, we have our photo
flower and we have finished covering our top rim with our ribbon. And what I like to do
is repeat the same process on the bottom with the same piece of ribbon. And it's just going
to be another form of decoration. So, what we're going to do is, we're going to take
our glue gun again, and just anywhere, make a nice even line, down to the bottom of the
pot. And you're going to take the edge of your ribbon and just hold that on there nice
and tight for a few seconds. Allow that to get good and dry, and then you can fold your
ribbon back, and we're just going to start making a line around the base of our pot,
just a little bit at a time. And you're going to smooth your ribbon onto there. And we're
going to continue the process all the way around. Now, when you get to the end, if you
have excess ribbon, it's not a problem. You just cut off the excess, and then you're just
going to seal that side down with some extra glue. So once we get all the way around here
and we're back to our edge, after you've done that, you can just take your scissors and
cut your ribbon at a diagonal shape because you don't want it to fray. And then you just
glue that same edge back down and nobody will ever see it.