Marlee Matlin Visits the KTLA Morning News to Talk "Switched At Birth" and "Celebrity Apprentice"

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>> SAM: Were just grossing each other out uh because its on Marlee Matlin so much but
rather the evil jack who is telling particularly distasteful stories as he often does
>> JESSICA: He didn't sign that part
>> SAM: Right, Marlee before we talk about Switched at Birth and how well you did in
Celebrity Apprentice, tell us some secrets about Jack
>> MARLEE: There are so many secrets, how much time do you have?
>> SAM: How is the love life going for Jack?
>> MARLEE: Love life for Jack, what love life?
>> JACK: No I don't have one
>> MARLEE: He works so hard for me
>> JACK:  That's what I do 24/7 is I work for her
>> JESSICA: Even after Celebrity Apprentice Jack, I could imagine
>> JACK: Celebrity Apprentice all I have is stalkers in my showers, that's all I have
>> MARLEE: And I am not one of them
>> SAM: Here is the incredible thing about Celebrity Apprentice for you Marlee, you raised
the most money that any celebrity ever did in one single show
>> MARLEE: One million dollars, one night, one million and I could've raised a lot more
if only I had a little bit more time but it doesn't stop there. We continue to raise money,
in fact last week we had a gala in Minnesota for the Starkey Hearing Foundation and we
raised $7.2 million in one night.
>> JESSICA: WOW! That's alot!
>> MARLEE: $7.2 Million in one night. So if you imagine if I had done that on the show
what would have happened?
>> MEGAN: I was so impressed by your ability to stay above it all because we all watch
these shows and you think if we were in this we could just stay above it all..all the stuff
that happened.
>> MARLEE: It was probably for two reasons, One because I am a mom of four, so I know
what it is like to deal with a bunch of kids I know how to keep it all together; and then
two, I know how to prioritize and I am deaf so I don't have to be hearing all of that
stuff going around.
>> JESSICA: I always surprised that Jack didn't just start yelling at the contestants
>> MARLEE: Jack was the octopus, they paid him very well in order for him to sign for
everybody in the set, but at first it was like who is talking and then he would say
"like she is or he is or she is" and then I learned eventually to recognize the voices
through Jack and the way he would sign for them and then he got really fast. But he really
had to focus 200% the whole time and in that case it was daunting but I learned a lot and
it was a good experience. I am glad that I did the show.
>> SAM: Can Jack sign "Crazy"?
>> MARLEE: Close enough
>> JACK: The challenge is to sign for one of Neenee's rants
>> JACK: When she would call LaToya, Marlee was looking at me saying "She can't be saying
that" and I said "I'm not making it up"
>> MARLEE: I would say "No that's BS he is not saying that"
>> SAM: Here let’s talk about Switched at Birth, thanks to Marlee just joining the show
its up for 22 episodes...What do you do in the show?
  >> MARLEE: Well I play the character of Emmett’s
mom and he is one of the deaf characters on the show and I am also a part time basketball
coach at the school, substitute and I am a guidance counselor at the high school, but
it’s really a fun show to be a part of, there is such a talented cast, the crew is
great they are all hard working people. Everybody the producers the writers, everybody has learned
sign language; it’s a great show to be a part of. It’s something different because
there is a great balance of deaf characters and hearing characters and ABC Family has
done a great job of closed captioning everything including the promos, everything that is on
the internet. Whatever that is out there is closed captioned that’s the first time a
show has ever done this. The last movie I did that had signing characters, refused to
subtitle it. ABC Family on the other hand has subtitled characters like they did on
shows like Lost or Heroes and its great that they use ASL and they treat it like a foreign
language and it has been fantastic.  
>> SAM: Let me  
>> MARLEE: All in all I am having a blast  
>> SAM: Let me very quickly show you a clip of Marlee Martlin on Switched at Birth.
  >> MARLEE: And, who are you, besides the pass
>> D.W MOFFETT: I am a friend of Daphne’s mom, they are staying with us.
>> MARLEE: You are a friend of Virginia’s, I have never seen you around.
  >> D.W MOFFETT: Oh, we just recently reconnected
  >> MARLEE: And they are staying with you?
  >> D.W MOFFETT: Yeah, we have a guest house…I
should’s late..I should probably get going. It was nice to meet you.
  >> MARLEE: I can’t let her leave with just
>> SAM: Oh! Alright, when does romance happen for Marlee on the show?
  >> MARLEE: Well, I don’t know. You have
to see so stay tunned I guess.  
>> SAM: Brand new Switched at Birth airs tonight on ABC Family, it does so at 9pm. Jack and
Marlee, thank you both so much!  
>> JACK: Thank you so much.