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On February 24 1979, I was working as a Car valet at the world famous Limelight disco
in Hollywood Florida. That day the cast from Happy Days was in town for a charity baseball
game. We got word that after the game some of the cast members might show up at the disco.
And sure enough a limousine pulled up and out stepped Tom Bosley and Donny Most. Later
on when Tom was getting ready to leave, he came out and started to walking towards the
parking lot. A few days earlier I had watched the latest episode of Happy Days where Fonzie
got blown up. I went up to Tom and asked him what was gonna happen to Fonzie. As we started
walking back he put his arm around my shoulder and he said "Well, you're just gonna have
to watch next week." I have to tell ya, that may not mean much but at that moment, I really
felt like I was Richie Cunningham. To me it was a very special moment that I'll never
forget. Tom was such a nice guy. He's gonna be missed. Here's to you Mr. C.
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