Preventing Needlesticks: Activate and Dispose

Uploaded by WorkSafeBC on 29.08.2011

I’m just starting school.
I just finished my residency.
I love my job.
I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years.
I don’t even know how it happened.
I knew right away.
It was just so stupid.
I shouldn’t have been so careless.
I’m so scared.
I can’t sleep.
I never thought it would happen to me.
The doctors tell me I have to wait.
I can’t even breathe.
Everything’s changed.
They keep running more tests.
It’s affected my sex life.
I don’t feel sick.
I love my family.
I can’t even concentrate.
I still can’t believe this has happened.
It was my fault.
It all happened so fast.
It was just once.
Just once.
Once. Once. Once. Once.
That’s all it took.
Needlestick injuries are the number one cause of exposure to HIV
and Hepatitis C among health care workers.
It only takes a second.
Always activate and dispose.