My NCBI Home Page

Uploaded by NCBINLM on 22.02.2011

This video gives a quick tour of the new My NCBI web pages and functions.
You’ll see that individual functions now have their own windows.
These windows can be repositioned as you like, by clicking and dragging in the title bar of the window.

You can also minimize windows by clicking on the triangle symbol in the upper right corner.
And remove them by clicking on the “X”.

You can choose which windows to display, and get a summary of the window functions,
by following the “Customize this page” link.

For example, if you want to add the “Recent Activity” window back to your page,

check the box and click Done.
These settings are remembered for the next time you sign in, but, of course, you can change them as often as you like.

Let’s take a look at this link,
NCBI Site Preferences.
Global My NCBI properties are found under “Common Preferences.”
For example you can turn on highlighting of search terms in your search results.

Below this, you can view and change preferences for individual NCBI databases.

I’ll go back to the My NCBI home page by clicking on the My NCBI link at the top right of the page,

or you could also click on the My NCBI logo itself.
You see an icon that looks like a gear.
In the Saved Searches window, as an example, use the gear icon to change settings for that particular search,

including changes to your e-mail alert schedule.
Use the Manage Saved Searches page to perform bulk actions,

such as deleting
or checking for new results for multiple saved searches at once.
And if you get the urge to perform a new search, you don’t have to leave this My NCBI home page,

simply use the Search NCBI Databases window.
Finally, don’t forget the last link up here near the top of the page.
The Help link takes you to the My NCBI Help book on NCBI’s Bookshelf.

That’s a quick tour of the My NCBI home page.
See future My NCBI and other NCBI videos
on the NCBINLM YouTube channel.