Hodgkin's Lymphoma Symptoms, Medical Oncologist Explains

Uploaded by bestdoctorstv on 05.11.2012

Dr. David S. Hanson>>> Oftentimes patients are concerned that they may be exhibiting
symptoms of Hodgkin’s disease or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These symptoms are highly variable.
For example, there are patients who will come to medical attention by a swelling gland.
They will think that there is possibly an infection or some innocuous reason for that
swelling. Their physician will examine them, find that they have an abnormal gland or lymph
node and recommend biopsy.
This can be a very frightening experience because a patient will go from having a simple
swelling gland to being diagnosed with cancer. The bottom-line is that if you have such a
swelling lymph node, it needs to be evaluated by a doctor and finally the majority of patients
do not have lymphoma or cancer.
There are patients, however, that will have symptoms of their Hodgkin’s disease or lymphoma
that come on as a part of their illness and those may be unexplained fevers, sweating
at night, unexplained weight loss or even itching.
So, when patients have a constellation of concerning symptoms, oftentimes associated
with a swelling gland or lymph node, a rapid evaluation with the physician is required.