Rothballer - All in One Reference Project

Uploaded by MSIeurope on 12.12.2011

In this movie we went to Bavaria, to be exact, we are in Weiden, Oberpfalz.
In the hometown of composer Max Reger we are going to meet Jörg Rothballer, who is a master of shoemaking.
Even if he is closely linked to tradition and original handcraft, there is still room for creativity and the latest technology.
What is meant here exactly? Jörg Rothballer will explain to us.
My name is Jörg Rothballer, I am originally an orthopedics shoemaker master and we have started developing software 15 years ago as a hobby.
We've established ourselves in the orthopedics industry for the administration and documentation of footprints.
Coming from this area we have founded a company 15 years ago and developed a foot scanner,
This is the basis of our business model and which has positioned us in the market of foot measurement.
In the second step we are now working together with MSI. We have developed terminals for shoe stores, which makes it very easy to take a footprint.
Rothballer is leading the market with 4500 installed systems in the area of orthopedic foot measurement systems and this is also due to the All-in-One TouchPCs of MSI.
Here we can see one of these terminals in action. A precise measurement of the feet becomes child’s play and furthermore it looks very stylish.
But of course there are more advantages. Jörg Rothballer explains.
The greatest advantage, however is, that the TouchPCs can be integrated ideally to our terminals. The systems are completely configured in house.
The biggest advantage for our customers is, that they only need to connect one device. For this reason we decided to use the compact design of the MSI TouchPC.
Monitor and PC are combined in one housing and unnecessary wires are avoided. We have been developing these orthopedic terminals for 15 years now.
The decision to switch to the TouchPCs was a big step. Because of the simplicity of these devices, the support effort and costs were reduced around a maximum.
Traditional handcraft combined with innovative technology, this is how we can describe the MSI TouchPC in this case.
Here the story ends, so let’s say goodbye to Jörg Rothballer and we also say "servus" bavaria.