[ENG SUB] MBLAQ Sesame Player Ep 8 Part 3 (3/3)

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Good luck! Hwaiting!
Step Pon: Yang Chopin’s recital
The nickname you guys created for me, Yang Chopin.
I’ll show you Chopin
Yang Leader has become Yang Chopin!
Just by sitting in front of the piano he turns 180 degrees!
All Korea is addict to Yang Chopin
I’m not Chopin
What is that he doesn’t know how to do?
Kyah~ Cool~ He’s cool~
The girls are suicidal now!
The moves with Yang Chopin’s hands
Mozart and the song I used to play for you “Malhal soo obneun bimil(The secret that cannot be told)”
Since it’s a familiar song, its coolness is more noticeable when he plays.
Melts~ I’m melting~
What is this? How can he play so well?!
“Yang Chopin’s recital” is over!!!
Step pon(mobile): We are the Chopin brothers
He’s envious of Seungho’s abilities
Yang Chopin comes in~
Play piano with Cheondoong
I can’t play with the right hand
Have Seungho and DungDung joined forces?
Kyah~ How beautiful ~
He wanted to improve the atmosphere…
How can you make a mistake? We were doing so well!
My hand isn’t moving!
Well, try to move it, then!
Ah now I’m hooked (?)
It was turning really good
From now on, Seungho and Cheondoong’s alliance will being~
It looks like a movie~
I don’t want to do it (I’m not doing it)
Dung begins to play with Hyung
I know how to play that~
Ahh! This music is…?
The memory game, Super Mario’s principal song!
It looks like I have to eat a mushroom…
Yang Leader, the conversion song!!!
The opening song of “60”
If it matches with their memories, they’re happy~
Listening to the piano’s rhythm, Cheondoong dances~
How nice are the Chopin brothers
MBLAQ words that can only be known from the bathroom
Today, Cheondoong is the MC
First of all, I’m thinking of annoying the members softly (slowly?)
I’m curious as to who’s going to be the first
Who will be the first guest?
The true (real) man, Yang Leader!
Seungho hyung? Today, we’ll talk about the think that annoy us.
Lately, you’ve been really tired, right?
Which was the hardest performance for you?
On stage I had my zipper open!
When we were performing Oh Yeah and I was wearing gloves.
If I wouldn’t have put the glove, then I could’ve pulled the zipper up.
Even if I tried to hide behind a member or just turn around…
Show us again!
Being excited one more time~
I don’t see it.
I could’ve done it that way, show us with the mirror’s reflection.
You can see it
Aegyo (?) scream caused by embarrassment!
To do that I had to do THREE spins…
Just to zip it.
You bet he couldn’t do it
But the glove was so big, I couldn’t.
I couldn’t grab the thing
Who’s the member who annoys you the most?
Who annoys me? I don’t think there is…
Ah really?
Yeah… so it is you who annoy us?
Of course
Mir and I are your principal victims.
Everything is a way to express my love~
Our maknaes are so cute, I can’t leave them alone even if it’s for a second.
With love, I’ll give you five bombs.
The smelly interview is developing~
One bomb explodes~
Do you have a past picture who gives you stress?
I think I do.
When we were in the ‘Oh Yeah’ times and I did those pirouettes
Yang Leader showed us a great performance
They took me a photo of my face right when I was in the middle of the air
This is the photo’s problem
You’re ducking your head because you’re tired?
You think the members can cheer you up?
Is there a member who doesn’t cheer you up?
Lee Joon!
Joon makes you tired? He doesn’t cheer you up?
He’s always sleeping
Doesn’t he have interesting in the rest (of the members)?
He doesn’t.
That’s why, lately, in Sesame Player, we pick on him (and hit him)
Me too, actually.
Their games always have punishments. He always loses in front of the other members!!
All that just so he can have interest in the rest?
Is Sesame Player included in the things that make you tired?
I have fun!
What is SP to you?
You have three seconds or else everything is a lie
You’re thinking that you’re tired, aren’t you?
It is tiring!
I’ve (slightly) made it ~
Who is the second guess?
Is there any performance that has been hard to you?
When we were promoting Oh Yeah, I almost get the swine flu.
But, in that time, people didn’t know that I had that illness.
I was dying of pain, and I tried to hold it inside, but I passed out on stage.
If I think about it, I get tired now too.
Thinking that a person can get sick like that…
What was today’s hardest (most difficult) moment?
Right now
What am I doing with that smell?
Ah, the hardest moment was when they hit my forehead.
Why does that always happen?
How was your mood when you got hit?
Program or not, I wanted to go home!
What do you think when the day is over and you go to sleep?
I think
What kind of thoughts?
After I grow up (?) I think about the things I would like to do with the person I love.
What do you mean?
Go shopping! Eat! While I think about it, since I don’t know who’s going to be that person, I’m curious to know who she is going to be.
Joon sends his dreamed (?) girl a message
When I grow up, let’s get married, and with my wife, I want to go shopping, and when we get to the tasting parade (???), we’ll eat together.
We’ll also ride our bikes, and after leaving the things at home… Let’s eat together~
How do you change when you’re pissed?
I’ve never been pissed.
Your ‘babo’ image in every program…
Your character in real life is really different.
I never get mad
That’s getting mad!!
I don’t get mad
You have
*Denies again*
Yes, you have!
Three bombs, please.
Try it, try to put 100 in here
Well then, one hundred!!!
How would it smell if we put 100?
How do you relax after getting mad?
Me, is that… that’s my problem. I don’t have any way to relax when I’m mad.
That’s why I’m always tired
If I have any reason to be mad, I can’t sleep and I start to torture myself inside.
What is that?
Since you’re already filming your spray CF…
So those bombs won’t make any difference?
How can they leave this here? Aren’t I smart?!
Production Team: Is not that we wanted to leave it there…
It’s fun
Who’s the member who looks more tired lately?
Mir (Cheolyong!)
He couldn’t be with us and because of that, he surely wants to do them, but because he is in a difficult situation, he can’t.
The people who are around him are sad, and seeing that he’s tired… well, he doesn’t show it, but he might be feeling like that.
Cheolyong~ Until now, in SP, I’ve talked a lot about you, that’s why all of that is erased.
Now, I’ll tell you… Let’s be good friends!
Which past photo tires you the most?
Is that everything is Bang Cheolyong’s fault!
That’s why you two aren’t good friends?
Where is he right now? He was the one to spread my photos on the internet!
100% agreed.
We’re showing it to prove it
It’s in his cyworld
If he wants to die, then let him die. Why does he put photos of someone else?
You’re dead, Cheolyong!
I remember everything now, I can’t hold it anymore.
Lee Joon and Mir: Project to become friends, FAIL!!
What kind of photo was it?
You know, the ones I took before, like the debut CF I had…
Kimchi CF!!!
Don’t say it! They’ll search for it!
Look at Joon’s CF
If we do that same situation…
You eat the delicious Kimchi, and dance because you’re happy?
That’s the Kimchi Dance!
Everyone, you’re watching Joon’s performance
If I think that it’ll turn well?
Is it one of the things that make you tired?
Last guest, ‘Hairy’(?) G.O
Lately, who’s the member that looks more tired?
I always see Seungho tired, his eyes are like a tree’s shadow, and he kind of looks tired.
And when he really is tired, he looks like if they had hit him.
Who the member who cheers me up when I’m truly tired?
Everyone cheers me up!
Just by looking at them, they cheer me up and it always helps me know who is next to me.
Instead of looking for someone who can cheer me up, everyone, to me, do.
That’s why they all cheer me up
But, why is the bathroom strangely clean?
I’ll give you some.
As celebration, we’ll give you a present.
I forgot about the bombs…
Not so long ago, you revealed a photo when you were a kid.
When he didn’t have hair
Is it tiring for you when a photo of your past is revealed without you knowing?
No is tiring at all, but because I couldn’t hide it for so long…
I felt really bad for my past.
Which photo do you find tiring?
When I took that photo in high school, I was feeling really nervous.
And it was so quick, I went to the hairdresser to fix my hair, and before they took the photo, I started to sweat and I put my bangs aside, and in the picture my hairstyle looked like Seolundo Sunbaenim…
Bangs like 9:1
And even my mother got shocked after looking at it.
Is SP included in the things that make you tired?
No, I don’t get tired; it’s fun.
Do you want me to give you one last present?
Also making their hyungs uncomfortable, the smelly interview of Cheondoong has ended!