Conan O'Brien's Favorite YouTube Videos

Uploaded by FiveYear on 14.05.2010

Conan O'Brien: Hey, there, YouTube. This is Conan O'Brien,
wishing you a happy 5th anniversary.
I'm really excited
'cause I've been asked to pick five of my favorite YouTube video clips from over the years.
At least, the ones where no one got killed,
'cause they-they said, "That wasn't cool."
But sometimes when those guys wipe out, it's really funny.
I'm sorry,
and my deepest sympathies to the family.
Uh, I just want to say,
I'm happy to do this.
I hope you like these videos.
If you're like me America,
you spend an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube,
and it's probably why our country's economy is in the toilet.
Nobody actually makes anything anymore.
We're all watching monkeys in propeller hats flush themselves down a toilet.
And that's why India is kicking our ass,
and China and pretty much everyone else.
Switzerland kicking our ass.
Guam way ahead of us higher GNP than we have.
But that's not the point,
you should enjoy these videos,
have a good time,
and I'm just thrilled to be doing this.
Am I getting paid?
I'm getting 'eck nothing?
Nothing? Getting nothing.
I'd have liked to seen some scratch,
but, uh,
Because that's not the point of the Internet.
It's not to make money.
It's for someone you've never met whose a nerd,
in Palo Alto to make money.
But have fun.
Enjoy these.
I'm rambling now just mad that I'm not getting paid.
And, uh,
really mad that no one has figured out way...
enjoy the videos.
'Cause they're...
I'm gonna go.