Reportagem fictícia de tráfico de drogas (Fictional story of drug trafficking)

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Drug trafficking
- Good afternoon! Today you will know a story of a young boy who, unfortunately, entered to the world of drugs, let’s know his story.
This boy was called Juninho, he was a boy of high middle class and was a boy who had many friends,
especially he had his best friend, whose name was Ricardinho, he had never used drugs so far, but in his neighborhood started to appear some drug traffickers.
- Hey! What’s up Navalha? - What’s up Maicosuel?
- Dude, how about our stuff, it arrived? - Yeah! The marijuana arrived from Colombia, it's everything here!
- And the guys to we sell our drug? - We have to find some guys, I met a new guy, let’s call him to talk!
- Sure, go there! - Ok!
- And these traffickers start to talk to Juninho and his friend.
Can I play with you guys? - Sure! - Come here, we need more people to play!
- What's up, dude! - What's up, man!
- So, the trafficker starts playing soccer with the boys, to make a friendship with them,
to then, begin to sell his drugs.
- Hey man, you're so cool! Bye, dude! - Bye, Juninho! - See you later, Ricardinho! I liked the game today!
- See you later!
- And the trafficker, after making a friendship with the boy, takes advantage that he's alone, and together with another trafficker, they begin to act.
- Hey, I scored 3 goals today! - Good man! I scored 72!
- Hey dude! What's up? - Hey! What's up? - How're you doing man? - How're you doing?
- Hey bro, look what I brought for us! - Good, do you want it, dude? - Oh, no! Are you crazy? I don't use these things!
- Come on bro! You can take it! - Are you crazy? - Come on!
- Oh, really? Can I take it? There's no problem? - Yeah, it's really good! - Yeah! Come on man, take it!
- So, it's fine? - Yeah!
- Hey bro, let's go? - Let's go!
- See you later, man! - See you later, dude! - Thank you! - Enjoy it!
- And Juninho believes in the traffickers, and starts smoking.
- Ricardinho! How're you doing? - Juninho! I'm pretty good! - What's this, man?
- Oh, this is marijuana, do you want it? - No, I don't use this, man. You have to stop using it, it's very bad for health.
- But I don't use it too, this is my first time, just for curiosity. - I will trust you, bro! Just don't use it again! - Ok! This is my first and last time!
- Ok! But never use it again, this is so bad for health! - Ok! Sit down, bro!
- But Juninho was wrong, wasn't just curiosity, now he was addicted to marijuana, and every time more he was using increasing amounts. Look now!
- Hey, look at this bazooka that I got from a guy who lives near from here! - This is not a bazooka, idiot, this is a .40 with 15 bullets.
- Ok! - Look, that boy is coming here!
- And Juninho was addicted, and the traffickers taking advantage of this moment, take advantage to sell to him another kind of drug.
- What's up, dude? - How're you doing, Maicosuel? - I'm doing great! - Hey Navalha, what's up?
- Using lot of drugs? - Yeah, that marijuana is so good! - What? Did you finish all the marijuana? - Yeah!
- But I brought the money to buy more, what you have for me? - So, we got a new thing here, do you want it?
- I do, what is it? - Pick it up, this is really good! - What's this? - This is ''coca'', bro!
- Oh, really? - Yeah, this is amazing! - Good, man!
- Ok, so here's the money, ok dude?
- What's up, Ricardinho? - Hey Juninho, you started using marijuana and now you're going to a worse thing?
- Hey man, just a little powder. Use here, dude! - No! I told you these things are bad! - Come on, man! Use it! - Hey, if you don't stop it, you won't be my friend anymore!
- Fuc# you man! Go away! - Hey, who warns is a friend, I'm telling you man, these things are hurting you!
- Fuc# you!
- And Juninho, because of his addiction, fights with your best friend!
- What's up, guys! - Are you crazy? - You didn't pay us! - Man, I want more that thing, it's so good!
- No, you don't want more! You have to pay us, go to the wall! - I will pay! Stop it! I will pay, man! - Shut up!
- Stop it! I will pay! - Son of a bitc#! - You will not pay! - I will pay!
- And to pay for the excess of drugs, he begins to pick up objects from home.
- What's up Navalha! - What's up, man! - What's up Maicosuel! - What's up, dude!
- What's that, there's a guy dead there, haven't you seen that? - This son of a bitc# didn't pay us for 2 weeks! - And this is what will happen to you if you don't pay us!
- But I brought my laptop here to pay you! - Do you think this laptop pays everything? - But this laptop is really good! - This laptop doesn't pay even the beginning! You have to pay me later!
- But the laptop is so good! - Go back and bring my money! - Go away!
- Son of a bitc#, he thinks only this can pay everything! - Yeah, hey, let's go! - Let's go!
- And after selling all his expensive items, Juninho searches a new way to get money.
- Shit man! I've sold everything I had, I think I'll have to begin to steal to start paying those guys.
- Hey, I guess my father has a gun here! Oh, I found it!
- Hey Mohamed, put more here, fucking Arab! - More?
- You lost, dude! You lost! You lost! - Where's the money? Where's the money? Where's the money? - We don't have money! - You’re lying!
- Where's the money? Where's the money? - Calm down! Calm down! - Hurry up! Don't make me kill you!
- Shit man, I arranged only this money here!
- Hey, I'm sorry about that day, let's go with me to see my friends! - Ok, but you'll quit that drugs, right? - Yeah, I'm not using drugs anymore!
- And Juninho apologizes to his friend and invites him to go to a false friend.
- Hey, I'll just go to see my friends, wait for me here, ok! - Ok, go there! - Ok!
- What's up Maicosuel! What's up Navalha! - What's up! - You know that money that I had to give to you, I have some here, look if it's ok!
- Only this? - Are you crazy, son of a bitc#?
- What is this? - Are you kidding me? - This money here isn't fine? - Look, this guy thinks that only this money can pay everything!
- Don't move, don't move! - What's up, man? - Look, you're asking for trouble, you won't leave here alive! - Shut up, stay quiet!
- Stay quiet, don't move, don't move! Let's go, let's go!
- What's this? Are you crazy, are you crazy? - Let's go! - Are you crazy, are you crazy? - The son of a bitc# killed him!
- And Juninho lets his friend die, and after that, Juninho starts to think about your life, and sees that he's lost everything, and ends up happening this. Look now.
- Shit man, I had everything, health, family, home, I lost everything, I let my friend die, I should be dead, not him.
- You know what? Fuc# off!
Reporter - Juninho
Drugged – Ricardinho
Drugged - Waiter Arabic – Ricardinho
Maicosuel (trafficker)
Customer – Maicosuel (trafficker)
Navalha (trafficker)
Mohamed (Waiter Arabic) - Navalha (trafficker)
The End