How to have the best style / Como tener el mejor estilo

Uploaded by matricida01 on 29.04.2012

My name is 3Pac and with my homies ESPN and AT & T, in addition of Matamiradas (kill-looks)
we will show you how to have the best style of the neighborhood!
The first thing you need to do is to learn how to fight
Try it with the most susceptible people, like that one
(Justin Bieber’s Samurai Fan)
OOOOH, NO NO, not like that! Go over there Mata
One Direction is better, dude!
Now that you know how to fight, you need to know how to assault
Try it with dogs, that´s easier.
Give me all your dog food!
We know how to fight, you know how to assault
The only thing that´s left is learning how to dance
Wow! Those guys really know how to move!
WOH, WOH, WOH, those were real dance steps!
but there is still one more important thing so you can have the best style on the block:
I don’t want cheating and fighting, or jokes of your mommy...
…That’s too easy!
I was at home and wanted cereal
there was no Cheerios, so I served some Lucky Charms
That will be difficult to overcome, but, give it with all Mata!
Wh wh when I left the bathroom, I put deodorant on me!
One, two, three for me and all my friends here!
WOW, that was great! Wasn't it, homies?
but, I have bad news…
We have reached to the end of our show today
I am 3PAC, I say goodbye and see you later
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