Mahabharat - Episode 45

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Draupadi was unaware of how...
...her irresponsible laughter...
...was going to affect India..
...its History, Present and future
But now, she has already laughed
Just like an arrow cannot be recalled..
...after it has left the bow..
...Draupadi cannot recall her laughter
Yudhishtir is perturbed by this laughter
If you are unhappy about everyone returning...
...let's got to Hastinapur
I can almost meet Mother Gandhari
There us no question of separating from them
Then what's the problem?
When Duryodhan fell into the pool...
...did you not laugh and say :
A blind man's son is blind
Yes, I did
having said it, I realized that...
...I should not have said it
Duryodhan is your younger brother
Besides, I aIso insuIted elder Father
I am willing to accept my punishment
There can be no punishment
You have to perform penance
Duryodhan was our guest...
...and a guest is akin to God
I have accepted my mistake
I know you have accepted your mistake
But my problem is :
Will that end the problem?
Is your acceptance the solution to the problem?
You have pricked Duryodhan's ego
He must be hurt
Duryodhan is among those
...we easily forget what they have done unto others..
...but never forget what others do to them
Your one laugh may prove fatal..
...For both Indraprashtha and Hastinapur
Words are invaluable
Speak them if you must
Weigh them carefully
Before you speak them out
Hail O King
Come Vidur, Sit
As you wish, O King
Why are you worried?
Duryodhan has insisted that...
...the Pandavas be invited here
That should be no cause for worry
Why do you always talk so sharply?
That is the only way I know how to talk
Only those who have a vested interest...
...hide the sharpness of their talk
My only vested interest is Hastinapur's progress
...and the enhancement of the Kuru Honor
Why should I hide the sharpness of my tongue?
You are always ready with answers
If you have a ready answer, you should give it
Time is valuable
So, tell me your problem at once and...
...allow me to serve you
What eIse does Duryodhan desire?
He wants to play dice with Yudhishthir
I don't think that is right, my king
Because dice blunts the intelligence of the player
he is compelled to play on after losing... regain what he has lost
He does not know when to stop...
..because he hopes to go on winning...
Both violate the very code of Dice
Besides, brothers should never play Dice
But, what is your wish
I wish that... go to Indraprashtha as my representative
...and invite Yudhishthir... play Dice
If you have decided... write the last chapter of Kuru History
...then I will...
...go to Indraprashtha with your invitation
Return with good news
As you wish!
Is everything okay with you?
How did you know...
...that I would need your help now?
I was sitting alone...
..when I thought I saw mother...
...telling me to go to you
I came here and found you had gone to Dhritarashtra
I never feIt so helpless... I feel today
What did brother-in-law say?
How many times have I told you to call him 'king'
He is your brother-in-law call him that
You have not answered the question
What did Dhritarashtra say?
The king has ordered me to go to Indraprashtha... his representative and invite...
...Hastinapur's disaster
Is this another of Shakuni's games?
This is his last game...
...and I have no solution
There is no solution in sight
I cannot stop a warrior from...
...accepting and invitation to play Dice
There are days of changing Ethics
Like persons, even Ethics have an age
I have understood this today
Does an oath have an age, Vidur?
It has, Grandsire
The age of an oath is...
...the age of the oath-taker
I have sworn to defend Hastinapur
No, Grandsire
You had aIso sworn that... would see your father's image in...
...whoever sits on the throne
Yes, I had sworn that
But you have not sworn any oath
take Dhritarashtra's message to Yudhishthir...
...and tell him...No, order him...
...not to accept the invitation
I am Hastinapur's representative
I cannot violate the limits of a representative
It is Hastinapur's tragedy that...
...its well wishers...
...lovers and worshippers...
...are either bound by some restraint...
...or are helpless
I don't know who will help this nation its moment of need
No I know why mother sent me to you
Probably she wanted me to see... even a good man like you can become helpless
Looks like we cannot...
...prevent whatever is fated to happen
My tragedy is that in case of war...
...I will have to stand next to Shakuni
O God!
Is this humiliation...
...aIso written in my Fate?
Today you have seen...
...the most ancient and magnificent tree fall
It has devastated my heart
Krishna, too, is caught in war...
...or could I have told Him
Hastinapur's Prime Minister Vidur is here
My respects, Uncle
You should not bow to a mere representative
You are not a mere representative
why eIse would I stop you?
You are a representative to the king
For me, your are my uncle
I will definitely bow to you...
...and ask for your blessings
My blessings
May you have sons
Please be seated Uncle
Please sit
Now tell me, Uncle
Why did you call yourseIf a representative?
Hastinapur and Indraprashtha.....
...are independent nations
I am Hastinapur's Prime Minister
How's everyone there?
That is a relative question
By itseIf it has no meaning
Everything depends on the circumstances
Everyone there is fine and yet...
...not quite all right
Don't my brothers listen to you?
You should not ask a representative such questions
Since you have already asked it... is my duty to answer you
HeaIth-wise, everyone is all right
The king's love is like a blessing to me
The Princes do not oppose me...
...and I obey the king
They have sent me to ask about your weIfare...
...and invite you to Hastinapur... play Dice...
...with Crown Prince Duryodhan
Who eIse could know better than you...
...that Dice is destructive
Dice is a weapon which even separated brothers
Even when you have come here...
Dice is the root of all Evil, my queen
Did you tell Father this?
Your Father is himseIf an intelligent man
Dice is the root of all Evil...
...but a friendly game of Dice... not gambling
I have to aIso prove to Uncle Shakuni...
...that I did not win in Indraprashtha by chance
I won because I am a good player
There are no good players in Dice
The dice dominates everything
Uncle is right
Uncle is always right
However, as a warrior I cannot refuse...
...a challenge to wage war or play Dice
Please tell Father that...
...we will honor his invitation
Draupadi can once again see Hastinapur
But, my lord...
I cannot hurt Duryodhan by refusing
If he wants to play Dice...
...I'll come to Hastinapur to play Dice
O my little army
After this I'll never again ask for a favor
I'll free you from my hands for ever
This is the end of my revenge
The destruction of the Pandavas begins now
O my army
Help me win this game. Just one more time
What are you doing Uncle?
I am encouraging my army
My victory depends on them
Doesn't everything depend on luck?
Only losers say that
An expert player knows how the dice will fall
He knows how to block his opponent at every turn
Besides, on plays to win
Remember Duryodhan
Only the ends are important...
...not the means
Justice and injustice are meaningless words
Did the Indian tradition do justice to your father?
Even Bhishma watched the injustice silently
This time Bhishma quietly sided with the Pandavas
Thus you lost haIf your...
...ancestral kingdom...
...just like sunlight vanishing at twilight
Vidur, too, plays a good game of Ethics...
...But I'll plays a better game
There are my dice
Keep them carefully
These are your victory dice
When the game begins...
...hand them to me...
...and ask me to play on your behaIf...
...and use these dice... that no one can blame me of treachery
I don't understand
Vidur will not allow me to play with my dice
But you need not worry
You need not spend...
...sleepless nights any more
So, go and sleep peacefully
Now, the Pandavas and their supporters
...will spend sleepless nights
Emperor Yudhishthir
Treachery is it's own God
Treachery is its own sin
Fear worships itseIf
Fear fears itseIf
They agreed to come and you returned?
don't you know that Dice is war not play for Shakuni?
He wishes to win this war
Duryodhan will play
Yes, Duryodhan will play but...
...Shakuni will throw the dice
Put an end to your 'buts'
Kings wage war but the armies battle it out
So, do not make the mistake of raising this question
Agreed you were the king's representative
Agreed you could not cross your limits
You should know that... are not only the Prime Minister...
...but aIso their Uncle
As one loyal to Hastinapur...
...should you not have warned Yudhishthir?
Whom are you loyal to? Hastinapur? Dhritarasthtra?
It is not loyaIty
I even accepted the partition...
...hoping it would end tension in the family
I allowed injustice to the Pandavas because...
...I knew Dhritarashtra had only one dream:
That Duryodhan should reign after him
But Duryodhan has become ambitious and...
...wants to grab Indraprashtha
Did you not see at the ritual that Duryodhan's...
...heart was afire?
I saw that
For the first time you have disappointed me
I no longer have the strength to bear...
...Hastinapur's curse
Whoever wins the game of Dice...
...Hastinapur will be the loser
my respects
My blessings
Please sit, Grandsire
The days to sit are over my dear
My entire body is aching with disappointment
Where is my resting place?
I do not know what to do?
You are Hastinapur's queen
Please help the nation
You have to merely order
If I could, would I not order Dhritarashtra?
I can only request that you help...
...Hastinapur, the Kurus and Dhritarashtra
Ask Duryodhan... withdraw the invitation to play Dice
If this game takes place...
...neither you nor I will be left...
...with anything
I tried to tell my lord...
...but no one listens to me nowadays
I am myseIf frightened
I cannot do anything...
...except pray to God
Both my lord and Duryodhan...
...have reached the peak of their ambition
Even I cannot reach that height
Nor can my voice
You are the elder of this family
If you order...
...they cannot refuse to listen
When the shadows begin to lengthen... is time for the Sun to set
I fear the moment when...
...Dhritarasthra will pay obeisance...
...and my hands...
...will hesitate... bless him
Please sit, Grandsire
You must be tired standing
Life itseIf has tired me
I do not wish to see what I am fated to see
Your sons and Kunti's sons are both dear to me
I do not wish to side with any one of them
I wish the status quo to continue
That's why I agreed to the Partition
I only hope that Fate... not lost in the labyrinth of Action
Do not be sad, Grandsire
I will pray that...
...Yudhishthir wins the game of Dice
If Duryodhan's victory means Hastinapur's loss...
...I do not wish him to win
Duryodhan is my eldest son...
..but no son.. more valuable than the nation
If you order me...
...I'll even curse Duryodhan
No, my dear
Save your curses
Who knows when you will need them
A mother should always bless her offspring
So, bless Duryodhan with understanding
Welcome to Hastinapur
Greetings to all of you
It seems as if I have returned home...
...after a very long time
This house, too, is yours
Thank God it is not a house of wax
Should I call you Crown Prince or Duryodhan?
Let bygones be bygones
I am ashamed of the incident
We would have died
Then I would have committed suicide
You did not commit suicide in so many years
You took advantage and became Crown Prince
What are you talking?
Such talk between brothers is not good
Don't mind, Duryodhan. They are still immature
All this only means that my brothers...
..are still angry with me
If that was the case, why would we have come?
Your lover has already won my heart
Allow me to serve you
why not? come
Serve them well, Dushasan
There was a fire in the heart...
...and sweet words on the lips
To cheat then in play was the game
Evil was at the root of treachery
Congratulations, Karna
For what, Uncle?
Emperor Yudhishtir, his brothers...
...and Draupadi are here to lose everything
I have no interest in Dice, Uncle
I am not a gambler
I would rather lose in war...
...than win in gambling
Learn to share your friend's joy
I do not want to win for myseIf
I want to win for your friend Duryodhan
I want to be known as as warrior
Not as a gambler
Are you ever happy, Karna?
Where's Duryodhan?
We are the only outsiders
The rest are in Dhritarashtra's room
The queen is waiting for you
Pay my respects to Mother
Tell her I am in seclusion
I'll meet her after my ritual bath
As you wish
Crown Prince Duryodhan, Prince Dushasan...
...Emperor Yudhishthir...
...Bhim, Arjun...
...Nakul and Sahadev are on the way
Come brothers, Mother is waiting
The Pandavas are here
Our respects, Father Mother
May you live long
I did not hear Draupadi's footsteps
She will come three days later
Yes, Father
Today, I am willing to trade my life...
...for one moment... which I can see...
...all of you together
I wish to see you smiling
the entire Kuru clan is here today and...
...talking sweetly to me another
Why do you call yourseIf sightless, Father?
You have a hundred and five pairs of eyes
We are your eyes
See the world through our eyes
May you live long Arjun
India will always look upon you with pride
Today your elder Father congratulates you
Tomorrow King Dhritarashtra...
...will congratulate you
Hail Emperor Yudhishthir
Accept the salutations of your sons, my king
I bless my emperor-son...
...with success and a long life
Come son, sit next to me
As you wish
Come o king
My respects Blessings
All of you sit down
I thank God...
...for allowing me to witness this day
What can be a greater blessing for me...
...that I can welcome Emperor Yudhishthir... the city of his ancestors
Like my own eyes...
...Hastinapur is weeping with joy and happiness
I wish all of you...
...will join me when I say:
Long live Emperor Yudhishthir
God willing...
...your name will always be respected in India
God willing your reign will ensure...
...the progress of Religion, Justice and Prosperity
To this day, I could lay no claim to greatness
Today, I can claim with pride...
...that I am Emperor Yudhishthir's Father
A clan in which...
...elders are known by the deeds of youngsters... indeed respected
I bless you on behaIf of India...
...and greet you on behaIf of Hastinapur
Now, let us all go to ...
...the Recreation Palace...
...where Duryodhan will play Dice...
...with his elder brother Yudhishthir