Crackòvia - Guardiola communicates with his players [English subs]

Uploaded by karasumacrow on 10.03.2011

'Camp Nou, this morning'
Didn't you complain that we never talk? Communicate.
Bloody hell, Coach speaks so well that he's like a philosopher!
Boys, I've been thinking and maybe Mino Raiola's right, I have to talk more with you.
But I don't have very much time, so I've made some super personalized tapes.
A casette tape. Wow, we don't even have these in Fuentealbilla.
Listen to them and then tell me "what."
You're the most important on the team 'Carles Puyol,'
I remember when you came from 'La Pobla de Segur'
It's been a long time since then and if you train hard,
you'll be able to score more goals like the one in 'Stamford Bridge.'
And you'll be the favorite son of 'La Pobla de S . . . Fuentealbilla'
And that's why I'm telling you 'Carles Puyol' that I will never leave you alone.
Coach, coach!
We'll never let you down! You're so good. And you look so good.
Okay, okay, I've already told you all I needed to . . .
Well, I'm going since I have two announcements to record.
Well, I have to say it. He told me that I'm the most important player.
He also told me that and that I have the best hair.
He told me that, too. Maybe he gave the same tape to everyone, putting in everyone's names.
It can't be!
It did seem strange when the tape told me that I transmit enthusiasm to everyone else.
But Coach wouldn't do something like this
Let's prove it, he also made a tape for Queca(Puyol's sheep).
I know you're the only one who can understand me, Queca.
You also have to put up with the craziness of these spoiled children,
help me to have the patience to put up with them.