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Hey there.
I'm Mia, and I'm your host for this week's Glee recap.
This week was finally the much anticipated Whitney episode.
It was absolutely fantastic, the dance numbers, the
lighting, the choreography, the character development-- it
was just insane.
I enjoyed it so much.
In the very first scene, it with Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt,
and Santana.
And they covered the Whitney Houston song, "How Will I
Know." It was fantastic.
The harmonizing--
I was crying, it was beautiful.
And they looked gorgeous.
They had on long gowns, and Kurt looked very
dapper in his tux.
So a little on into the episode, Kurt walks into a
music store and actually meets this guy named Chandler,
future New Yorker.
He's going to be going to school there.
And they kind of hit It off, which is weird because Kurt
and Blaine are kind of a thing right now.
So I bet a ton fans weren't very happy about that.
I know I wasn't.
And I don't think Blaine would be too happy about it either.
Spoiler alert, he isn't.
Later on in the episode, he finds out.
He sees the text because they have been texting.
And he's not too happy about that.
But in the end, they work things out.
And it was cute showing bumps in the road, but it shows that
those two can get through anything together.
I loved Brittany and Santana's "Wanna Dance
With Somebody" rendition.
They did a great dance number together.
They had all these crazy lights and the dancers in the
I was getting into it.
And then at the end, it had glitter, so that was
automatically a great scene.
Joe and Quinn are also kind of a thing now--
a lot of love connections going on.
They did a cute duet to "Saving All My Love For You,"
and that also had fantastic harmonies.
I'm kind of rooting for them right now.
They're really cute.
He really cares a lot about her.
Santana and Rachel are becoming friends.
They did a duet to "So Emotional."
I literally cried when Kurt and his father were talking
about college.
It was so sad.
He was like, nothing's gonna be the same.
I'm going to miss you.
And then Kurt goes on to sing "I Have Nothing," which is my
favorite Whitney Houston song.
And I was dying when he sang it.
It was so pretty.
It wasn't the powerhouse version, but it
was very soft, high--
just very Kurt.
And I loved it.
It was beautiful.
The finale was cute with everyone.
And it wrapped up very well.
When you have a big star like this, a music icon, and you
have all these legendary songs, it's really hard to
live up to.
But Glee hit it right on point.
It was great.
I wasn't even disappointed in any way, which was shocking
because I thought I would be.
But I loved it.
I hope you guys liked it.
Comment, comment, comment.
Tell me what you think.
And I hope you liked the recap.
I'll see you guys next week.