Scrapbooking Tutorial #20: Easy 5 Minute Graduation Card

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 31.05.2011

It's Jennifer from Pages for the Ages.
It's that time of year again when
high schoolers and college students are walking down the asile
for their commencement ceremonies.
This year I'll be celebrating the graduation of one of my family members.
Join me after the break and I'll show you
how to make an easy congratulations card
which works well for any graduate.
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Scrapbooking is the best way
to capture memories and
make them last a lifetime
But how do you get started without spending a fortune?
Pages for the Ages is here to help you out!
Making homemade cards is a great way to celebrate any occasion.
Creating the card yourself not only saves you money,
but also gives you the opportunity to
create a unique and personalized card for your friend or family member.
Now, I certainly haven't had as much
card making experience as other YouTubers out there.
Nevertheless, I'd like to show you
a very simple graduation card design
that I came up with on my own.
Here are the supplies that you'll need for this project.
The card we'll be making today
works well for either a high school or college graduate.
It's completely gender neutral and
the great thing is you don't need a lot of craft supplies to get started
and it only takes about 5 to 8 minutes to do.
So, very quick and easy.
My philosophy with card making is,
keep it simple.
Let's me realistic for a moment.
My audience here is an 18 year old boy and
chances are, no matter how much time and effort I put
into this handmade card,
he's not going to hang on to it for the rest of his life.
For the card I have a short,
little poem that I wrote myself.
You're free to use it.
All you need to do is type it up into a Word document.
And, the poem that I wrote goes like this:
"Four years ago, a Freshman. Today, a graduate.
Congrats on getting your diploma,
You certainly have earned it."
So, very simple, to the point, and um,
can be inserted into any type of graduate card.
Now I'm going to bring you in a little closer
so we can get started on making this card.
For the card that we'll be making,
you'll need four different types of paper
and this is the paper that I'm going to be using for my card,
but you can really vary it,
depending on if you want to use the graduation colors...uh...
the school that your student goes to - that would be great.
I'm just going with traditional black and white.
Two of the pieces of paper need to be cardstock and
then the other two can just be patterned paper,
but the base definitely needs to be
some sort of heavy duty cardstock and
for that I'll using the eggshell white.
My black is also cardstock
and then I have a black and white,
nice accenting type of paper
and then, this hat's off, festive graduation paper that I
found at my local scrapbooking store.
To get started, the first thing that you need is an envelope.
I don't know about you, but I just have tons of
envelopes sitting around my house.
I picked out this plain, white one.
The first thing you need to do is
measure it to determine the width and length
and that, of course, will determine
the size of the base of your card.
So, I've already measured mine.
It's slightly over 15.5 cm by 11.5 cm.
I'm probably going to make my card
and even 15 by 11 centimeters.
So, I'm going to do that quickly
and I'll be back to you in a minute.
I created my base and I've double checked, which is
always good to do! Double check that it actually fits
inside your envelope. Mine fits perfectly.
That's going to work great.
The next thing that I'm going to do
is to use my black paper to add a black rectangle down here
followed by a couple accent pieces.
Then, I'm going to use the leftover white scrap
to create a round, medallion.
Pay attention as I do that and then we'll move on.
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You can see I've made some good progress.
I put my graduate's name on this medallion which I
also dotted with an acid free marker.
You could do this a lot of different ways.
You could do some variations if you have a white pen.
You could just do it on the black,
just having your graduate's name on the front.
The next thing I'm going to do is
put two stickers on the front. I picked out these
3D stickers. I think they're from the brand Jolee's and
I found them at the Dollar Store.
so, not very expensive at all.
Because the graduation cap is black
and I don't want that to disappear on the background,
I created another medallion which I'm going to place there
before I put the sticker on top.
So, let's add that to our card!
Okay. So, very simple.
The front of the card is done.
Now we just have to do the inside part.
For the inside portion, I am going to be adding
another black layer and then...
at the top I'm going to put this festive, graduate paper.
So, let me add that quickly
and I'll be back in a minute.
we are nearly finished!
The last thing that we have to do is add our poem.
I've chosen two different sizes here.
If you want something that's a little bit smaller,
you can go with size 16 font.
Um, I think I'm gonna try to fill most of the space so
I'm just going to go ahead with the 18 font.
Cut that out and paste it down!
(Guitar funk music)
Thanks for joining me for
my first card making tutorial!
"Hats off" to all of our Seniors this year.
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