Superstar (6/10) Movie CLIP - Mary's Busting Out (1999) HD

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The video store where I work got spike lee movies.
Ah, yes. You're the, uh-- you're the rewind girl at kip's video.
Yes, I am. Well, mary, let's pretend that your life's a movie, shall we ?
We rewind it. It ends.
You're dead. How was it ?
My feelings would best be expressed in a monologue...
From the made-for-tv movie portrait of a teenage centerfold,
Starring miss lori singer from footloose.
If you must.
It excites me, daddy.
Don't you see ?
I like it when the men look at me.
You try to keep me trapped here in this small town...
Like a little animal.
But I am bustin' out, daddy.
I'm gonna see the world, and the world is gonna see me.
They're gonna see all of me, daddy.
- All of me ! - Mary-- - all of me !
Mary, stop that ! Stop that now ! Look ! Look !
What are you doing with my grandchild ?
Nothing ! We were--
[ clears throat ] mrs. Gallagher,
I called you here today to discuss your granddaughter's problem.
Now, upon reflection, I think a combination of prayer and ritalin...
Could eliminate her excess energy.
How dare you. My mary has no problem.
My granddaughter is a star.
What ? Look at that face.
She looks like a young elizabeth taylor.
You may call her hyperactive.
But if the good lord gave her excess energy,
Then, by god, no one's taking it from her.
If you don't appreciate that,
Maybe the problem is not my granddaughter.
Maybe the problem is this school.
- I'm taking her home. - Mrs. Gallagher !
Good day to you, sir. Mary !
Mrs. Gallagher, listen to reason. Ay !
[ mary ] I couldn't believe my grandmother told father ritley I was a star.
She'd never said that before.
She'd also never run over a priest before.