Bookmark sync for Google Chrome

Uploaded by googlechrome on 02.11.2009


Hi, my name is Anthony, and I work on Google Chrome.
Like many of you, I have two computers, one at home
and a laptop at work.
It used to be difficult for me to keep the same set of
bookmarks on both machines, but not anymore.
Google Chrome bookmark sync makes it easy to keep
the same bookmarks on multiple computers.
Let me start by setting it up on my home computer.
I click the wrench menu, select Synchronize Bookmarks, and sign
in with my Google account.
All my bookmarks will be uploaded to my Google account.
Next, let me switch to my work computer and do the same thing.
I click the wrench menu, select Synchronize Bookmarks,
and enter my Google account information.
I already have some different bookmarks on this computer,
so it offers to merge them.
I click OK, and they're all there on my bookmarks bar.
The best thing about this feature is that all changes
are instantaneous.
Let's say I bookmark dog parks near where I live.
It's here in my bookmarks bar, and the next instant it shows
up on my home computer.
It's almost like magic.
Give it a try and let us know what you think.