Manual Skate Competition - Red Bull Manny Mania 2012 Brazil

Uploaded by redbull on 30.07.2012

Red Bull Manny Mania is the biggest amateur championship of the world. We chose skaters from 5 different cities.
Out of 200 skaters, we picked the 10 best for the finals here in Belo Horizonte.
The evaluation criteria for this event is creativity and difficulty of tricks combined with manuals.
A manual is to ride only with 2 wheels, front or back, without touching the tail or nose, only using your balance.
The guys run so well. We try to train a bit of everything. Some consistency of tricks. I also have to work on my manual.
I always ride manuals. I thought, lets try going there and see what happens.
I'm not from Minas, but I felt very comfortable at the qualifying round.
I'll be training at every place with a manual pad. I feel comfortable, and I plan on representing Brazil.