Macario (1960) [MultiSub]

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The "Day of the Dead" is celebrated in Mexico in a unique way, because Mexicans have a strange deeply-rooted understanding of death.
They make toys in the shape of skeletons, bread in the shape of cadavers and skulls
of sugar and chocolate. On this day they place "offerings" of flowers and food in their homes
for their family and relatives to eat and drink. This Cult of the Dead...
dates back 8000 years to the indigenous peoples of Mexico, but during the 16th and 17th centuries
their customs and beliefs were mixed with those
of Christianity, so nowadays, their rites and practices are a combination of both cultures. 8
Who is that candle for?
It's for your godmother Rosa.
May she rest in peace.
She was always very good to us.
And you're not going to light a candle for papa?
No, my child.
Your father is alive, thank God.
The candles are only for the dead.
At Mr. Narciso's house they're setting up a large offering...
As usual...
They're so pretentious, even with the dead.
We aren't.
This is what we eat and this is what our dead eat.
You're back already, Macario?
Yes, I'm back.
Here take these flowers to your wife, for your offering. 26 00:03:34,681 --> 00:03:36,171 Thank you.
- Have a nice day. - Have a nice day, Macario.
Papa is coming!
What did you bring to us?
Later, later.
I brought nice things.
Children, what are you doing?
Papa! Papa!
- Give me one, give me one. - Easy, easy...
I brought lots of things for everybody.
The baby first.
There you are.
Me, me.
- A little bird. - It's so nice!
- Is it to eat? - Not at all.
Look, it's so nice.
Our Father, who art in heaven, we thank you...
...for our food today. May we have it tomorrow.
In the name of the Father...
...and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
I have finished, mom.
That's not true. His mouth is still full!
I want more.
- I want more. - So do l.
Can I have more? - Me too.
- Give me more. - Please give some more?
Eh, look! come here, it's so beautiful!
What a lot of food!
The dead are going to eat all of that?
If I die, can I come to eat here?
No, only the rich dead people eat here.
Our dead eat from our offerings.
Then, I'd better not come.
Mom, can we go and look at the stands?
Yes my children, you can go, but behave.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Mom, if they don't behave, shall I hit them?
No, don't do that.
Good morning Chona.
Good morning. It's 3 reals.
And why is it so much?
They sent me many lace shirts from Mr. Ramiro. I charge more for those.
You always find a way to overcharge.
I'll see what Doña Eulalia says.
Hey, tell her not to forget my holiday tip.
Doña Eulalia was saying a moment ago that the dead shouldn't be a pretext for asking for money.
I'll ask her anyway.
- Good morning. - How is it going Macario? Come in. The boss is here.
How are you doing Macario? Wait a second.
Because today the dead are giving us a lot of work.
So many candles, eh?
As you can see, they're not enough for today.
The dead are more than what I have here.
Aren't you going to buy yours?
They're cheaper for you.
No, thank you.
That's not good, Macario.
You've got to have more consideration for the dead,
because we spend more time dead than alive.
Anyway, in this life, we are all born to die.
What do we earn here?
Some pleasure, and sometimes, not even that.
Lots of work...
lots of sufferings.
When we're born, we're carrying our death hidden in the liver...
...or in the stomach...
...or here... the heart, that one day will beat no more.
It can also be outside...
...sitting under a tree...
...that hasn't grown yet...
...but that will fall on you when you're old.
When we're born, we're carrying our death hidden in the liver...
...or in the stomach...
...or here, in the heart...
...that one day will beat no more.
It can also be outside...
...sitting under a tree...
...that hasn't grown yet...
...but that will fall on you when you're old.
Papa, look at my skull.
Papa, I want one too.
Can you buy me that big one?
I want one too, Papa.
I want many!
I will buy them for you.
They gave me my holiday tip.
Wait for me at the cloister. I'm going to deliver the firewood to the bakery.
I prefer a sweet roll.
- I want this one. - This one is better.
- You want too many things. - I prefer this one.
Choose whatever you want.
- Good morning. - How's it going Macario?
Excuse me Señor Alfredo...'s very late and I haven't got my bread yet!
My poor dead relatives have been waiting since very early this morning.
It's delayed, please excuse us.
But we have a very special order from Don Ramiro.
From Don Ramiro...who else could it be?
He's got his own oven, so he has tasty home bread.
But his oven has fallen apart he brought six turkeys to be cooked.
He has important guests.
So my bread will never be ready!
It'll be ready later. You have my word.
What do you think of our turkeys, my friend?
Our? Are they yours too?
You'll see...
...those of us who work for Don Ramiro, eat the same food as him.
We have very important guests today.
Do you know who is coming?
The Canon Don Cristino Alatriste.
Who is he?
You don't know him? That's outrageous!
Be careful, you're going to spill the sauce.
Put it back in!
Are going to give us the wood for free today?
What happens to him? He didn't even ask for his holiday tip.
Be careful!
Be very careful not to drop them or you'll have to pay for them.
Don't finish them. Leave me one. Leave one for me!
What's wrong Macario?
Nothing. Go back to sleep.
Macario, aren't you going to eat anything?
The children have already eaten yours.
But I saved a little when I noticed you weren't having lunch.
If you don't go, they'll eat that as well.
Let them eat it!
Aren't you hungry?
I haven't felt anything else but hunger my whole life.
Like you. Like my children.
I have never thought of anything else but eating.
We've been starving all of our lives.
You saw those turkeys yesterday.
I'm not going to slowly starve to death any more.
I'm going to die once and for all.
I will never eat again until I can
eat a whole turkey all by myself,
without sharing it with anyone.
Without having to put up with hunger so that the others can eat.
Even though the others
are my own children.
I want to eat by myself.
All for me...
All of it, and if not, I will never eat again.
I want to be full...
not hungry...
with the taste of turkey in my mouth.
not wanting to eat another piece.
Give the kids what you saved for me,
because I'm never going to eat again.
Here, Macario.
Come on Macario, take it.
Give it to the children.
- Me first. - Me!
Give it to the youngest one first.
You wait here.
Hasn't Chona explained to you how I like the skirts done?
Look at this! this is impossible!
I ran out of starch,
and at the moment I have no money to buy any more.
Don't expect me to pay for them like this.
Take them with you and bring them back as they should be.
Mariquita, the last one...
...will go and see...
...if they live or die, to run away!
She's dead!
Mariquita, the last one...
...will go and see...
...if they live or die, to run away!
He's warm.
You turn around, and run this way...
...and you see Milano eating parsley...
...he's not here, he's in his place...
...the rose is coming up and the carnation is fading away...
She's dead!
You said you wanted one just for yourself.
I understand, Macario.
I have also wanted something only for myself
that I didn't want to share with anyone.
Not even with you.
But leave quickly.
Because if the children see it, they will ask for some, won't they?
Come on...
Come on, Macario...
Take it away with you now.
Hey friend...
the turkey you're about to eat looks so good.
Are you going to invite me to have a little bit?
I'm not your friend.
And I'm not going to share any of it with you.
Hey my friend...
that animal looks so tasty...
Let's make a deal.
If you give me one leg of that turkey, nothing else...
I'll give you my silver spurs.
Why would I want spurs?
I don't even have a horse.
I can give you some other thing...
Do you see the buttons on my trousers?
They are made of gold.
If you give me a slice of the breast...
just a small slice of the breast...
I'll give you these coins.
And what am I going to do with them?
If I went to exchange them, they'd think me a thief and cut off my hand.
A person like me doesn't pay with gold coins.
Go away, leave me alone!
Well Macario, I'll give you a much better deal.
If you give me a wing...
just a single wing...
I'll give you this whole forest.
All these trees will be yours.
What do you say?
What good would it do me if I were the owner?
Just as I do now, I'd have to cut, carry and sell the wood.
Besides, you cannot give me this forest, because it's not yours.
It belongs to God, our Lord.
Sir, can you spare me something?
You, sir
you want a piece?...
Just a small piece.
That is if you would give it to me.
Why, sir?
You're not interested in this little piece.
You're interested in a gesture of good will...
a good deed...
You know that I have never wanted anything only for myself in my whole life.
So, this desire...
for you it's a dead animal.
It's just an excuse for me to be good.
But for me, it's everything.
All the hunger of my life.
All that I have given. All that I have never received.
Forgive me.
I know that you can forgive me if you want.
I don't want to share it with you. I don't want to.
But if you really want a little piece...
Friend, all that turkey is just for you?
I'm very hungry.
I've been hungry for quite a long time.
It's been thousands of years since I last ate.
Can you share a little bit with me?
I knew that this couldn't be true.
It was too much to ask.
I'm going to share it with you.
I'm going to cut it in half.
Pick the one that you prefer.
Thank you very much.
Some water?
No, thanks.
Very tasty!
I can affirm that your wife is an excellent cook.
Would you mind if we chatted for a while?
I speak to men so rarely.
We meet for an instant and there's really nothing to say nor time to say it in.
can I ask you something?
Why did you share with me?
Because you were very hungry.
It was quite clear.
Hungrier than I have ever been.
And that's why you shared with me?
Well, yes.
Mainly because of that.
And the first man who asked you...
Why didn't you share with him?
With him? Of course not! He tried to trick me.
Above all, if I didn't share with my children or with my wife,
do you think that some spurs or some coins
would be worth more than the satisfaction of my family?
You know...
and the second man?
Why didn't you invite him?
He's the owner of everything that exists...
of me, of you...of everything.
He only cared about me doing a good deed.
And after sharing with him, I'd have run away full of repentance...
about not having shared with my family, and not having eaten anything myself.
And me, why did you share with me?
You said that it was mainly because of my hunger.
Or was there another reason?
The truth is...
when I saw you I thought I didn't have enough time left for even one single bite.
When you appear, you don't give any time to do anything.
Then I thought that if I gave you a half and we ate at the same time...
...while you ate, I'd eat too.
You have shared food with me,
You have kept me company...
and you have even made me laugh a little.
So I'm indebted to you and I'm going to reward you.
For your sharing with me, I am going to pay you such a high price, something you never would have dreamt.
Now empty you gourd.
Give it to me.
Macario, this water can cure any illness,
as long as I myself have no reason to object to curing the person afflicted.
I give it to you.
Believe this, that no man has ever had the power that I place in your hands.
Be careful of how you use it.
If you visit a sick man, you will always see me by his side.
When I am at the foot of his bed, give him a drop.
Just a single drop of the water I have given you.
Because that'll be enough to cure him. 339 00:36:27,285 --> 00:36:29,845 But if I'm at the head of the bed,
don't give him anything. He will die.
You don't believe me, do you?
It's all right.
Very soon I will give you...
today, you'll have the chance to believe me.
And be careful.
Don't spill a single drop, because I'll never give you any more.
And remember...
If you see me at the foot of the bed,
with a drop you'll give him health.
and if I'm at the head of the bed,
don't do anything.
That person belongs to me.
See you later, Macario.
We may not talk again, but we'll see each other often.
And remember,
use my gift wisely.
And be worthy of my friendship.
There he is!
Oh my God, he's cold. Touch him!
Please cover him!
- He's already cold. Save him please. - Oh my God.
My son...
My son.
I saw him walking straight ahead.
It looked as if someone were leading him by the hand.
And even though I shouted and ran...
His poor mother.
My son.
Talk to me my son.
Talk to me.
Talk to me. 374 00:38:31,542 --> 00:38:34,245 We ought to get vulture broth...
It's very good for things like this.
No way! That's only good for rabies.
Here comes Macario!
- Parents can predict things. - Yes, of course.
He'll only be able to close his eyes.
Yes. Oh my God.
- Papa! - Papa!
My brother fell into the well.
Get out!
- I told you to get out! - No Macario!
Leave me alone with him!
Wait for me outside.
Please don't move.
Stay right there.
Mama, papa's back!
Are you going to serve the food?
Wait for me at the cloister. I'm going to deliver the firewood to the bakery.
So here's the wife of the healer.
They told me all about it. They told me all about it.
Just things that people make up.
Where there's smoke, there's fire...
Is it true that he only touched him in order to cure him?
There are people that have those powers. I know that.
But I have never met anyone like that.
Tell your husband to cure Doña Eulalia. She's so ill.
She doesn't yell at me or tell me off any more.
She's really sick.
I'll bring you the dirty clothes in a moment.
Macario, now we know that you have healing powers...
Tell me, is it true that you cured your son?
- Just tings that people say. - But why do they say such things?
There's all the wood.
You keep things to yourself, don't you?
Mother, if you save Eulalia...
I promise you a gold medal.
And look, well...
I promise you the medal...
and a little gold crown for your son, but a small one, eh...
But save her.
In the name of the Father...
Macario, someone's coming.
You're Macario, aren't you?
- To serve God. - You know who I am?
- You are Don Ramiro. - I'm rich, Macario. As you know.
My wife is ill. I don't believe in tall tales, but the doctor has done all that he can.
He has covered my wife with suckers...
...a hundred leeches sucked her blood, but she her condition is the same.
I have been told that you can heal, and I do not believe it.
Is it true that you can cure?
It is true that I can sometimes heal...
Come with me to see her.
If you cure her, I'll give you whatever you want.
Ok. Wait for me there.
I need for you to leave me alone with her, Don Ramiro.
It's the only way that I can do something.
I have to object as a doctor that this man has come to obstruct the work of science.
Please doctor! Come with me.
Don Ramiro!
I can cure your wife.
And how much are you going to charge me?
How much do you think her life is worth?
I'll give you...
I'll give you...
Ten ounces of gold.
That's how much you value your wife's life?
I pay only one ounce to the doctor.
But I'm going to cure her.
And how much do you want?
I want...
One hundred ounces.
One hundred ounces!
I'll give them to you.
But only when she's completely cured. Do you hear?
What time is it? 452 00:47:28,278 --> 00:47:30,508 It's... it's the middle of the night, darling.
Why are you awake?
I'm very sleepy.
You cured her!
I told you I would.
I've got to pay. Of course.
We talked about...
It was pretty expensive...
Give me ten ounces. That'll be enough.
I don't want your enmity, I want your gratitude.
Here. Here's your money.
What are you doing, my husband?
You haven't slept all night long.
I'm making some business plans. you remember who else among our friends is sick?
Besides the ones I'm going to name...
Don. Manuel Centeno de la Barrera, Don Josè Luis Torres Salazar....
...Count Francisco de Valderrama.
Our Father, who art in heaven...
thank you very much for our food today.
May we have tomorrow
the same!
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
How nice to see you. Please come in...
I hope your father is not seriously ill.
He's not my father. It's my grandfather. He feels very ill.
and you think he can be cured, of course.
You praised your doctor so much that...
Yes, but everything has its limit.
Of course, it is possible that... Well, take him out.
Thank you. Boys!
Be careful.
He took my job away and gave it to you.
How tall do you think he is?
He needs to be alone.
What are you doing here? Who are you?
Who the hell has put me in here?
Why isn't there anyone here from my household?
Where the hell is everybody?
Why are you looking at me with that stupid face?
Get out of here! Get out right now!
Ladies and gentlemen, open your eyes
and listen carefully
pain, discomfort and groans are over...
discomfort and groan....
... they come quickly in carriages...
...because everybody is in a rush...
...if they want a place to be cured by Macario... be cured by Macario.
He's cured many rich people, but at God's willing... worth nothing.... people also die, rich people also die.
The doctor and the carpenter win...
The widow cries afflicted, she's going to lose all her money...
...she 's going to lose all her money.
Macario doesn't allow it, because he's an honest man...
He gives it back to the widow, and it's well done's well done.
Look at Macario's wealth.
He has more than my boss.
Well, not that much more, but you can see the change.
How much has he paid for these?
Of course, he cures only rich people!
That's not true. Macario cures everybody.
And he charges whatever they want to pay. My grandfather had only a pig...
- and that's all he paid. - That's true...
I gave him only a dozen eggs...
I would have given him the hen, but he didn't want her.
He accepted my baby goat. I didn't have another, and he ate it in a barbecue.
But as you can see I'm good as new!
Not that new!
Thank you boys.
The one on the corner.
So this Macario cures miraculously.
He's a sorcerer, isn't he?
He's not a sorcerer.
It happens that the Blessed Virgin helps him...
She tells him how to cure.
No Virgin at all. It's the Archangel Gabriel.
You think Holy Virgin would bother to come?
That's what archangels are run her errands.
I haven't smelt incense when Macario passes by.
Rather the opposite.
And what's the smell? Sulfur?
No, he smells like a Christian, like sweat.
This is all very strange, isn't it?
- The last rites. - The extreme unction.
Who is going to die?
Those rites are for an old lady that arrived yesterday ill.
But Macario has already told her that she's a hopeless case.
So he also knows who's going to die and who isn't.
He does.
- He's very wise, isn't he? - Fortune-teller!
- Who are those men in black? - They've been sent by the Holy Office.
The Inquisition!
Mama, mama!
She's not here. Let's go!
Mama, mama....
Papa, papa!
Papa, papa...
This is real wealth.
So many things!
You've been planning well, very well...
You've got to have a stock.
It wasn't my idea. It was Macario's.
Very well done. Well done.
You never know, since God is helping him.
Yes. I hope it is God.
Of course it's God. Who else?
Mama, mama!
I'm here.
Mama, we didn't find papa or anybody. Help us find him.
Yes children. Let's go.
- I'll be back soon, Chona. - Go on, don't worry about me.
I prefer the other house because we didn't get lost there.
Where are you, my wife!
- Where is everybody? - Here.
- Why were you hiding? - We weren't hiding, we got lost.
Papa, papa!
Take this. I'm going to visit the sick.
I'm so afraid! Let's go to mama!
- I'm afraid. - We'd better go and be with mama and papa.
Let's go.
Mama, I'm so afraid!
I'm not opposed to you arresting him and taking him to the capital.
I warn you though that Macario has brought wealth and health to this town.
There will be a riot to defend him!
We can wait and ask for more forces.
How big could the riot be?
The whole town!
Even if it were the whole country, we would crush it!
Beating and killing people?
It would appear that that you are not in agreement with the Holy Office.
No, no, never...
It's only that he has only been accused, and someone who is accused can also be innocent.
That diabolical man is guilty without a doubt.
Diabolical, perhaps...
But the church has never had as many candles...
and alms as it has today.
Well, if you have to arrest him, it would be wise to do so in secret.
Take him carefully, by surprise, to avoid a bloodbath.
Wife! 602 01:02:54,137 --> 01:02:55,627 Keep this.
But keep it very safe.
What is it?
It's our health and that of our children.
Why you have you never told me who taught you how to cure?
where you got the water from, all of this.
The house and so many things.
I'm afraid, Macario.
Take care of the children...
and the house.
Everything else will be taken care of by your husband.
Why don't we go back to the other house?
Why are you doing this to us?
So you'll learn what authority is.
You two keep on searching.
Get out!
Open it!
But sir, what have we done?
You are sorcerers, blasphemers and heretics.
Open that.
But sir, why are you breaking it? Here is the key.
The law doesn't need keys. Come on, open it!
Break those bottles.
It doesn't seem sane what you're saying, Macario.
Remember that if this court finds out that you have been lying...
we can get to the truth by means of torture.
I swear sir that I have told the whole truth.
When did you start to heal the sick?
I have already said so, sir.
The first was my son...
How did you know how to cure him?
When you walk in the mountains, one learns what one least expects to learn.
If we went to the mountain with you, would we also learn to heal?
It would depend on Your Worships and not on me what you would learn, sir.
Might it not be the Devil who taught you how to heal, Macario?
No, sir, it's not the Devil.
I'd say that it was most likely God, our Lord.
And maybe even the Blessed Virgin.
And how do you know who is going to die and who isn't?
Did you learn that on the mountain too?
I'd say that I learnt that from the sick themselves.
When you practice, there's no possible mistake.
Where do you notice it? In the eyes?
In the feet and in the head, sir.
Officer! Take the prisoner out to wait!
We are going to deliberate.
If this man is a charlatan...
the punishment will only be to cut out his tongue...
and pillory him for one week.
But if he has made a pact with the devil...
them he shall be tortured and burnt at the stake.
That's why I believe it's very important to clearly define...
if he's a charlatan or a sorcerer.
To this end, there's a test that has come to my mind...
A test?
- How does it work? - It's very simple.
Some of our prisoners are ill, aren't they?
The blasphemous Jew is dying.
Well, let's put all the sick in a cell...
and we'll also put in someone who is very healthy.
A soldier or... the executioner himself.
The executioner is a fountain of health.
And this Macario should be able to tell us what is going to happen to each one.
That way we'll know if he's either a charlatan or a sorcerer.
Very good idea.
Excellent, isn't it?
We can also include the condemned man, who will be executed tomorrow.
That's true.
I entrust you to give the orders.
- Are all the sick ones here? - All of them.
Well, I have reserved these two beds.
One is for the condemned man.
Bring him here.
You are going to be on the other one.
Don't make me sleep here!
I want nothing to do with sorcerers.
Come on, don't be stupid. What can he do to you?
If I knew, I wouldn't be afraid. Please leave me to my job.
I only know how to torture and strangle people; and I do that well.
If you want, I can fill the sorcerer's ears with lead...
but I don't want to be lying here, alone with him
Stop your sobbing! Take that hood off and lie down!
Let them know that everything is ready.
I'm sweating...
and my heart is beating as if it were going to explode!
Please, don't do this to me!
Shut up and obey!
You're shaking, sweating and you're pale...
That's good. You look even sicker than the others.
Have mercy on me!
If you keep on like this, I'll give you a reason to cry.
He's asked to be alone with the sick.
It's the only way his wisdom comes out.
We'll please him. Let's leave him alone.
Not this one?
And this one who looks so sick, not him either?
Not anyone?
Anyone what?
Anyone what?
This one, yes.
Me, what? What about me?
Gentleman, I can now tell you, gentlemen.
Well Macario, we're waiting for your diagnosis.
- Let's see the surprise you have for us. - Let's see.
Everybody is going to live, except one of them.
I've already said so! A charlatan!
Of course the one who is dying will die.
Everyone will live, except that one.
See who he's chosen.
You have now lost your tongue, Macario.
We won't need to burn him.
Even the condemned man will live?
Tell the dying man to get up!
He's dead! His heart stopped beating.
This is really powerful.
I bring a pardon from His Excellency.
The condemned man will only serve a life sentence.
He's been given a pardon so he can pray from his cell...
for the health of the son of His Excellency the Viceroy...
who is very ill.
This is diabolical.
Truly diabolical!
There is no doubt that he is a sorcerer.
He knew it all accurately.
And it turns out that the dying mane was only pretending so as to avoid torture.
He was healthy.
It's strange.
It's a miracle, sir.
Miraculous, the Blessed Virgin!
I trust the power of the Holy Office.
The works of the Devil are false.
That's what they are, hoaxes.
My husband...
I'm amazed.
They have told me about a miraculous man with powers over life and dead.
You too, my wife? It's too much!
I would have believed it possible from a peasant woman, but...
Above all, I'm a mother and l see my son dying.
My lady, Viceroys cannot have anything to do with the Devil's sorcerers.
Our prestige is on the line.
I don't care about prestige!
I care about my son's life. We must bring that man.
He won't come.
Then I'll go find him in his cell with my son in my arms...
and we'll see how your prestige is endangered even more.
Oh my God!
Macario, how is it possible that you are in chains?
in this cell...
How did you manage to get in and see me?
I took what we had hidden...
and I gave to these people.
And our children?
they are at Chona's.
Do you know...?
The soldiers broke into our house...
They destroyed everything...
They spilled your medicine...
It doesn't matter any more.
Are they are going to do that to you?
Well, you see...
you mustn't believe that they are going to burn me.
That won't be true....
Nor that I'm going to be tortured.
I am sure that it won't happen...
No, Macario, no.
Macario, come with me. The Viceroy's son is very ill.
You'll have the chance to cure him.
If you cure him, you'll be very lucky.
I can see you as the court physician.
How am I going to cure him if l don't have any more medicine?
You spilled it.
If that boy could be saved...
but with what? 783 01:17:39,021 --> 01:17:41,785 You'll find a way. Follow me!
You called this "our health". I have brought it with me.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Where is the sick child, sir?
can't you hear the mother's sobbing?
Come on, get in at once!
Excuse me, sir...
I've got to see him alone.
As you wish.
But remember, you'll be pardoned if you save him.
torture and fire if he dies.
My friend...
This cannot be...
You can't take this one away...
Don't you know that I'll be tortured and burnt if you take him?
What are you doing there? Go to the other side!
I ask you for this favour remembering that turkey.
Go to the other side...
Let him live...
But you got me into this. I didn't ask for it!
I can do nothing. It's a Supreme Order.
Think about my children when they see me burning.
And think about me!
Still alive, but burning and screaming!
Let me cure him.
Please, my friend.
You have called me friend. me that you are.
Let me cure him. Let him live.
Open the door, please.
Is the boy cured?
Open the door!
Help me!
Help me!
How's it going, Macario?
You're just in time.
And as usual, I'm willing to help you.
See how mistaken you were about whom you treat to a meal.
If I had been the one you treated, none of this would have happened to you.
Come, and I'll show you how to be a big winner.
Come on, hurry up!
I've already told you that I don't want your help!
Go away, leave me alone, Enough bad things have already happened to me!
And on top of all that, now you!
Once again it's you, my Lord... 828 01:22:36,518 --> 01:22:38,418 Don't let them catch me, my Lord.
It's you who are attracting them, Macario.
Your deeds are what is following you...
Don't run any more and face them.
Think about saving that part of you which does not die. Think about yourself.
Think about your deeds.
Weigh them and judge them.
I've got to get away, my Lord. I've got to get away.
Welcome to my cavern, Macario.
Hide me. they're coming to get me.
Why did you betray me?
I have never betrayed you...
And I'm with you now more than ever.
This is a place that no man has ever seen.
And there are things here that you must learn.
Look Macario. This is mankind...
You can see lives burning quietly...
Sometimes the winds of war blow or the winds of plague...
and lives are extinguished in the thousands randomly...
High ones...
small ones...
straight ones...
twisted ones.
Now there is peace.
Look at them burning.
Each one is made of different wax.
Each one is unique.
They last according to the material which feeds the flame.
Do you see this stub of a candle?
This is the life of the Viceroy's son.
You can see it here. A life.
See how fragile it is, how precious and how brief it is.
Like a butterfly from eternity.
And it is with this that you have been playing and doing business,
never understooding the significance of the gift I gave you.
Look at this flame!
The Viceroy's son is dead now.
Why did you do that?
It was the time.
There is a supreme order. There are laws.
There are many things that you do not understand.
And what about my candle?
Tell me where it is. Let me see it.
- It's extinguishing! - Yes.
Aren't you going to do anything?
Are you going to let it go out?
There's an order, Macario.
But you can do something!
There are many candles that have gone out.
Don't let it go out.
Everything has its end and its place.
We can't do anything.
Don't touch it!
I know what you're going to do.
It's in vain, Macario. Who do you want to escape from? From me? From you?
Come back!
It's the moment of rest and judgement.
A story ends and another one begins.
When the deeds of a man finish
it's because the judgement is going to begin.
Macario, don't run anymore.
Why run?
Macario, Macario, Macario!
He never comes back this late.
Always at sunset.
He went out so happily today.
Here he is!
He's sleeping.
You were like a child.
With your whims.
I am so glad.
to have been able to give you that pleasure.
Life wasn't easy, Macario.
But it was good to have lived it together.
I'm going to make our sons be like you.
Good men.
He couldn't even finish his turkey.
The End
translated by: Juan J. Amèzaga Proper version by: