Making Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids : How to Make a Valentine's Day Key Chain for Kids

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hi my name is Courtney on behalf of Expert Village and in this clip I'm going to show
you how to make a Valentine's Day key chain. First you're going to start with card stock
or some lightweight cardboard. That way it 's more sturdy. You're going to take a heart
stencil and trace it on to the cardboard, then we're going to cut it out. Now we have
our heart cut out. Next I'm going to write a message on it, and I'm going to add a couple
of little stickers.
Now to make this more durable I'm going to cover it in contact paper. I'm going to take
one piece and lay it down, sticky side up, and I'm going to lay this on there and I'm
going to take another piece and lay it on top,
you'll want to press down right along the edges to make sure it seals. Now we're going to cut this out. Next we need to punch a hole in the top of
Now we're ready to add our key ring. Now we have our keychain.