Inside UNC Charlotte -- November 2012 -- Men's Basketball Preview

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The Charlotte 49ers men's and women's basketball teams enter the season with high
Inside UNC Charlotte's Ryan Rose sat down with head coaches and players to
preview the 2012-2013 campaign.
Hi fans, welcome to our Charlotte 49ers men's basketball preview. Ryan Rose with you and
and of course that means we've got the
head coach Alan Major back and we've got a youth movement in here today but a couple of guys have
played thirty minutes a game last year so fire tested I would say
sophomore Pierria Henry
we've got junior Demario Mayfield here with us
Coach, did you learn some things about some of these guys last year that you
didn't know it and what kind of things have you guys been has been doing in the off
season to kind of
get this thing moving towards the way you want it to go? Yeah I think
especially with these two they showed a level of toughness for really been in
their first
years of college competition, you know you've got Pierria right out of high school
and Demario's situation's unique you know a lot of people don't know
freshman year at Georgia you really didn't play a whole lot
not so much in their rotation and then he sits out a year due
to the transfer rule
they showed me a level of toughness that uh... I thought they had but they showed
more than
that and so I was really proud of these two for logging the minutes that they logged
and getting thrown into the fire right away is going to be nothing but helpful
in terms of our team when you're close like that we took a step last year and
we got better
I want to take a couple more steps but when you go through the fire like
that shows you that you're not as far away as you think you are and now this year we want to
take that next step and get over the hump
on those nights where you're right there.
Let's talk about your off seasons
and Demario we'll start with you.
What things have you done to kind of improve your game in ways that you think you may
be able to contribute to the team cause this year?
My biggest concern
that I took into the spring like after the season was working on my
free throws you know I had a bad shooting free throws last year
you know also I've been working on being more of a leader
communicating with guys a whole lot better
and I've also been working on being more of a consistent shooter
Alright, some things we will look for
from his game.
Pierria a whole lot of steals last year one of those guys and uh... as a freshman you
know dishing it out
what are some things that we may see from your game that are better from
last year?
Just decision making
making sure that my team
gets the best shot every possesion
really just
having faith in my team and being a point guard controlling
you know the offense and then on the defensive end just trying to
lead by example and
hopefully you know I believe that my team will fall in handy
they'll fight with me.
we haven't talked about Braz your thousand point scorer
along with the court who played basically thirty minutes again last year
what bright things for you guys this year perhaps yeah I think you got
these two guys you know you've got your point guard
a wing
and a big that were all heavy minute guys and so you got three experienced
guys at your three key positions you know point guard a wing guy
and then the post so
even though they've been through it and they've got experience we still
want to continue to drive them to improve.
And lastly we get to this schedule couple of new teams in the A-10
you're going to play both of them VCU and Butler
The schedule's laid out for you don't have a whole lot of time away as far as long
stretches but
boy, a challenging schedule laid out for you this year. Yeah but you know what
me, I can't wait
because this crew has put it together a lot of time from the the day our
Saint Joe's game ended we gave them a little bit of time off we got right back at it in the
the guys had a terrific summer both on the floor off the floor academically with
summer school
and so it's as you'd try to build this to where we want it it's not
just ball it's how you handle yourself both as a student
as a man and guys are starting to understand
when you do that all that's going to translate into being successful and
with a schedule like this
clearly it's the toughest one we've had in three years but
you know I want to find out
you know any team has got a competitive part to it you want to know
where you stand and the beauty of it is it's still five on five at the end of the day
so they can't play eight guys against our five
so if we play to the level that we're capable of on both sides of the ball
anything can happen with this crew I think the sky's the limit for them
and it will be so much fun to watch these guys play I can't wait I mean I know
you guys are chomping at the bit to get out on the court but
there's a rowdy crowd waiting in Halton Arena to watch you guys play it will be a
lot of fun
I appreciate your time today guys good luck this season best of health to you
guys I know it's going to be a whole lot of fun we need to get
Halton Arena rocking again
fans we'd like to thank head coach Alan Major
two of the core of this unit the 2012-2013 season Pierria Henry,
Demario Mayfield thank you you guys we really appreciate it.