Beginner Belly Dancing Lessons : Shimmies in Belly Dancing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Girls, this is Portia at We are going to introduce shimmies. A shimmy
is a vibration or a shaking of the body. Feet below hips, knees relaxed. We are going to
slowly start by moving our knees back and forth. The pelvis is released and relaxed.
Notice that your hips will start to rock as you move your knees. I want you to bring your
arms out and I want you to speed it up a little bit. Relax your hips. Relax your breath and
let your knees do the work. When you feel comfortable, you speed it all the way up for
a shimmy. Good. Bend those knees. It helps if you have a coin belt or a hip wrap to feel
and hear the movement. Shimmy. Shimmy. If you are having difficulty with the knees bent,
go ahead and slightly straighten the legs for another version of the shimmy. Good. From
the side. Relax it, relax. Everything should shake. Good. And, five, six, seven and break.