Why UC Irvine? Students Speak Out

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>> When I first visited UC Irvine, I felt like it was my home.
>> I really like the big school and all the benefits of it, while still feeling like a
small, tight-knit community. It's a big school but feels small.
>> I chose UC Irvine because I have the chance to study with some really good faculty in
the music department.
>> I applied to probably six other schools and I got into all of them, but I fell in
love with UC Irvine.
>> It was very prestigious to get into UC Irvine.
>> UC Irvine had the most beautiful campus. It had Aldrich Park. Beach is right there.
Also, the whole UC's focus on research really attracted me here, so in the end that's what
my first choice was.
>> UC Irvine was my first choice.
>> It was my first choice.
>> It was definitely my first choice.
>> We have over 60 different majors that you can study. Lots of different areas, a lot
of the cutting-edge areas, like nanotechnology and molecular biology; or you can go back
to classical civilizations or philosophy. We have pretty much the whole spectrum here.
>> Coming in undecided/undeclared is an awesome opportunity. Even if you do have a major,
you can still switch easily. We have great academic advisers here that will help you
find what you will be passionate about and what you want to do in the future for the
rest of your life.
>> The professors of this university are great. I've formed many friendships with them. In
fact, I'm Facebook friends with a few of them already and we continually talk.
>> The professors at UC Irvine are pretty awesome actually. I've had the chance to work
with a few very, like, individually, and I've done internships with them.
>> There's plenty of research opportunities when you can work one-on-one with professors.
>> Campuswide Honors Program helps you fulfill the requirements. You can graduate with honors.
You get priority enrollment. You're encouraged to apply for very prestigious scholarships.
So, it's a really great program.
>> We've got the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. I am now an ambassador for the program.
They give out research grants that's allowed me to do a senior thesis project where I produced
a musical. I took it touring to elementary schools.
>> It's just a great program to help me want to get involved in the research. They've helped
me to find my professors I do research with, helped me to find money, grants, just different
people to talk to.
>> The majority of what I get is from financial aid.
>> Financial aid is available. I'm staying a fifth year, and I'm still going to get financial
>> The financial aid office has always been friendly in trying to make sure that students
receive the best information possible. There are other sources of financial aid on this
campus, I know that they provide financial aid even for the students who want to travel-study.
>> Campus is awesome.
>> Campus is definitely a beautiful campus. We have some of the best architecture that
I've seen on any campus.
>> It's very safe and clean. Can't really get lost, everything goes in a circle. It's
surrounded by nature.
>> There are like rabbits everywhere. You never see like pigeons or like smog. It's
a little too perfect sometimes.
>> It's a very relaxing, friendly place.
>> Something distinctive about UC Irvine is that it's so close to LA, so close to San
Diego, 10 minutes from the beach.
>> It's an awesome location.
>> Students coming into UC Irvine can expect a wide variety of student groups to become
involved in. We have a vibrant Greek life. We also have cultural groups that are involved
on campus that promote student interests.
>> The Cross-Cultural Center, you can find a place that you're comfortable, which is
>> There's intramurals. There's dance teams. There's just a lot of different ways to meet
people. There's research. There's the UCDC program, going abroad.
>> Coming here, I found there was opportunities that I liked and that made me passionate about
something at this school.
>> And so it's so easy for me to shine, and it's so easy for me to get involved. It's
just easy to be a leader on campus.
>> There's always something going on on campus. In one weekend, you can go to two plays put
on by the drama department and a dance concert by the dance department or an orchestra concert.
We're constantly getting emails about free movie screenings that are happening on campus
or ways to get free movie tickets to things featured across the street.
>> The University Center is right across the street from campus. Everyone hangs out at
Cha for Tea, everyone hangs at the pizza place across the street, and it's a very social
>> We also go to a lot of the sporting events that occur in our Bren Events Center. The
last volleyball game was just packed. Our men's volleyball team is ranked #1 and just
about everyone in attendance was cheering "Zot!" for them.
>> The Anteaters? It originates from a comic strip, the anteater goes "Zot!" It is our
school mascot. He's Peter the Anteater. We love him very much.
>> The facilities at UC Irvine are great. I use the ARC, which is our recreation center,
almost every day.
>> The ARC is definitely one of the best facilities here on campus.
>> You get to go for free since you go to school here.
>> We have various different housing areas on campus that are all uniquely different.
>> I live in Vista Del Campo Norte. It's on-campus apartments.
>> It was recently voted one of the best housing communities in the nation, which really stands
out. We have a pool here, a jacuzzi here, big-screen HDTVs. It's everything a student
could ask for, and even more.
>> What our college is known for is producing students who are ready for the future.
>> I'm proud to leave here because I know that my degree is worth so much. And once
you leave this school, you are already prepared. You are already ready to be a very competitive
person in the workforce and also for graduate programs, as well.
>> I've already got an internship at Broadcom just for the weight of attending UC Irvine
as a student here. I've already secured two research opportunities, an internship. I've
been very involved with student organizations. My CV's already three pages long.
>> When you get a degree from UC Irvine, you're getting a degree from a distinguished university
that has a lot of respect from the general community, and it will definitely assist you
in finding a well-paying job afterwards because of the work that you put in at this university.
>> The training that I got here at UC Irvine has definitely given me and made me ready
to tackle anything that law school throws at me. So, thank you, UCI.
>> I think I made a really great choice coming to UC Irvine.
>> As a UC Irvine graduate, I see myself applying to graduate school.
>> Definitely I would say there's a chance to explore at UCI whatever you want to study.
>> There's so many things to get involved in at UCI.
>> I would say that you get a lot for your money at UC Irvine.
>> I think UC Irvine has definitely changed my mentality for the better.
>> You don't feel intimidated by the campus. You don't feel intimidated by other people.
>> I find the campus to be very accepting of everyone.
>> Anyone can shine here, no matter where you come from, no matter what economic status,
no matter who you are, what you look like, there's always a place for you to shine.
>> I love UC Irvine, and it was definitely the right place for me.
>> I've found my place.
>> Great sunshine and happy days all the time, while you're here at UCI.
>> That's Rip 'em 'Eaters.
>> Zot! Zot!
>> Zot!