Apple iPhone 4 Angry Birds Case - Official Licensed Cases from GEAR4

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 18.04.2011

Hey guys Maxine here with at and very proud to announce that.. is now carrying the officially licensed Angry Birds cases for the iPhone 4.
As you can see here it’s made from and carries the official Angry Birds logo
As well as comes in 4 different types of cases.
Now there’s the 3 main birds, got the red, the black, and the yellow and the mister piggy.. so..
All these designs are available at
I’ll be showing you what they look like on the iPhone 4
And I’m gonna go ahead and take this out of the very nice packaging that gear4 has made..
Very nice.. The plastic is very thin but very sturdy.. very durable, carries the gear4 brand in the inside.
Has the Angry Birds logo right there on the front.
And all it does is snaps right in onto the
There we go.. and that the gear4 logo on the side here .
All your ports are accessible.. very nice, very thin
As you can tell it’s not compromise the size, weight or shape of the iPhone 4 at all.
That’s very thick durable plastic. So that’s a really nice thing to see from a plastic case.
These Angry Birds cases are available on
You can pick up any one of the 4 designs for $ 20.99.
And as always you can get free shipping with and you save 10% off using our youtube subscriber coupon.
So make sure checking yourself.
These were the Angry Birds cases from gear4. And don’t forget that you got it from a geek.