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-We're grubbing.
I'm two seconds from tearing this mushroom pizza up.
-Don't let the sass fool you.
-This is definitely one of my favorite spots.
-Sons of Essex is dope.
This is one of my favorite restaurants because, one, I
love one of the owners, Matt Levine.
He's definitely one of my close friends, but I'm from
the Lower East Side.
I grew up on Delancey and Clinton, so this is like
walking down my block.
And now there's an incredible restaurant
with incredible food.
And it's dope to grow up and I can still hang out in my
neighborhood, and now it's gotten even
flier, and I love that.
-Lower East Side is the place to be in New
York City right now.
-Yes, it was not like this growing up.
It was a little bit more rough around here.
-You mean that's why you might have to get this as your
iPhone case?
Being from the Lower East Side, and being only 4' 11'',
I need some protection.
It's my knuckle case for my iPhone.
-What are the traits that you feel kind of define New
-Our accent is for sure.
Your accent is for sure.
-It's horrible.
-You are such a New Yorker.
I mean, there's no mistaking you.
-It's a good thing you finally got a show that was
comfortable with you being all that New York.
-Now I'm having the show, Empire Girls.
You know, although it's a show about Julissa and me, New York
City's like the third character in our show.
That's why it's called Empire Girls.
It really, really, I think, captures the energy of this
city, the fact that we're always on the go, we're
catching a cab.
-So now, OK.
Let me ask you about dating in New York City.
You're a single woman.
-Yes, I am.
-So, what is it like for you, on a day-to-day basis, to try
to get a man?
-The ratio of women to men in this city, I actually have
Googled it.
I think it's four women to every man in this city.
Hence why I talk to guys in this city and they're like,
oh, y'all gonna have to share, that's all that's just gonna
have to happen.
-What's the best way to approach a woman like you?
-You absolutely should not hit me with a, "yo, ma," "yo,
shortie." Any of those are not gonna work.
We're usually used to cat-calling out here.
I mean, from construction workers to the homeboy at the
end of the block.
-But what if you look up, and you see who's cat-calling, and
he actually happens to be a guy that looks like Tyson
-I have this problem.
I never look back.
That's from growing up here.
It's super common to me.
I don't look back.
And I'm even used to, when I don't look back at all, the
next thing that's gonna come is, "You ain't that fly
anyway, keep on walking." You know how that goes.
A man from New York can handle a woman from New York.
I think it's a little difficult when a man from,
-I lived in Brooklyn and in Harlem,
altogether for six years.
My DNA changed in that process.
I guess it's just the fact that there's just so many
people in one small area, so it's almost a competitive
element, right?
-And I think we have a lot of influence as well.
I think we set trends.
Hello, this is the Mecca of hip-hop.
You know, hip-hop was born in the Bronx,
and we started something.
We create things.
We create trends here.
Sadly, we are imitated a lot, and I think we know that and
we're like, "Y'all can't mess with New York City."
-Big thanks to Sons of Essex for having us, and Adrienne
for just being awesome and sharing so much about how she
gets hit on.
By the way, what is the worst pick-up line you've ever heard
in your life?
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