Тренировка для мышц груди с Татьяной / Chest Workout

Uploaded by OksanaNo on 16.10.2012

Hey! today I have a special video collaboration
with Tatiana. Of course you all know Tataiana for her positive attitude and love to fitness. Ah!
Probably you also know her because of her cool Tatianamania youtube channel(link on the left)
and her blog LovingFit (you will see link on the right).
Tatiana offered interesting topic and we both made trainings for it. So now you have
several workouts to mix. Isn't this a cool idea?
Before workout as usual you should warm up. Do the following exercises before actual workout.
Warm up consists of:
Funny Jumping Jacks, Push Ups and Table Top.
Let's start!
Start with funny jumping jack. Squat a little and jump, legs and arm in and out.
Jump around 20-30 times.
A very good exercise to warm up whole body is a push-up.
Let's make 5 narrow and 5 wide push-ups.
If you can't make proper push-up, do from your knees.
Wide and narrow position pushups will warm up your chest and shoulders.
Different variations of push-ups will work out your chest in different areas.
Now we reach to the table top exercise,
which will open and stretch our chest.
I'll make it 10 times, you can do more if you wish.
When bringing your hips up, try to squeeze your scapulas together, it will make you feel opening of your chest.
Today you will need dumbbells and a stability ball for the workout.
We begin with dumbbell presses over stability ball. Working muscles are:chest, shoulders and triceps.
Next exercise is stability ball push-up with hands on floor.Trained areas: chest, arms, core.
Third exercise is stability ball pullover. Working muscles are: stomach,chest, back and arms.
Next exercise is incline fly against a stability ball. Training areas are chest and arms. 0:03:26.100,0:03:32.810 And the last one is...heh..Stability ball push-up with hands on a ball. Working areas are chest, arms, core and stabilizers.
Repeat those 5 exercises 3 times.
We begin with dumbbell presses lying on stability ball. 15 reps.
One, you feet are planted to the ground,
do not arch your back, three,
hold your elbows wide to max engage chest muscles
seven, eight, nine,
hold dumbbells over your chest, don't bring over your face; eleven,
twelve, to make exercise a bit easier,
you can hold your stability ball against the wall; fifteen
Next is stability ball push-up. One, legs straight, feet together, arms under your shoulders,
two, hold your back straight, three,
four, do not widen your elbows, five,
hold core tight, seven, hold your elbows against your body, eight, hold your body straight
nine, it's a hard exercise, ten.
Next one is a Pullover on a stability ball.
One,lower your arms above your head while keeping them straight,
two, do not use heavy weights,
because this exercise is more for stretching of chest muscles, four, five,
lower arms to the point, when start feeling the max pressure in chest and back muscles, than bring it back, seven, eight, hold your back straight,
nine, lower dumbbell with control, eleven, hold your abs tight, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, and the last time - fifteen.
Fourth exercise is Incline dumbbell flys,
one, your elbows are slightly bent, two, three,
four, five, exercise works out well middle and inward parts of the chest, seven, abs are tight and back is straight,
nine, ten, do not use very heavy weights, 0:07:22.120,0:07:29.020 it will force you bend your arms and will not allow to use full range of motion, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen.
And finally the crazy last exercise - stability ball push-up with hands
on a ball. Position is like plank, only on a ball. One, hold your arms a bit wider, so it looks like you want to hug a ball,
do not lower your head, keep your feet wide to aid balance,
it's a hard exercise!, lower body with control, four, hold your core and bum tight, five,
six, you can rest ball against the wall, it will help with stability,
seven, hold body straight,
eight, two more!,
if you can't do it now,smile!, next time will be better!, nine, aaa...there is the last one?
For the stretching we are going to do the following exercises:
Hold your arms together behind your back,if you can push them up,
hold your stretch 30 sec and more.
Do the same forward.
In yoga there is one excellent exercise, called fish (i hope), on your elbows
it's done like this:
go on the floor, put your hands under your tush, strengthen your legs, bring your chest up
and lower your head. Chest opening exercise.
This is the end of workout, hope you felt muscle work not only in your chest but also in your arms and shoulders.
Do not forget to visit Tatiana's channel Loving Fit, link to it will be down there
and I will be waiting your feedback on this workout. See you soon!