Wangan Midnight:The Movie (2009) Japan Racing

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This work is fiction, none of it is real. Also, it is illegal to perform the contents of this work on public streets. When driving obey traffic rules, please drive safely.
Wangan Midnight
It is like that car is mad.
It would run like it was twisting its body.
Those that saw it were destined to go to a single place.
Understood. Please prepare the operation.
Please contact Hayami-sensei. I will be there in 20 minutes.
Yes. Please take care of that.
Yeah. My patient has taken a turn for the worse.
I have to go.
Then, go.
I'm going to stay here a bit longer.
I can't just leave you in the middle of a freeway.
You're right...
A coworker asked me before...
"You're a surgeon, so why risk your life over an obsession with racing?"
I do not really remember my reply to him.
Please let me help!
Who are you?!
I'm a doctor at Kounan Hospital! Please!
It's my fault he's like this!
Something wrong?
Those who share fates with that car are unable to shake it off until he destroys himself.
...even for the ones that survive.
This car is pretty fast.
Let's not go home yet.
We can go to Oozuna.
Right, Akio?
You hear that?
He's out of it when he drives. He forgets about everything else.
Does he race other cars?
He's good when he does it.
Like he has this battle with a Crimson R. Of course, he won.
In the end he got his dace captured by a traffic camera.
That's a stain on his school record.
How funny!
He got a strict lecture on obeying traffic lights, isn't that unbelievable?
Hey, didn't you guys say you were in college?
No, no. Just... That's fine. Yeah.
I've got it. Let's go to the beach. Alright, Akio?
Let's go. Ma!
Fool! We got the girls to go this far.
I'm in high school. You alright with that?
Guess it's fine.
You heard them.
Way to go! T-yeah! You're the best!
Did you see that, Ma?
Yeah... a Porsche.
It's the Blackbird.
For real? That Blackbird?
Hey! Stop! I don't like this!
Stop it.
Don't worry.
That signal is an invitation to do a battle.
The moment it's accepted, both cars form a bond.
An invisible, dangerous bond.
I said stop! There's no way they're interested.
Just watch.
Hey... Sorry, but can you let us off?
It's fine!It's fine! We're about to go to the beach.
I fell like I'm going to throw up.
You can throw up all you want at the beach. Yeah.
It probably didn't even last a minute.
That was it for that meeting.
At that time.
Oh! So that's why you were so late this morning?
Your opponent was a poor match for you!
Blackbird is on a totally different level.
I knew it.
The black sea bird, the jet-black Porsche Turbo.
Many have lost to it at Wangan.
Quit talking about cars so early in the morning, bro!
We wouldn't have a place to live without cars in the morning, fool!
Anyway, Akio. I'm not getting the girl from last night's cellphone at all.
Probably because you fed her all those lies.
For real?!
What a laugh!
Give it up, Ma.
Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, right, Akio.
I'm about to go to Kuro-san's. Seems the Z32 is in.
I'll see if there are any good parts.
I'm going too, Kou-chan!
Hey. Cutting classes again?
I'll go in the afternoon. Take care of things.
You're buying me lunch.
Right, right.
[Teacher speaking]
You're studying abroad, Eriko?
It's not set yet. I still need to turn in a letter of recommendation.
But today I turned in my formal application for studying abroad.
Cambridge, right?
That's amazing!
I said it's not set yet.
But you didn't say a thing about it before.
I was going to tell you when I knew.
After all, if I didn't make it, I'd be embarrassed.
Did something happen?
Were you dumped by your doctor boyfriend?
Nothing happened.
I guess you can say...
I need to refresh or...
I need a reset.
Hey! Isn't this an awesome find?
The frame's undamaged, plus it's got a turbo attached.
Plus it's got no baggage.
Okay, 10 000 yen.
That's expensive!
Why are you charging so much for something someone threw away?!
Hey, Akio!
Come over here! This is a treasure load!
Hey, Akio!
What are you doing?!
The Z is over there.
This is the first Z model.
It's a S30, right?
It's just the castoff skin.
You can't even call this a car no more.
It's got twin turbos!
They cleanly swapped it with an L28 engine!
Slotted rotors. Ride height stabilizers.
This is pretty great!
The papers on that Z and its license number.
A three number plate?
Seems like it's official.
What is it, Kuro-san?
Oh... I'm sorry...
Is it really that odd? Did I mess up my perm yesterday?
I'm not talking about that, fool!
Not this?
Look at the name! The name!
Look at the name of the registration.
Asakura Akio!
For real?
That's the same name!
This is impossible!
Just to check...
He wasn't the past owner, right?
No. Seems it was a different man.
A young man asked us to completely scrap it.
Is it a haunted car?
I've made my decision.
Please sell me that cat.
Sorry, Akio. That's not for sale.
Are you an idiot?! T-that's just scrap!
Just now you said it was great!
That was then! Now is now!
Anyway, weren't you working your ass of to buy the Z32, fool!
Is this for real?!
My name's already there!
No, no, no! That's not your name!
Like you would just happen to own such a weird car!
Akio, you should pass on this.
Are you sure?
I think it's saying, "Ride me".
Of course not!
At any rate, forget that car! No!
We've still got work to discuss.
Oh, right. Let's talk about tomorrow.
It is not a particularly unique name.
So it is no surprise that he meets someone with the same name.
However, this is surely the moment the door of fate opened.
They say something exists within the machines called "cars".
Sometimes, people fear it.
In other times, people are drawn to it.
Oh, she picked up!
Hello! Thanks for yester...
I'm sorry. My mistake.
I called her brother.
I know you liked this Z...
...but I didn't think you'd fall that hard for this one.
I suppose it happened about two years ago...
On Yamashita Street...
I saw a S30Z just like this...
I can remember it clearly even now.
You want to drive it that badly?
Let's fix it, Kou-chan.
If we do it and it doesn't work...'re paying me beck for the costs.
Of course! I'll help too.
How many people have owned that car?
I do not know.
All I know... is that in the end, everyone decides to leave it.
It worked hard for us.
How about this?
I need car parts, don't you have any?
It's okay if it's a bit expensive.
It's that S30Z.
I want to know more about it.
Who did it come from?
I have a different part-time job in the day.
I'd like to work at night if possible.
Of course.
Is this okay?
Looks like we brought it back to life.
It's no use. He's not stabilizing.
360 joules.
Okay. Switching to 360 joules.
Here I go.
He's not stabilizing.
We're done.
I'm sorry.
He passed away.
Death equally comes to all people...
And the pain of those left behind is also the same.
If valor and kindness is required to be a surgeon...
...then my doctor's licence would surely be cancelled.
On that day, there was finally a break after a week of nonstop rain.
There's no back seat!
That's right. It's a two-seater.
Looks like you'll have to hit on girls in another car from here on.
Hey, is this for real?!
Here's your license.
Now this is your car.
It's still in the same jurisdiction so the number didn't change...
...but no one expected the same name to carry over too.
Name? What do you mean?
Ask him for the details.
Shall we try it out tonight?
At Wangan!
Though old, this is pretty fast.
As I thought, this is different.
This Z is amazing.
I can feel it even deep within.
I think I liked the previous car...
This is super awesome.
Oh, Kuro-san. Hello.
I know about that Z.
The previous man named Asakura Akio...
Two years ago... he died in an accident on Wangan.
That's not all.
The previous owner, and the one before that...
It seems they all gave up that car because of accidents.
Seems it causes accidents to prune the people that drive it.
I'm sure you've heard of Devil Z.
It's that Z.
Devil Z...
Don't be reckless!
I think that car's no good, after all.
Don't fix it.
Destroy it before anything happenes!
You're too late, Kuro-san.
Right now driving down Wangan... that devil.
It can't be!
You overdid it for the first run, Akio!
Ease into it, This car is...
I know!
Okay. I'm going.
He's really stepping on the throttle!
Why are we getting so much attention?
They're probably staring at your freaky perm, bro!
Hey! Open up, bro. Hey? Bro?
It's Devil Z.
I'm sorry. Pardon me!
Was he waiting for that car?
Or was that car waiting for him?
It had the mysterious power to survive those immeasurable risks.
Only they know the magic of that meeting...
Yes, that Z really is...
...a devil.
Hey, Asakura.
I told you before.
You won't be able to graduate at this rate.
Your grades would be good... if only you came to class.
Properly get tested.
In your case, you don''t get bad grades.
But your attendance is very low.
It makes me not want to help you.
I'm sorry.
I'll give a final chance.
Come to school for the two weeks between tomorrow to the graduaion ceremony.
If you do that, you'll graduate, Okay?
Thank you very much.
But I probably can't.
I'm sorry for being so selfish, Sensei.
You're really...
... a steange guy to the very end.
So what do you want to do?
Repeat your classes? Drop out?
I'll see you next year.
Okay. Got it.
High school drivers are fresh out of school.
I'm taking my leave. High school drivers are fresh out of school.
Okay, good luck. High school drivers are fresh out of school.
Okay, good luck.
They've all had bad experiences with cars or bikes.
But he was different.
I don't know anymore who says anything bad about him.
This is for that boy. Sensei, you will be in charge of him next year.
Please take care of him.
His parents got a divorce three years ago.
His father started a construction company.
His mother is a fashion designer.
The divorce could have been a handicap, but it didn't have a negative impact on his life.
If not for the fact he spent most of his days devoted to cars...
No way!
So it's that Z's fault?
Working like a fool day and night...
Finally forcing you to repeat classes next year.
That's fine. The double can be fun too.
Poor fellow. I'm going to college and seeing a ton of cute girls.
Of you're lucky.
But... I didn't think you'd be doing doubles.
Considering your character.
I suppose you're right.
You coming tonight? To Wangan?
I'm going.
Bro didn't say anything, but that Z... killed someone.
The man with the same name as yours.
So what?!
That car is dangerous!
That was then.
Now it's my Z.
Out compatibility is perfect.
Hey, it's not my fault if anything happens to you.
You be careful too.
If you're caught now, you won't be able to graduate.
You live alone, right?
If you have any problems, fell free to talk to me.
Who are you?
I will be in charge of you starting next month. I'm Shimada.
I appreciate it, but I don't have any problems.
I fixed it up just as you told me.
This was a last minute tune-up though...
So please just don't be reckless with it, Shima-chan.
I am terribly sorry for rushing you.
So... you know people have seen that car at Wangan.
I know.
Have you encountered it?
No. Not yet.
Everyone's freaked. The number's even the same. They think it's a ghost.
I will check for myself to see if it is a ghost.
Don't tell me... this tune-up was so you can race that Z?!
Thank you very much, Manager.
Eriko, happy birthday.
Thank you.
You should have had Tatsuya-san come.
He has the night shift tonight.
I see. Doctors sure have a rough time.
Looks like it.
When will you get the response about traveling abroad?
Ummm... next week, I think.
I see.
I hope you get it.
It'll be okay.
I'm sure Eriko will be fine.
You're right.
Oniichan liked this dish, didn't he?
Oh, Reina.
I finally got you. Where are you now?
Right now... I'm at a convenient store near my home.
So... about tomorrow's schedule...
Be at Shiminate Studio at eight, right? You told me many times already.
As long as you know.
Okay. I'm hanging up.
For real?!
Driving at over 200 Km/h...
...the other cars would look like they're standing still.
If it is really a devil... then maybe permanently destroying it isn't possible...
But... I have to try...
...before it's too late.
I was hoping we'd meet.
Devil Z and Blackbird?!
What's Devil Z?
This is amazing...
It's the revival of the legendary battle.
What a car is this?
It wasn't just the car.
The driving style... the aura it emitted... not a single thing was different.
It was all the same as back then...
That Z... almost as if it has a will of its own... would sometimes reject its driver.
And plunge itself into the path of destruction.
Bro? Akio was in an accident.
Seems he's at Minato Central Hospital. Come ASAP! I'll be going first.
Okay, okay!
Akio! Are you okay?!
You got hit in the head? Do you know me?
Who are you?
I'm joking. I'm fine.
I told you that car was dangerous!
You're going to give up that Z, right?
He left already.
He left?
Then he wasn't badly hurt?
Right. He just had some stitches on his head.
Thank you very much.
I bore no grudge against that man.
No... You could say I was trying to save him.
At any rate, now he can separate himself from the devil.
Here, coffee.
Oh. Thank you very much, Sensei.
Quit it with that "sensei" stuff.
Oh, right.
On last week's blog you wrote that you encountered Devil Z at Wangan, right?
So how was it?
It lasted only a moment.
I was going at 180 but he still quickly overtook me.
I've heard rumors, but I never paid much attention to them.
They seemed like lies. Anyway, there's no way such an old Z would be that fast.
And yet, in reality it still surpassed your pride and joy GT-R.
yes, I felt like someone was screwing with me.
But in the end, the Z got in another accident.
Wasn't me. We only met for a moment.
I know that.
90 percent of the time his opponent is Blackbird.
I suppose you can say he's the previous Z's owner's rival or friend or something.
Have you met him, Sensei?
Oh, of course.
Both Devil Z's and Blackbird's drivers.
That kind of excites me.
So you've fallen victim to Z's spell too?
Me "too"?
You've made the same mistake as me.
No way.
Sensei, can you look at this.
Oh. Alright.
Will that Z return again to Wangan?
Without a doubt.
It is a devil, after all.
Cut down on your racing at Wangan.
You were lying about being at the convenience store before, weren't you?
Was I? I forget.
And don't write about cars on your blog.
Why? You said I could write about anything I wanted.
This is an important time for you now.
This is your chance to get that part on the drama I told you about before.
This can decide whether you stay just a gravure model or become an actress.
But... I am myself!
Oh, Kaga-chan.
Oh, Ossan! Always a pleasure!
Akikawa-san. If you'd please.
Akikawa-san entering.
Let's get along.
You okay?
Ah. Yes.
Alright. Shall we go?
I knew it.
I thought it was weird to not see you coming by.
I was wondering why.
I didn't want to be a bother to you. Kou-chan.
I'll handle it myself somehow.
You'll still drive it even if I tried to stop you, right?
So let me watch as long as I can.
Give me that.
Don't just stand there, help me remove this.
I'm at a family restaurant having omelette rice.
I felt a bit hungry.
Yes, Nine o'clock, right?
I know.
Okay. Good night.
I'm not your pet dog!
Get lost, asshole!
Devil Z and Blackbird...
Sounds fun!
Neither gender nor class matter on the Wangan at night.
Everyone is racing here... because they seek something.
You leave May 28th.
Be sure to attend the guidance meeting next week.
Thank you very much.
Way to go, Eriko!
Hey, international student! Prince Williams is waiting!
That's great that you got it.
I applied late, so it was during a period of low interest.
I'm leaving next month.
I see.
I'll be lonely.
You lie.
Not so.
I wonder?
You'll be able to forget.
...everything perhaps.
Shall we go on a little trip?
It's been a while since I went with you, Eriko.
That'd be nice.
A full tank of high octane.
Full tank!
Oh, I'll do it.
Oh, please do.
The car's image is truly different in the day.
At night, she truly looks like a black sea bird.
Who is he?
I raced him at Wangan before...
..he was driving your brother's Z.
And sign here please.
My name's Asakura Akio.
It can't be...
What's wrong?
Is she okay?
She's his little sister?
Then it was the Z from that time!
I happened to see them in the city before.
She was in the Z.
Your story sounds like fate.
But to be honest, I don't care about that.
Right now, all I care about is driving it.
Don't tell me... you still plan to drive it?
Of course! Now is now.
Don't take this the wrong way.
Ditch that car. It's beyond your control.
Everyone says the same thing, don't they?
That Z... will kill you.
How do you know?
Because I've always watched that Z.
...before you drove it.
Could it be... you're the one that submitted it to Kuro-san's plant?
Two or three more days.
And I can race with it again.
Wednesday night.
I'll be waiting at east Ichigawa.
Are you serious?
Next time for sure, I'm bringing down this Blackbird!
You're facing that Blackbird again?
I've got a feeling I'll win this time.
I want nothing to do with it if you die this time.
I'm telling you that I'll be fine.
More importantly...
...have you gotten a girlfriend in college?
I was dumped two times already.
I'm sorry. Looks like we never got around to that trip.
It's fine.
You really want to get off here?
Yeah. I'm visiting a friend.
Good work.
Yeah. Good work!
I asked your boss.
He told me the answer after I said we were siblings.
We had the same last name, so he didn't suspect anything.
What do you want from me?
Can I see it?
Your hairstyle is completely different.
Before, you has it tied in the back.
What are you talking about?
It's nothing.
The same as my brother...
It's not just the name...
Working a bunch of part-time jobs...
And staying all night working on this Z.
Those that like cars all act the same.
Everyone said...
...this car is dangerous.
I heard about your older brother.
But that's got nothing to do with me.
This car is no good.
I'm sure you an my brother...
Sorry, but I'm not your brother!
It's true this may be a dangerous car.
But this is the one I want.
Even those words are the same.
Why does it have to be this car?!
Why does it have to be this Z?! Tell me!
I don't know!
Even if I did... I'm sure I couldn't explain it to someone else.
I'm leaving.
You're welcome to ride with me on Wednesday.
You might learn why your brother was so interested in the Z.
I don't want to ride in a car that causes accidents.
Devil Z's resurrection.
Some feared it...
Others waited for it with bated breath.
And then...
35 days since that battle...
Pressure okay.
Temperature okay.
Hydro okay.
Okay, Z!
Oh, he's doing pretty well.
What were you doing?
In the end, you fixed it all be yourself.
Alright! I won't kick this Z anymore!
Thank you, Kou-chan.
So tomorrow you're finally getting your revenge?
I'm definitely going to win.
I'll watch.
May I join in?
I've been waiting all this time for Devil Z to return.
Where have I seen that face before?
Ah. Eh?
In person?!
But I guess I won't this time.
It's be bad to interrupt a faded battle.
I'll race you now if you have time.
What a pity, but I don't have time.
I have to go to the studio and say today's weather.
Don't get in an accident this time, I want you to race me next.
I'll be waiting. Anytime!
That was Akikawa Reina, right?
Eh? The actual one? You know her? Hey.
Thank goodness it's not midsummer or I'd think she's gone nuts.
Or am I nuts right now?
The butterfly flowed like a small piece of trash. It flew alone.
The train used to travel making a loud noise.
The stressed passengers slept peacefully, like they had forgotten where they were going.
So he's not been coming?
What a problem.
At this rate, he should have just dropped out of school.
Thank you very much!
A refreshing present from the country of black team.
Tea Story.
I'm addicted to this flavor.
This evening we're going drinking with the night shift. Wan to come with us?
We know an all-night shop.
Seems it has a lot of young folk, I hear it's great.
I'm sorry. I can't today.
I'm driving.
Is that so? Okay then.
Wednesday night! I'll be waiting at east Ichigawa!
He's handsome... but he's a bit too cold.
That's what's good about him.
Shima-sensei. Please answer outside line number three.
Hello? This is Shima.
You're... racing tonight, aren't you?
Akio-kun, can you take care of that too.
Alright, I'll get right to it.
There's an older woman up there.
What is it, Sensei?!
The new semester started almost a month ago.
I haven't seen you once.
Is that right?
You work day and night...
...and spend the rest of your time on this?
So that's why you don't have time to go to school.
Okay. Let's go.
I want to see.
What is this world you're absorbed into it prevents you from going to school?
I'm sorry, Sensei.
I'll go to school soon.
Hey, Asakura-kun.
You were the one who chose to remain in school, right?
For now, please just leave me alone tonight.
I can't.
This is a formal teacher's visit.
Hurry and get out!
Please, Sensei. I just can't tonight.
I won't say anything if you make a promise to me.
Come to school tomorrow.
Be on time in the morning.
I promise.
If you go straight down that street... can get a taxi.
Did he ask you?
To ride in his Z?
What are you doing?
I've got to get Akikawa Reina's signature!
How ma,y times must I tell you?! She's not coming, fool!
Hey, they're here.
Eh? No way! Reina-chan?
She's cute!
You're sick.
Wangan has oil on it from Hanedai to Yokohane.
How about having the bay bridge be the goal?
Get in... Z.
Do what you want.
But I won't be responsible if you get in that car.
We're going to suddenly lose sight of them like this.
I'm counting on you, bro.
Leave it to me.
What are you doing?!
I understand your feelings very well.
Riding your brother's beloved car.
You want to get closer to his feelings, right?
But... you won't feel anything from that.
Because it is a devil.
Stop already.
I can't! I don't understand!
Take a good, hard look. See if this Z is a devil or not.
I won't accept that is a devil.
But Blackbird's streak is ending today!
You can't...
This Z will surely betray you.
Niisan loved it so much, yet this car betrayed him!
It's not at fault! Your brother died from his own mistake!
Are you okay?
I told you...
This car obeys no one.
Hey, can you walk?!
I'm fine.
You're not hurt, are you?
You almost gave me a heart attack!
This car's no good, after all! It's too dangerous!
It's dangerous.
You're wrong.
It didn't betray me.
This was my driving mistake.
That's all.
Guess I'll have to get my revenge another day.
You hurt?
The left side of Wangan line to starting become congested.
I see a new student.
Maybe he's a transfer student?
Okay, class has started. Open to page 46.
Wangan, eh?
It's not against the law, so I won't tell you to stop.
But... don't get in any more accidents.
I'm sorry.
You're surprisingly not honest about your feelings.
I decided to remain in school because I hadn't found my answer.
Are you talking about cars?
...your divorced parents?
Maybe everything.
It's a lot of things.
Well, for now, I'm focusing on her.
Oh no. When referring to my car I call it "her".
That's fine.
Take your time and think it over.
Let me know if you need repairs for accidents or have any problems.
You're underage.
You don't want your parents to find out, right?
You're the first teacher that I've ever heard say something like that.
It's because I also raced a lot.
It's not like I don't understand the interest.
Do you drive too, Sensei?
I'm an expert.
But this was many years ago.
Be sure to keep showing up.
Oh, Sensei.
What's your name? Shimada...?
Let me warn you, don't call me by my first name.
I am a teacher, you are a student. Understood?
I told you, don't!
I honestly was surprised when he told me it was you who first found the Z.
He decided to drive it when he saw how enchanted you were with that Z.
Akikawa Reina-sama. If you'd please.
Playing the role of Kawamura Saki. I'm Akikawa Reina.
I'll do my best, so please check it out.
She's someone to pay attention to.
Akikawa Reina-san is appearing a drama, it's her first acting role.
That's right.
People may know Akikawa-san from her gravure shots and CM's.
With this drama she will start as an actress.
Let's roll after the Roppongi interview.
Then the appointment for the photobook and DVD.
After that, S Channel's Sakuma-san...
Reina, are you listening?
Or, right.
I got a call this morning. The CM role is pretty much confirmed.
That's amazing!
Isn't that great, Reina?
We should update the blog as soon as possible.
More people will access it.
If you're busy, I'll write it.
He also does other blogs.
It's sweet playing a girl.
And for the next interview... say something like this.
When one is losing oneself, they lose sight of the road.
There is no light for them.
What is this?!
If a car has a mind...
...then those little accidents might have been some message.
I don't know about the smaller parts, but overall nothing's wrong.
Well, this car is decades old.
This is excellent for its age.
You even held your own against that Blackbird.
If you're worried, then we'll have to give it a complete overhaul.
But it's not going to be an easy job.
The engine seems heavy. Is it just my imagination?
So? When's out next match?
Eriko will be gone soon.
She's studying abroad in England... for two years.
I see...
I suppose it's a bother for you...
...but she sees her dead brother in you.
When he drove, was he faster that this 911?
Why are you asking?
No real reason.
I'm just wondering if she's rejecting me.
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind.
Maybe it just wanted to continue sleeping.
Without being bothered by anyone.
Maybe it wishes to be dismantled.
Just like you tried to do.
I'm relieved.
So you finally fell like giving it up?
Sorry, but I feel the opposite way.
It makes me like it more...
It makes me want to know about her. Makes me want to hear her voice.
In actuality, you're the same as me, right?
You're also addicted to this Z's speed.
I will say it one more time!
Ditch that Z!
Maybe he's right.
Just like him... no more that that...
Maybe I too was entranced with Devil Z.
This time we're joined with Akikawa Reina-chan.
So, Reina-chan, your hobby is cars?
Yes. Like after work I'll go for a drive.
Rumors are that you're a racer.
Eh? That's not so at all.
Going at high speeds is scary.
If I got in an accident, I wouldn't be able to face my fans.
I see.
So what is your biggest interest right now?
Ummm... cooking, perhaps?
When will this air today again?
Damn it... it really isn't working.
Is that you, Sensei?
Good evening.
I bought it on my way here.
Please have this.
I'll leave it here.
Didn't you settle things last time?
Doesn't coming here just bring up bad memories?
Well, I don't mind.
I'm leaving.
Get in.
Where's your home?
This is a detour, but...
I'll take you there via Wangan.
I'm sorry for calling so late.
Is Eriko with you right now?
So your hobby is cars?
But I just like to go on a drive after work.
There's a rumor that you're a racer.
Eh? Not at all.
High speeds are scary. I wouldn't be able to face my fans if I got in an accident.
So what are you most into right now?
Ummm... cooking, I suppose?
How surprising. You never mention it on your blog.
Is that so?
So what's your specialty?
Meat and potatoes.
Nice! I want to try that! Yes.
Nice! I want to try that!
Right now?
Right now...
...I'm driving at 180 km/h on Wangan.
Many kinds of people gather at Wangan.
One person goes to yell out something.
Another goes to forget something.
I can only be me when I'm racing here.
You'll do fine as long as you don't lose sight of yourself.
That's what I do.
Sure you don't want to meet up with it?
I'm fine.
I'll beat you next time when I'm in my best form.
I look forward to it.
Thank you very much.
See you later.
At the studio?
Or here?
I'm the one who killed Niisan.
If only I hadn't found this Z...
Forget it!
Maybe forget all of it.
This it?
Can I stay here...
...a bit longer?
Today's my last day.
She said she wanted to remain a bit longer.
It's okay.
Get in!
She still has her brother's key.
Today's the last day...
Where is she going?!
It can't be...
Why is Tatsuya saving the devil?!
I'm sure she wanted to bring an end to it all.
The car you loved took the life of a person you loved more.
Your love turned to hatred.
Until you cut yourself free from this fate, you cannot forget those memories.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me. This was all I could do.
When are you leaving Japan?
The night before that day...
...ride with me again.
This is not where it's supposed to die.
You'll join me, right?
Let's settle this.
This time for sure.
We'll prepare the greatest place to die.
Eriko tried to consign that car and reset everything.
But he had an exact opposite approach.
He wanted to give Z's greatest race to her as a farewell gift.
It's a 100 turbo, so the settings will be hard.
I know.
I want another 100 to the power.
Any more tuning is dangerous, Shima-san.
Please do it.
Can I put it off a week?
I'll arrange the flights.
Of course. My last class is going to be tough.
It's perfect.
So the Blackbird is a doctor? What a surprise!
Is your GT-R fast?
You're looking down on me, aren't you?
I really hate doctors and managers.
They always look down on you like parents.
But, wouldn't you be in trouble without both existing?
Any time.
I'm always left out of the most exciting part.
Just race with us.
I don't mind.
No thanks. I can read in between the lines.
Let me warn you, looks like it's going to be a rough ride.
Andersan said this:
"No matter how high the mountain, people can climb it."
" long as they have the determination and confidence."
I can't just play around!
Vary soon I'm going to be a papa!
At least I can get someone to call me that!
Right mow she's going to race like she did when she was with your bro.
it's those racers. Kick their asses today!
They'll pass you soon.
Leave it to me. I'll scare them.
It's over!
You can forget about your brother now, right?
And the Z.
Near Oina, a car accident has broken out on fire.
That car truly drove like it was mad... trying to twist its own body.
I'm going.
Perhaps that car really was a devil.
But... you're the only one I wanted to know.
That day... my life was saved... that Z.
If the Z hadn't been there, I would surely have...
His wounds were lighter that I thought.
The truck driver admitted to causing the accident.
He was not severely punished.
Hurry and take your seat.
A person who does not know the road, is lost...
Seems the girl with the GT-R is really popular in dramas.
I... Actually... a man.
Okay, cut!
But... seems you'll see her racing at Wangan in her free time.
It feels like you're by my side when I come to Wangan, event now.
See you tomorrow! Bye bye!
That burnt up Z...
...he took it.
He plans to once more... that Z.
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